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The only thing missing from the following Nikita clip are the words that sprung up on the original Batman series. BAM! ZAP! POW!

Indeed, Michael and Nikita seriously get their ass-kicking on in this sneak peek at tonight's "London Calling." See for yourself:

Aside from fighting, what can fans expect from the installment?

Helena Mattsson will return as Cassandra, who has been accused of stealing two million dollars. But questions will arise over the legitimacy of this circumstance and Nikita will grow suspicious. Elsewhere, Alex will receive an intriguing offer from Percy.

Check out the official episode preview now and then visit TV Fanatic later tonight for a thorough review.

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STUNNING job, Toni! I am drooling over her dress (not too fond of the legnth, though). Ahhh! You did such a super awesome job!! Keep it up!!


More of a question: What was the name of the $12000 liquor of Berkoff's that Nikita offered to her "dad" in the last episode or so?
Love the show - long time first generation Nikita fan....

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Birkhoff: London? What are you doing in London?
Michael: I'm going to visit my son.
Birkhoff: Your what? I didn't know you had a...

Yeah. Nikita Incorporated, Baby. Live and work all in the same space. Just like the Enterprise.