Sons of Anarchy Episode Preview, Poll: A Countdown for Clay?

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It's the question on the minds of all Sons of Anarchy fans: Will Clay Morrow survive the season?

Following another stellar episode of this FX hit, the line to take out the SAMCRO President is longer than ever, with Opie, Tig and Jax all learning disturbing new pieces of information about their leader. Where will the intense drama take viewers next?

The episode "Burnt and Purged Away" will focus on the club's deal with the Irish, as the former tries to secure its future and its safety. Watch the official promo now and then vote in our poll:

So... will Clay Morrow survive the season? Vote now:

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I think they will kill him off which I think would make a turn for the better. In the same thought I think they could strip him of his patch and ink and send boot him out also creating an opening for the next season with jax as the president turning a new leafe for the MC but also battling clay and his mexican friends throughout the season


It's not that the writers are too scared to kill him off, this show unlike any other is about consequences. The consequences for decisions or actions come crashing down on these characters hard! I feel that killing him off would be too easy, if he were to get sent away to prison like Lenny or get forced to give up his patch and gavel would torture the sh*t out of him. He would probably kill himself. Sure killing him would be the ultimate consequence but I feel like leaving alive either locked away in prison or forced out would be better than death. I still hope that Bobby spills the beans to Otto and they conspire to have Clay get taken down with the Irish, man that would be sweet!


Unfortunately, yes he will. The trouble with this kind of popular show is that they get too scared to kill off a major character like Clay. They just write him worse and worse so that you're gasping to see him gone, but they'll take out all and sundry around him, leaving him intact. In the end it is self defeating. Hope SOA have some guts and do actually kill him off. But I doubt it.

C f ohara

Clay, dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return. Rest in pieces you S.O.A.-S.O.B.!

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