New Girl Review: Your Mouth Says One Thing, Your Feet Another

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Much better, New Girl, much better.

In "Cece Crashes" a tempered Jess appears, making everything as charming and funny as they ought to be. The addition of Cece, a character we've missed the past few episodes, also provided some juicy tension.

Slumber Party!

The Good. So much goodness, where to begin? Most of the funny in this episode came from things I can't even quote. From Schmidt listing all the things he likes about India - including mango chutney as well as other kinds of chutney - to Jess and Cece's mini-tussle, it was a good hour of comedy from start to finish. And also a few meaty plot points, brought to you by Cece.

Cece is like one of those tornadoes that come and disrupts everything. After her visit, you have no idea what goes where. But you know, a sexy tornado.

For example, Schmidt and Winston went absolutely crazy at the presence of a beautiful woman not shy to sunbathe in her undies. Between the two, Schmidt seemed to really want this more. It's easy to root for him when he remains likable even as he acts a bit douchey. Maybe its his innocent face and washboard abs. And maybe also because he had a touching back-story as the fat kid. Whatever the reason, I was completely thrilled at the hand holding that took place between him and Cece. A sweet and sensitive Schmidt five episodes into the season? That's what a tornado does for you.

And then Cece made the observation about Nick's body language, and the state of his feet always pointing at Jess. According to her, this meant he's interested. Jess managed to brush this off until a trip to the store with Nick. After a little test in which Cece seemed correct, she officially panicked and went weird Jess-style. But not over-the-top weird like last week. Her reaction was exaggerated, yes, but she was able to articulate her reasons for being so.

In the end, that made all the difference between intolerable Jess, and well-liked Jess.

P.S. I think Nick likes her, too, but let's face it, this is TV. Things will move slow, if at all.

Just like that, we've got romance(s) brewing in the house. Since everybody loves some good romantic tension, I predict we'll get some good mileage from these story lines.

The Bad. I'm empty. Absolutely nothing new to add in this episode except for Winston being the weak link in supporting characters. 

Stray Observations

  • At one point after calling Cece a bitch, Zooey laughed, and the laugh was EXACTLY like her sister Emily Deschanel's laugh. So adorbs!
  • I'm loving the flashbacks to when they were kids. The young girl playing a young Jess makes me smile every time.
  • Every week we seem to get interesting tidbits about the characters. This time, it's that Cece is of Indian descent. I've wiki-ed Hannah Simone and can't get confirmation on whether she shares the heritage. Anybody know anything?
  • This episode and the last one, were supposed to air before the Wedding episode. I can see now why they went with the broadcast schedule they had instead.
  • Poor Winston still doesn't have a job. Any guesses on what they'll give him as employment? I'm thinking something in schools, so perhaps we can see more into Jess' work-life.

Great improvement over last week. And if you can't get enough, head on over to our quotes page.


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hannah simone is german, indian, swedish and brazilian


I feel Jess is the heart and soul of the show. The guys support her so well, but Zoey carries the show. Last night was my favorite since the pilot. I still miss coach, but I can see Lamar's talent. He's got a vintage Eddie Murphy thing about him. Winston just needs to show his softer side like all the rest of the characters have. Honorable mention to Hannah Simone. I think she's under rated. The look Cece gave Nick when he asked Jess if she was texting her date in the pilot episode was priceless. I love it when she's on screen.


Loved this episode! didn't know if i would stick with this show through the season! But this ep made up my mind!


I completely agree with your comparison of last week's episode to this weeks. The difference was outstandingly comforting, and although I found myself cringing at the character direction last week's episode took my fears were happily assuaged by the toned-down Jess in this week's episode. I hope they continue to promote the believably silly but heartfelt Zooey Deschannel character that will make this show work.


the guys steal the show for me. Jess is too over-the-top neurotic and quirky for me - it's not believable and occasionally annoying. But I do love Zooey D. and the overall results is a great, funny show.


This is the first episode that made me laugh out loud for most of it. Schmidt was hysterical!! The way he said Chutney (with a straight face) had me rolling. He's stealing the show!


I like your suggestion that Winston get a job at Jess' school! He could be a gym teacher or basketball coach or something using his sports background. It'll give him the chance to grow as a character and bond with Jess (I can so see Nick and Schmidt becoming competitive/jealous of Jess and Winston having shared funny stories and inside jokes - after all, the two of them knew both Jess and Winston first). I'm sure Nick and Jess will get together eventually, but I hope they're more like Monica and Chandler (friends first, gaining momentum that carries the relationship throughout the series) than Rachel and Ross (constant break-up-make-up-he-loves-her-she-doesn't-love-him-now-vice-versa).

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New Girl Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jess: I don't need any help! Nick and I are friends. You don't know cause you don't have guy friends. You just hang out with jerks like Gavin. Or, I'm sorry DJ Dia-beatit.
Cece: He has diabetes.
Jess: He does? Boohoo! I'm sorry. Is it bad? Cause I feel really bad.
Cece: He's fine, he takes medication.

I'm not like you! I don't just jump in the potato sack, with the first potato that I meet with diabetes!