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New Girl Season 1

"See Ya"

When Nick panics about moving in with Caroline, the gang finds themselves stranded in the desert on New Girl.


Nick and Jess face their exes and Schmidt has a medical issue on New Girl.


Jess worries she and Russell don't have that spark on New Girl, while CeCe and Schmidt open up to each other, and Nick tests out his green thumb.


Jess watches Russell's daughter and the gang has to deal with all sorts of kid crises.


Russell is invited to spend the weekend in the loft on this episode of New Girl and things get out of hand.


Schmidt and Cece suck it up on New Girl this week and share their sex secret with the group. Nick, meanwhile, tries dating two women at once.

"Fancyman (Pt. 2)"

Nick reunites with a former college pal on this episode of New Girl. He's played by the beloved Martin Starr.

"Fancyman (Part 1)"

Dermot Mulroney makes his first appearance on New Girl this week as the wealthy father of one of Jess' students and asks Jess out.


Jess discovers that Schmidt has control issues this week and tries to cure him. Nick and Winston fight over past debts.


When Nick finds out he might have cancer, the gang unites around him


New Girl takes on the topic of bullying this week, as Joey King guest stars as one of Jess' students.

"Valentine's Day"

Jess wants to have her first one night stand. Lucky for her guest star Ryan Kwanten is around to help.


Jess tries to befriend the loft's landlord this week, against the gang's advice. Schmidt is getting mixed signals from his sexy boss and can't decide whether or not to make a move.

"Jess and Julia"

Nick and Julia's relationship hits a rough patch, and Julia confronts Jess about her quirks.

"The Story of the 50"

This week on New Girl, Jess and the gang throw Schmidt a 29th birthday party that doesn't go quite according to plan.

"The 23rd"

Jess receives an especially nice gift from Paul this week. The roommates, meanwhile, attend Schmidt's office party.

"Bad in Bed"

Eva Amurri guest stars on this episode of New Girl, while Jess needs some advice. About sex.


It's all about handball this week on New Girl. Jess is ready to dominate.


Who doesn't love Justin Long? He premieres as a love interest on this episode of New Girl.

"Cece Crashes"

The name of this episode says it all. Cece crashes at the apartment with Jess and the guys.

"Nick is Naked"

Jess sees Nick naked on this episode. You can imagine how he reacts to that unfortunate development, can't you?


Jess portrays Nick's girlfriend at a wedding this week. At the same event, Schmidt tries to get with a college crush.


The guys help Jess get her stuff out of her ex's apartment this week, while Lamorne Morris debuts as new roommate Winston.


We meet Jess on the series premiere of New Girl. She's newly dumped, socially awkward and a new roommate of three guys.

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