Revenge Round Table: "Charade"

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Revenge is taking this Wednesday off. What ever will fans do?!?

Read through the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, of course, reliving "Charade" along with Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Dan Forcella! Pull up a virtual chair now and dive into their following Q&A...


What was your favorite scene from this week's episode?
Leigh: In an episode chock full of action, I have to say I really enjoyed the scene between Daniel and Victoria on the balcony. It was heartfelt and it actually humanized Victoria. A rare moment.

Christine: I enjoyed the argument between Conrad and Victoria where she admits she has something in common with Lydia since she started off as Conrad's other woman. I loved it when he told her he's never loved anyone the way he loves her and Victoria quips, "Just my luck." It made me like Victoria more than I ever had.

Chandel: Emily stopping by the Stowaway to drop off the mariners compass. I keep waiting for Jack to suddenly put the pieces together. I know he's gonna find out eventually, somehow. Whatever these two end up being to one another, I like their dynamic.

Dan: Look at you three saps. My favorite was when the real Emily Thorne smashed Frank over the head with a tire iron, potentially killing him. We don't need any loose ends getting in OUR Emily's way.

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Was Declan out of order at dinner?
Leigh: While I think he was a little harsh on Emily, he also doesn't know the truth about things. I cringed at first but I'm glad he was himself instead of trying to fit in with the rich kid world and acting fake. Kudos for not drinking the Grayson Kool-Aid.

Christine: This was a family party and he was a guest. Calling Emily out at the dinner table was simply rude. He could have told her off later and not made such a scene.

Chandel: No, I think he was just being genuine. I think everyone else at the table has a hidden agenda of some kind, or was putting on airs. Declan's a genuine kind of guy. He even thought that Mrs. Grayson had cooked their dinner. He is naive that way, and he keeps the show grounded, which I appreciate.

Dan: I thought he was a bit out of line. There is a time and a place for issues like that to come out, and the dinner table isn't it. There is a thin line between being naive and just being dumb. Declan thinking that Victoria cooked the meal was kind of dumb.

Impressed by Nolan's determination? Or upset that he bedded such a fool as Tyler?
Leigh: Well, let's just say that Christine's gaydar was dead on in last week's review. How did I never realize that Nolan and Tyler had more in common than I thought? Nolan is devious and determined and as awful as I find Tyler, he pulled a very slick move. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now he knows Tyler's whole hand.

Christine: Impressed and skeeved out.  I've always liked Nolan but Tyler makes my skin crawl. I can't wait until Nolan or Emily finally take him down.

Chandel: I was a little shocked to say the least. Not sure whether or not I am surprised at his determination. I just know I'm gonna be disappointed if some sort of relationship develops there.  Nolan was so eager to get in on Emily's plans that he just needs to prove he can be an asset. Destroy Tyler and move on.

Dan: Upset. There has to be another way Nolan!

Is the real Emily Thorne going to help or hurt OUR Emily in the long run?
Leigh: I don't know if she's going to help or hurt but I know that Lisa P is going to cause some chaos and I'm damn excited!

Christine: As I said in my review, no good can come from having a stripper named Amanda Clarke running around town. Emily needs to pay this girl off and send her packing ASAP.

Chandel: Not sure. I think Emily has developed some kind of network in her past that almost allows her to continue this revenge plot because they believe and maybe even support her. I am not sure that her past will be the problem, but the present attempting to dig into it, as we've already seen. How many people have to end up dead or critically injured before we figure that out?

Dan: I think she may help. If Frank is out of the picture, and the stripper doesn't use the name Amanda Clarke, she could fill in where Nolan is now absent. OUR Emily can always use a little help.

Do you have sympathy for Victoria Grayson?
Leigh: Ugh this is a tough one. I want to say no, but everything happened when she was younger, dumb, and naive. Plus she was being threatened that she would lose everything. Then again, It's pretty effing clear that framing an innocent man for a terrorist plot is absolutely wrong. How could she do that to someone loved? So I suppose I answered my own question.

Christine: Yes and no. This is a Hell of her own making. She agreed to frame her lover and then basically had a traumatized, young girl emotionally tortured. I understand why Emily wants her Revenge. On the other hand, I can see how Victoria was intimidated by Conrad and Frank. In the end, it looks like she's going to lose everything that she truly loves and it's harder to watch than I expected.

Chandel: I wish I did because I think there's some guilt in her. Honestly, I think people always have a choice and can control their lives as a result. I think she's a total monster. She made her bed, now she can lay in it. Funny thing is, something tells me that by the end of the series, Victoria Grayson may end up in kahootz with's just a hunch, and only time will tell.

Dan: I do. I am always a sucker for the villains anyway. Making her more sympathetic only clinches it for me.


than a year has passed since I spent some time with Sarah Lyn, Peter and their alraobde son Declan. Declan is now walking and talking and displaying an already keen sense of humor. We spent some


My interview with Christa B. Allen who plays Charlotte on Revenge for College Magazine!


