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A familiar face is returning to NCIS in January.

One left for dead the last time we saw her.

Sarah Jane Morris will reprise her role as E.J. Barrett, according to TV Line. E.J., who was gunned down in the Season 9 premiere, only to have her body then go missing, will be back for at least one episode.

E.J. and Tony

“Last we saw E.J. Barrett, she was gunned down and left for dead. Then she disappeared!” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line. “In January we’ll find out what happened.”

Her return brings "answers to unresolved questions, danger, and intrigue ... Remember where we left off at the beginning of the season? Well, here we go, and we’re thrilled to have Sarah Jane back.”

Morris will appear in January, although it's not clear exactly when.

The Season 9 opener, "Nature of the Beast," which received mixed reviews from fans, was told in reverse, with Tony piecing together the puzzle he'd been tasked with by the Secretary of the Navy.

In it, we learned why E.J. removed the microchip from one of her team members, and why Tony was targeting another, as well as why she disappeared in the first place. What brings her back now?

Moreover, are you excited to see E.J. back or do you have mixed feelings about it? Share your comments on this interesting piece of NCIS casting news and what you predict will happen below ...

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