Revenge Review: The Lines Begin to Blur

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Lines were blurred, loyalties were tested and secrets were revealed in another riveting episode of Revenge. "Charade" stripped away the masks and showed us the true identities hiding behind them.

So Tyler's broke? No real surprise there. Most viewers guessed that weeks ago. Now that his secret was out, he's opened up a bit more to Ashley. She called his plot against Conrad ambitious. I'd say it's criminal. And I wondered what information was really on that memory stick.

Of course he didn't share with Ashley that he swings both ways. Would she be equally as accepting about that? No surprise that Tyler has a restraining order against him but I did love how they slipped in that Leslie was a man, not a woman. But the real shocker here was how far Nolan was willing to go to take Tyler down. 

Nolan's bisexual. Wow. How did I not see that one coming? I suppose we haven't seen him romantically linked with anyone thus far, male or female but when Tyler moved in for the kiss and Nolan didn't back away, I'll admit that I was taken aback. I know that Nolan's planning to take Tyler down but I'd hope that he'd have better taste in bed partners, no matter what their gender.

Speaking of Nolan, I really felt for him. It seemed all he truly desired was someone he could connect with. Emily continued to treat him as nothing more than a necessary tool in her plot for Revenge. Jack blamed him for his fiasco with Emily and turned Nolan away once again. For all of his money, intelligence, and power, Nolan has a lot of trouble making friends and Tyler, being a good conman, could read that.

Frank at Work

The original Emily Thorne. So Amanda and Emily were roomies in juvie and ended up swapping identities, with the help of the warden no less. What on earth is the back story there? Why would the warden help them pull that off? Was it strictly money or was there more to it?

So the real Emily Thorne's a stripper with a violent streak. As soon as she asked Frank to meet her outside I figured out what her plan was. If she kept silent all of these years she must have been pretty loyal to Amanda. For as tough as Frank was, he was no match for a stripper with a tire iron.  

Why do I feel for Victoria? The woman set up the love of her life to take the fall for terrorist activities. She sent a young child off to the foster care system. Yet somehow, that sad, depleted look still got to me. Thank Madeleine Stowe for building such a complex character.

I loved the fight she and Conrad had when we found out that Victoria was once the other woman. Then he threw her love for David back at her. She's never looked at Conrad the way she looked at him.  The following response was priceless...

Conrad: I really never have loved any woman the way I've loved you.
Victoria: Just my luck. | permalink

Victoria's stuck in a loveless marriage. Her husband cheated with her best friend. She's lost Frank, a trusted friend if nothing more, to this horrible conspiracy. She's becoming more and more isolated and it will only get worse.

I found the scene where Daniel brought her a drink absolutely heartbreaking. She truly adores her son. She's suspicious of Emily partly because it's her nature but also because she's trying to protect him. Knowing that the dead body on the beach was most likely her beloved child made this scene painful to watch.

The Porter boys. I wasn't all that impressed with either of them this week. Jack kicked Nolan to the curb as he licked his wounds. And I thought Declan flew off the handle at the anniversary party. That simply wasn't the place to vent his frustration to Emily. Lucky for him that Charlotte found his candor attractive.

So is Frank really dead? He must be, right?  This show can only have so many coma patients but I'm definitely going to miss him. And now that the real Emily Thorne's back in the picture, how will the new Emily handle it. She can't exactly have a stripper named Amanda Clarke running around town.

Then again, a plot for Revenge never did run smooth.


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Ms. Alfanette Alfie Mays -
I think she just told him that so he wouldn't be expecting her. I don't think an hour elapsed. :)


and Emily though; like most viewers I don't care for the way she treats him. I want to sympathize with Victoria, I really do...and probably could, except for the part where she had a young girl who'd just lost her dad in a most traumatic fashion locked away.


I love Nolan! It's totally believable to me that he'd be "sexually ambiguous", although the fact that the storyline necessitated him sleeping with Tyler is kinda ick. I would like to see more of a bond develop between him


Did anyone else pickup on the fact that Amanda said she gets off in an hour, then you see Frank outside on the phone. Why didn't he call Victoria in that hour while waiting for Amanda? So he walks out, makes the call and she's already off work and has time to know where he's walking and hits him. That was bad writing, if you found out information you call right away, why would he wait? That could have been written better. Overall, it's getting messy with the and very complicated. I LOVE IT!


