Nikita Review: Secret Loyalties

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Up until this episode of Nikita, the loyalties of Amanda and Sean in particular have been questioned.

Amanda had said she wanted to clean up Division, but many of her decisions ran counter to that. Then there is this mysterious, Sean, who at times seems to be on board with Oversight and Division, but also has been supportive of Alex.

Gaines and Nikita

Sean has been a wild card since he joined Division. He's been a pal to Alex and tried to give her advice about how to handle her unique position with Division, Gogol and Nikita. But, his motivations were questionable. Was he there to make sure that Division was cleaned up after Percy's mistakes or to make sure Oversight got what they wanted? The question mark regarding Sean was erased in this episode.

It turns out that he is a loyal military man, who thought he was doing right by his country. When he found out that he was lied to about Ryan and that an innocent was being ordered killed by Oversight, he wanted to resigned. The senator tells him that she will call off the hit on Ryan. And then ... BAM! She is his mother! What?

The most insightful part of this meeting, after finding out she was his mother, was that Sean had his phone on so that Amanda can hear the conversation. Whose side is Sean on? His mother's and Oversight? Or, Amanda's. In the end, it is unclear where Sean stands regarding Amanda, but he is loyal to family. He may not agree with what his mother is doing, but he isn't going to let her be killed.

Even more shocking than the reveal about Sean's mother, was finding out that Ryan is still alive. Whoa! When I thought Ryan was dead, I was disappointed because he brings unique abilities to the table and is probably the only truly honest and noble character. His being alive, even though he was not thrilled, made me very happy. What will become of him now that he is in Amanda's custody? Will he help her bring down Oversight?

Is Division any better than Oversight? Is one better than the other? The way I see it they are two halves of the same big corrupt organization. Nikita always shows us so much of a grey area that it's difficult to see who is right and who is wrong.

At least we know Nikita and Michael are out there trying to make the world a safer place.

Other odds and ends from "Clawback":

  • A house full of mailboxes - what a unique and questionable way to make money. It did set up one of the funniest scenes ever on the show. Kitty ... Kitty ... Kitty ... and sneaks around the corner, cocking a huge rifle.
  • When Alex was talking to Yuri, it became clear just how crazy her story is. Her loyalties are all over the place. She wants to get revenge for her family, so she is partnering with the organization that destroyed her family. And, sometimes with the person who pulled the trigger killing her father. While Nikita has helped her in order to make amends, why exactly is Division helping Alex? Now that Alex is basically a prisoner within Division, will she try to leave?
  • It wasn't until I was writing up my review that I realized that Percy wasn't involved at all during this mission. It was refreshing to not have his horrible hands involved and contrary to what I said about last week's episode, that maybe Amanda maintain control.


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So glad Ryan didn't die! Didn't see it coming at all ... love that the show brought in Alberta Watson to play another 'Madeline' - wonder if they'll do a face-off b/n her and Amanda?


When Sean was talking the first time to his mother in the park && the phone was open he was bugged.
Remember how he was telling Alex that she shouldn't trust Division and that they could be bugged anytime. Sean isn't loyal to Amanda in anyway.


I loved the episode 'clawback'. Thought it was simply awesome. Craig Silverstein has assemble so of the best actors for Nikita,not to forget the guest stars that have been on the show. Peter Outerbridge, and Alberta Waston they are amazing. I as a viewer i am also worried that Nikita will be cancelled because of its time slot. If that were to happen frankly,i will be finished with the CW. What can we as viewers do so that this will not happen? Question, did sean leave his phone on so that Amanda could hear or was it bugged by Amanda without sean knowledge?


The hero of this episode (to me) was Amanda. She reminded me of the thing I loved the most about the show... the plot twisting and changing in unexpected ways due to the characters ulterior motives. It was refreshing to see Nikita without Michael for a second, their doe eyes and couple moments make me feel as though I'm watching a soap opera instead of an ACTION/drama show. As for Alex...(sigh), I liked her from second one. she was feisty and determined despite of her terrible life story. Now this Alexandra Udinov (second sigh)... she's a lost child that doesn't have any spark or skills. I would like for her to stand stronger and show herself as a valuable player again because right now she is everybody's pawn.


Absoutely LOVE this show!!! Fav scene this epsisode was Nikita and that southern chick fighting over the shotgun and Nikita realizes she has the firing side of the gun.. cocks it.. and BAM> I am really nervous they are gonna cancel this show cause of it's time slot... the death spot... I want to do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen... SUCH A GREAT SHOW.would be so sad to see it end.


enjoyed this episode very much!!.all the characters were awesome!!


In the distance future..Alex is eliminated...greatest shock of all...Alex left her legacy to Nikita! in the end who running Zetra....MIKITA!!... sound farfetched?!!...


I really am liking Oversight but they are kinda letting their egos get in the way of their power. As members of oversight have said the key to their power is anonymity and in the past few episodes everybody is willing to spill their beans. Ok so we know the six codenames for the members of Oversight; Ares (Joint chief dead in game change), Midas (this episode gets killed), Gemini, Chronos, Hades and Atlas. We know Melinda Pierce Sean's mom is one of them anyone wanna take a crack at her codename? I'm thinking Gemini and the Admiral - Bruce from Pandora is Atlas. But Midas mentioned somebody in the Justic Dept maybe a Supreme Court Judge? can't wait for more episodes


Loved This Episode Best So Far To Me Agree With Pablo Amanda 20x cooler and better I loved her in this episode and I hope Amanda is here to stay for the rest of Nikita and run division..agree with wht someone said, I dont think Sean meant for Amanda to hear but I loved that she heard anyways..cant wait for the next episode!!


Excellent. Too much awesomeness for me to write it all down. I'm thinking Alex might help Gogol to get back at Division. Sean and Alex will hook up at some point.

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