Revenge Review: The Lines Begin to Blur

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Lines were blurred, loyalties were tested and secrets were revealed in another riveting episode of Revenge. "Charade" stripped away the masks and showed us the true identities hiding behind them.

So Tyler's broke? No real surprise there. Most viewers guessed that weeks ago. Now that his secret was out, he's opened up a bit more to Ashley. She called his plot against Conrad ambitious. I'd say it's criminal. And I wondered what information was really on that memory stick.

Of course he didn't share with Ashley that he swings both ways. Would she be equally as accepting about that? No surprise that Tyler has a restraining order against him but I did love how they slipped in that Leslie was a man, not a woman. But the real shocker here was how far Nolan was willing to go to take Tyler down. 

Nolan's bisexual. Wow. How did I not see that one coming? I suppose we haven't seen him romantically linked with anyone thus far, male or female but when Tyler moved in for the kiss and Nolan didn't back away, I'll admit that I was taken aback. I know that Nolan's planning to take Tyler down but I'd hope that he'd have better taste in bed partners, no matter what their gender.

Speaking of Nolan, I really felt for him. It seemed all he truly desired was someone he could connect with. Emily continued to treat him as nothing more than a necessary tool in her plot for Revenge. Jack blamed him for his fiasco with Emily and turned Nolan away once again. For all of his money, intelligence, and power, Nolan has a lot of trouble making friends and Tyler, being a good conman, could read that.

Frank at Work

The original Emily Thorne. So Amanda and Emily were roomies in juvie and ended up swapping identities, with the help of the warden no less. What on earth is the back story there? Why would the warden help them pull that off? Was it strictly money or was there more to it?

So the real Emily Thorne's a stripper with a violent streak. As soon as she asked Frank to meet her outside I figured out what her plan was. If she kept silent all of these years she must have been pretty loyal to Amanda. For as tough as Frank was, he was no match for a stripper with a tire iron.  

Why do I feel for Victoria? The woman set up the love of her life to take the fall for terrorist activities. She sent a young child off to the foster care system. Yet somehow, that sad, depleted look still got to me. Thank Madeleine Stowe for building such a complex character.

I loved the fight she and Conrad had when we found out that Victoria was once the other woman. Then he threw her love for David back at her. She's never looked at Conrad the way she looked at him.  The following response was priceless...

Conrad: I really never have loved any woman the way I've loved you.
Victoria: Just my luck. | permalink

Victoria's stuck in a loveless marriage. Her husband cheated with her best friend. She's lost Frank, a trusted friend if nothing more, to this horrible conspiracy. She's becoming more and more isolated and it will only get worse.

I found the scene where Daniel brought her a drink absolutely heartbreaking. She truly adores her son. She's suspicious of Emily partly because it's her nature but also because she's trying to protect him. Knowing that the dead body on the beach was most likely her beloved child made this scene painful to watch.

The Porter boys. I wasn't all that impressed with either of them this week. Jack kicked Nolan to the curb as he licked his wounds. And I thought Declan flew off the handle at the anniversary party. That simply wasn't the place to vent his frustration to Emily. Lucky for him that Charlotte found his candor attractive.

So is Frank really dead? He must be, right?  This show can only have so many coma patients but I'm definitely going to miss him. And now that the real Emily Thorne's back in the picture, how will the new Emily handle it. She can't exactly have a stripper named Amanda Clarke running around town.

Then again, a plot for Revenge never did run smooth.


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Declan was WAY out of line at the dinner party. My husband and I looked at each other, after his outburst, and wondered if we had missed something. Declan may have been sniping here and there, during the entire evening, but when he let loose both barrels, it seemed to have come out of nowhere, as if we missed whatever it was that set him off LOL The whole poor-guy-with-a-chip-on-his-shoulder thing is cliche' and unworthy of the writers! Sorry, Connor :( Nolan--I'm not sure what good a gay sex tape is going to do for him, other than maybe piss off Ashley? In the purportedly-enlightened culture that surrounds the Hamptons' smart-set, it shouldn't faze anyone else, in the least, including the Graysons . The real Emily is going to hang around, as we saw in the preview. Just like Ivy in GG, she's going to get a taste of the 'good life' and want some of it for herself. She just happens to have some really good blackmail material on Amanda, that will keep her in the high-life, at least for a little while. I don't expect it to last, though. Tyler-UGH. How does Daniel NOT pick up on the weird vibes? I figured Tyler was bi, if not outright gay. At the least, he seems to sport a crush on Daniel--remember last week, when he put Daniel to bed after drugging him? He looked like he was going to lay next to Daniel on the bed, until Daniel shoved him away. That's when he went out and banged his head up. Psychotic. Glad to see Alicia Coppola--I'm missing TNLoCK :(