I completely agree with Jeffrey!! Who cares about the Porters?! Jack is really getting on my nerves. He has no connextion with Emily and yet he's being a girl about it. Why would Emily possibly choose the poor boy with the stalker dog who she had like two conversations with, over hot, rich, but most importantly lovely and caring Daniel?! Let's face it - Jack doesn't even have a personality. He just stands in his bar, has the occasional small talk with Nolan or Declan, walks his dog, cries about Emily. Bo-ring. Now, Declan I can deal with, but only because he and Charlotte are adorable together and I loved him on Gossip Girl. His comments at dinner were very inappropriate though. I was surprised by the whole Nolan development, but I think he really just did it to blackmail Tyler sooner or later with the tape. I've always found it would be an amazing twist if Emily and Tyler got together in the end. I certainly don't want her to be with Jack although it seems inevitable. I am very intruiged by the new Amanda/old Emily and happy that Frank is finally out of the picture. However I'm tired of all the flashbacks to Victoria's betrayal. We get it. You loved the dude. You sold him out nevertheless. Now unless you tell us why you changed your mind or at least show us a good Victoria-David sex scene, I'm not interested. I'm also quite interested in what direction Ashley will be going. Her full potential hasn't been reached yet - she seems like a tool. Will she maybe help Emily? Or turn against her? Oh yeah, and yay Lydia.


I LOVED this episode! I love this show though it never fails to shock and intrigued me. The Porter Boys- Okay I guess I'm in the minority here but I like Jack. I get his character, he was into the only non shallow girl in the Hamptons when he was a kid. I think he loves Emily so much because he subconsciously knows that she's Amanda. I'm just waiting for it to finally click so that he consciously figures out that it's Amanda.Honestly the fact that he of all people hasn't figured it out is the only thing that bugs me about his part in all of this. Other than that,I like him and I guess if you're the "love at fist sight" type he's confessions weren't out of the ordinary but I'd replace his "love" for "infatuation". But Declan. That kid sucks. He's a nuisance and he honestly gets on my nerves. He's the cliche troubled kid that will most likely only be used to cause friction and conflict due to his poor choices. I honestly don't see where he's relevant as a character unless something is to come with him and Charlotte down the road. So Jack,yes. Declan, No. Nolan- again I must be in the minority again here because while I didn't see that coming that he was bi (or just lonely and willing to use his sexuality to get what he needs) I didn't hate it either. I think the interesting part about this entire Nolan/Tyler thing is figuring out who is actually succeeding in using who? Nolan is lonely and just wants friends but he isn't stupid. Tyler picked up on the first part but he may not have picked up on just how smart Nolan is, so Tyler thinks he's playing Nolan with companionship, and Nolan is most likely playing Tyler. Who ends up on top in that?(pun not intended). I think Tyler isn't realizing that he may have met his match in Nolan, somebody who isn't afraid to go to extremes to get what he wants. Something very interesting there. I mean the moment I seen it was going there I knew there was some blackmail involved in that and chuckled when I was proven right by the fact that Nolan recorded it all. I have faith in Nolan, and he totally pulled a Kalinda Sharma and I liked it, because she too is one of the few female characters on tv that can use her sexuality with both males and females in such a way that somehow I respect her rather than being disgusted by her (because I HATE it when women especially use looks and sex instead of their mind). Anyways Nolan reminded me of Kalinda from TGW with that...he said he was a 3 on the scale when referring to his being into guys but there was no ends to him doing what he needed to do to help out Emily (and of course milk his assignment for all it's worth since he's bored and feeling unappreciated) which brings me to the next thing. My only problem with Nolan is that Emily completely takes him for granted and it's annoying to see. She may very well have a class act, partner in crime/ and true friend there if she just treated him right. She needs him more than she lets on so at any given time if he gets frustrated with how she flicks him away like an annoying gnat he can turn on her and it won't work in her favor. Tyler- Despite the turn in events in the Nolan/Tyler thing, this guy is a slimeball and I just can't find anything intriguing or likeable about him. I cringe every time he appears on scene. He's certifiably insane and how the hell Daniel hasn't picked up on any of that despite the various things he's caught Tyler doing is beyond me! I mean it's painful to see that much stupidity in Daniel's character. Why is he still there?! Where he is just difficult to watch, Ashley is becoming more and more interesting and I like it! I knew the real Emily Thorne was going to kick some butt and I liked it.I love how there are a few people on this show who can't and won't be bought with money. She seemed at the moment like one of them. Her loyalty bigger than that. I do think she has some ulterior motives to coming back to Emily though, it wasn't purely out of loyalty that she attacked (don't think she killed) Frank.


@ Jeffrey, LOL! Emanda! Good One. A very awesome episode all round. I'm glad that Frank is out of the way... It's to soon for him to expose Emanda so it was a good thing. I like Nolan's character and can't wait to see what he does with Tyler next.
I had a feeling that Ashley was also a gold digger type... but I think she has more honorable intentions than Tyler. Madeline stowe is a great actress and makes Victoria the complex person she is.


This has been my favorite show of the fall season until this last show. I just cant get over the Nolan /Tyler scene. I think this plot has ruined the show for me.Nolan was one of my favorites and I wanted him to be happy..


I've been pleasantly surprised to see Margarita Levieva in this episode, she was amazing in The Invisible. Other than that, this episode was amazing.


C. Orlando Thanks for the update, is no ploblem....

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