Revenge Review: Sisterhood of the Wicked

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This week's Revenge took dynamic duos to a whole new level. "Treachery" further hinted at what I'd already suspected, that Amanda Clarke could mean the unraveling of Emily's plan to take down her enemies.

But before we look at the twisted sisterhood between Emily and Amanda, we'll run down the rest of the thorns in Emily's side.

Lydia's awake. Awake, talking, and looking damn good for someone who fell off a five story building. It appears the only thing injured was her memory. She didn't remember anything from the weeks before her fall but she certainly looked ticked off.  Imagine what she'll look like when it all comes back to her.

Victoria took the lesson about keeping her enemies close seriously as she moved Lydia into Casa Grayson. Of course, she kicked Conrad out and he could be equally as dangerous, although they hold so much information over each other I doubt she or Conrad could ever use any of it.

The prodigal son returns. Daniel felt bad for Daddy and decided to come back to the fold which was unfortunate for Tyler. He knew he'd be playing second fiddle to a real Grayson from here on out and he wasn't happy about it. I wonder how long it will be before he pulls out that leverage he claims to have.

Tyler was definitely pushing Ashley to team up with him and take down Emily. Ash might come off at Emily's friend but this all may come down to a showdown between the haves and the have nots. Nothing ruins a friendship quite like money.

On a side note, did anyone else notice the way Conrad said "you're a Grayson" to Charlotte. Something about his tone made me think he was trying to convince himself she truly was.

The Troubled Times

Emily's evil twin. We got a look into how this dynamic duo paired up. That warden certainly mentored Emily in the ways of manipulating someone into making an asset out of an enemy. I thought that Emily's biggest problem was that Amanda's such a wild card. I had no idea just how wild.

It appeared that Amanda could have more than platonic feelings for dear Emily. Whether she wanted her all to herself or simply covets her life, it's a little unclear but Amanda's not going away quietly. Now she's got her sights set on Jack. That made me wonder if this new twist will have something to do with Daniel getting shot.

I did love Nolan this week. It didn't take him long to figure out that Amanda's involved in Frank's death but he's also smart enough not to want to know more. And I like the reconciliation between he and Jack. Nolan could use an actual friend.

Revenge gave us yet another intriguing episode.  Between Victoria's family leaving her one by one and Emily's past coming back to haunt her, I can't wait to see where this story takes us next.


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this episode was full of surprises. i think. Everything was going so complicated for the real Amanda and she must handle it though she wanted or not. In her eyes she knew that was wrong but if she didnt do it, she would get unsafe for herself. WOW Im crazyyy 'bout this show. ITS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS thou i think the acting in some scenes is still not completely exellent. However, it deserves to be watched and i cant help craving for the upcoming epsss!


I'm still confused about something from last episode--when we first met real emily in juvie and she attacked real amanda--and amanda spoke to her with ashley's voice--did anyone else notice that? i went back and listened 4-5 times--perhaps it was just an error by the producers (sort of like conrad and vic. watching the sun SET over the atlantic ocean a while back), but I think it had to be deliberate--too much of an "error" to have just happened. Can't wait til next week now!


hum...I might be the only one here thinking that, but I actually think that the real 'twin evil' here is the real Amanda. We knew from the start that Emily was messed up. But the shrink at juvy knew that she was really gulable and encouraged Amanda to take advantage of that (which one is the more evil here?). I mean I love real people, people who won't just put on a face when they see you. When I see the real Emily, I see a real (screwed up) person. When I look at the real Amanda...I just don't know who she is anymore. Is she really pretending with everyone? Daniel looked like a fool in that episode. The real Amanda really made him her puppy...


I love Amanda,but why would she have to kill her husband?is either she keeps quite


Obviously, real Emily Thorn spelt so much trouble for Amanda!! she killed the man, messed up with Nolan...and now flirted with her childhood guy Jack!! yeah!! never before did Amanda fell unsafe like this. i thought Lydia's amnesia was just temporariry! she knew something happening after overhearing what Victoria's talk. she will be in the loop soon!! Tyler...Tyler this guy's more complicated and slippery than ever!! wait, what about Daniel...he knew sth wrong with her too and began suspectful!! Amanda should be really really careful!!

Anna maria

omg I looved this episode! I love Amanda, real Emily or whatever and Daniel! This storyline inrigues me..she seems pretty wacko..also, I love Nolan and I want to see more of him! His house is awesome! And OMG I totally felt Charlotte wasn't his too! It's so weird that she's then both amand/Emily's and Daniel's sister!


Good episode. RealEmily is fun. RealEmily/Jack have more chemistry than RealAmanda/Jack. Nolan is clever and smart. Victoria put Lydia in the best place for overhearing. Ashley might be playing Tyler. If Charlotte isn't David's, I'll be disappointed.


It's a bit confusing to refer to anyone as simply "Amanda" or "Emily" any more!
The idea of Charlotte being David's daughter has been around a while.


It was an amazing episode albeit slow paced considering the previous eps... Maybe that's me knit picking. I loved Amily(TheRealEmily) and what she will bring to the table from here on out. I think that she is literally in love with Emanda (TheRealAmanda) and that she will have to either die or be silenced in some other way because she clearly doesn't understand what Emanda is trying to do here.
I also had my suspicions after the shrink take down ep that Charlotte may be David's daughter but only time will tell if we are right. Even more strange than Conrad's affirmation of Charlotte's surname was Daniel's look when Emanda came to bed after planting the Frank's phone by Grayson Manor. It felt creepy and wrong like he hates her or something or am I just reading too much into it? I don't buy the turn around in Ashley's attitude with Emanda, it feels too contrived. It's like the writers wanted to move along her story line but missed a step... Something should have happened to make her have negative feelings to Emanda. I am hating Tyler more and more and more. I am just glad that Nolan has something over his head. It also seems we have a new suspect for Daniels shooting. (I'm saying shooting because I hope he is still alive.) Amily could be the shooter as she clearly has feelings for Emanda and is deranged enough to do so. The one week hiatus felt like forever, I wish they don't have to go on winter break...


I really missed this show last week and I'm dreading the upcoming holiday break but last's night episode was great. Has anyone else noticed that Emily has been playing alot of defense recently? She can't as easily hide in the shadows and watch her plans take someone down. She has people coming after her. Last episode was Frank now he made Queen V aware that something is really up. And with Daniel leaving her the way he did Queen V will be out for blood. A hot and loyal minion is so hard to find these days.

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