Ohhhhh! Getting better and better. This show is definatly gonna be around for awhile if the keep up the awsome story line up with intrigue, drama, love triangles, mysteries, ruthlessness and just plain juicy. Wht most shocked me was the nolan, tyler thang. Lol, i was definatly not expecting that 4 a moment. I was a lil suspicious of tyler @ 1st everytime he sabataged daniel relationship w amanda but quickly forgot about it and simply thought he just wanted 2 make andrew look bad and steal money from the conrads which is in fact wht hes doing, but gay, and with nolan no less ewwww. Haivng the hots 4 his best bud now that i get, but nolan! Lol. Funny nolan video taping the sex act and watiching it while on th phone w amanda. smart he will definatly use it 2 blackmail his boy toy when hes done using and abusing him. Lol. I knew tyler was full of shit and had no $. Wts up w ashley thinking tyler is hot 4 being a con man guess it turns out shes not as innocent as she looks. Liked how amanda gave jack the watch or compass what ever i thought it was sweet but she used the line all guys dread and us women like 2 use "friends" he hesitated and said ok. Declan was a dick @ dinner and completly out of line. Outing amanda wasnt cool! Dick move! ;e could have handled it better the only good that came out of it was that he ruined victorias dinner, ha ha! Knew that stripper was gonna do something 2 nosy, know it all frank. He thought he was 2 smart 4 the stripper till he got beat over the head w a tire iron and dumped on the side of the highway! Classic stripper move, no pon intended, lmfao. Bitch wakes up from the coma after her lover visits her in the hospital guess his after save was 2 strong. Dont like how everyone kicks nolan 2 the curb. All he wants is a friend. Hes a good aly 2 have on ur side he has been nothing but loyal 2 amanda and her father. I feel if she keeps up her nasty attitude towards nolan its gonna bite her in the ass and nolan is going 2 turn on her much sooner than later and find an aly else where!


I hope the stereotypical "poor good boy" Jack, who had at least a half a million dollar yacht and was about to sail of to Haiti, and leave his father, who was about to loose his livelihood, looses the girl. The Emily, Victoria, and Nolan characters are the best, as are the actresses, and actor who play them. I don't watch television, don't even own one, but I get "Revenge" from iTunes, as I did with "The Killing", and before that, "Mad Men". This is a very show.


I totally disliked the show last night! If, as the show represents, Emily is really out for revenge in my opinion she would stay in the background almost invisable. Common sense says "Don't bring attention to yourself" And yet here we are again with Emily center stage. Stupid! She is begging to get caught. And this new Amanda plot, retarded at best!! I will not mourn for Frank as he offered no real value to the program once he went after Lydia. And Nolan the only real supporter of Emilys plan is proving to have his own agenda and with him hooking up with Tyler that starts becoming too many people that will foil Emily's plan. No it looks like it's time to go back to watching CSI during that time slot!! All the subplots just ruined this program for me...


love the show and cant wait for more....go emily!!!


I'm annoyed by the Tyler/Nolan thing too. I love Nolan and don't want him to get mixed up with that creep. I don't care if he's bi but sinking to the level of Tyler - even for revenge or blackmail later - is beneath him. Jack's character was originally intriguing but he's gone from 'yay! good guy' to bitter and petty. They could hook up Nolan and Jack if they want Nolan to be bi. Then Jack would actually be something other than a whiner. He has all the potential to be an awesome guy but the show took a wrong turn somewhere with him. I find myself to be rooting for Nolan more than Emily at times. If she treated Nolan better and realized how much she needs him, I'd be happier.


I agree that the show doesn't give Jack enough to do, but I really like him. He's just about the only really decent person on the show. And I suspect that Nolan will be back at the bar soon enough, since I doubt Jack has it in him to keep up the cold shoulder. Heck, he didn't even fire Daniel after his disasterous first night of work. How is that not a good guy? But, I need to see more story for him, aside from him pining for Amandily and serving drinks. Love this show!!!


Nolan's words to Emily when she asked how things went with Tyler, were something along the lines of "You know better than anyone, you can't con a con man." Nolan totally peeped that Tyler was trying to con/hustle him with the sex stuff, so he turned the tables on him and conned him instead. I don't know, it just makes Nolan more intriguing and commendable in this...he's not one to be underestimated. So I think Nolan did that just to blackmail Tyler, but if Nolan really was pissed at Emily when Daniel was shot, then it's probably because Emily continues to underestimate him to some degree and take advantage not to mention take him for granted. Clearly he keeps proving how far he'll go to help her and she just doesn't seem to pay that any attention or express her appreciation.


Great episode, sorry we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode.
I'm having a real issue with Declan's voice, simply not appealing.


i re-watched episode one and Nolan was kind of angry with Emily .I'm guessing Emily will do something that hurt him like he might actually fall for Tyler and Emily expose Tyler .and i think Daniel isn't the one who was shot in the first episode.
i loved this episode i was really surprised by frank's death .love Victoria .and ashly is not a good girl i like that.

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