To me, the reason that Declan was so wrong had nothing to do with Emily, and everything to do with his brother. Jack handled Emily's rejection with class and grace, even accepting her offer of "friends?" Did Declan consider for one moment how embarassing and humiliating it might be for his brother to have his feelings broadcast like that, in a room full of unfriendly people, to include Emily's current boyfriend who also happens to work for Jack? Thats why Declan's rant was so very wrong to me. I don't expect him to care about the feelings of strangers, but he should've been 1. polite to his date, Charlotte, and 2. considerate of his brothers feelings and privacy. He did neither, which makes him a little punk. In fact, had Declan ever treated his brother decently? I think Real!Emily is going to be big trouble, and I can't wait. I'm hoping she sets her sights on Jack, which has any number of troublesome implications. I'm on Amandily's side, but I sure don't want it to be easy for her. Its more fun when there are more complications. And Jack is way too fine to not have a female interested in him.


Must say love reading you guys talking around the table, always interesting and gives me different perspectives to think about. x] But you guys are usually very thorough! You guys completely overlooked the mini alliance formed by Tyler and Ashley, this could be another potential threat for Emily/Amanda! Would love to hear your thoughts about it in next week's round table maybe? =]


can sb explain to me why does Emily treat Nolan like that, ever since he showed up in her life he was nothing but helpful plus he is loyal to her father, you'd think that she would be at least nice with him if not open. i just don't understand it,they don't explain this in her flashbacks so i am confused. he really is a nice guy behind all his awkwardness, and Emily/Amanda should see that even if nobody else does. pls sb explain this to me.


Ronald: Imagine you're on a date with your girlfriend. Then some woman you've met maybe once or twice comes up to you. She starts berating you because you don't want to dump your girlfriend and date that woman's sister/BFF/second cousin/whatever. And then your girlfriend walks away pissed off at you, even though you know you weren't two-timing or leading anyone on. That confrontation wouldn't bother you at all? I too hope we're watching the same show. "…the girl he has always loved"? As far as Declan knows, Jack just met Emily.

Ronald simkins

I must not have the familial traits you folk have. But if my brother had just had his feelings crushed by the girl he has always loved I think I might have bitched out on her. And I think Declan is also playing by the rules of this society. Face it - it was hardly a Walton dinner and I hope you folk have been watching the same show as I have there are clearly no normal rules of civility in this group.


Favorite scene was Frank dying. I hated that man, he was the one who decided the fall guy would be David Clark becuz of his obsession with Victoria. So in the end justice was served in his regards. I kinda hate Declan's character. So he was out of line. What goes on between his brother and Emily is not his beeswax and it should stay that way. Nolan can do what he wants to, he only slept with tyler for leverage. She will probably be instrumental in unravelling some of Emanda's plans. She needs to go soon. I have no sympathy for Victoria, how would she have gone to jail? The only people that would have went to jail would be Conrad, Frank and probably Dan Harmon. David Clark had nothing to do with anything, he would have been scot free and she could have taken Daniel to live with him happily ever after. She wanted her rich and materialistic life. She chose Conrad and life as the queen bee. What she feels now is regret, remorse and guilt.


1. Fave Scene was the Real Emily Thorne taking out Frank. It was just an awesome scene and you knew right there things would be exponentially more interesting. 2.Declan was out of line. The kid always does stupid stuff that irritate me though. The outburst came out of nowhere for starters, and then he was not officially invited to begin was just awkward, cringe worthy, and made me lose more of my dwindling respect for the kid. 3.Nolan can do no wrong in my book, that being said Tyler is a nutjob who I can't stand. I loved that Nolan will go to any lengths to get the job done. It put me in the mind of Kalinda Sharma on TGW, and I liked that even though he pretty much admitted to being bisexual he's still awesomely ambiguous and unpredictable. He called Tyler out for being a conman. Tyler raised Nolan with the being lonely thing, and Tyler thinks that he's won by bedding Nolan but then Nolan pretty much admitted to going along to get along, because despite him and Tyler being similar...Nolan's the better con. How do you not love that?! the irony of Nolan saying you can't con a conman...but he kinda just did!But please can do so much better than Tyler the psycho. So overall impressed, but maybe it's because Nolan is my fave and I have a blind faith in his inner badass! 3. Both. She's loyal to Amanda compared to everyone else around, but she seems like she has ulterior motives as well. The girl won't just be helping for the sake of helping, she seems like the type to look out for her own self interest as well. I love what her presence could bring though! 4. Tough. On one hand I do because she was being used and manipulated...on the other hand I lost respect for her that she allowed herself to be used and manipulated that much. Nothing empowering about a woman who allows two men to have that much control over her where she does unthinkable unforgiveable things.


2) Declan was way out of line attacking Emily the way he did. What does he know about Emily..Zilch (0). Secondly he by far the most annoying character on Revenge. Lastly he told his dad that he was a loser just because he wasn't rich and now he is all against rich people. Declan is a character who hasn't even felt sorry for what happened to his dad and on top of that he didn't even scatter his dad's ashes. All he cares about is himself and doesn't mind if anyone gets hurt in the process.

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