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SAMCRO tries to negotiate with the Irish Kings on this week's Sons of Anarchy, while Opie sets his sights on Clay and Otto confronts Bobby with his deal.

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I read your iwrvees for a long time and must tell that your iwrvees always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.


I think the dr lady that works with tara is gonna walk in before tara does and I think she will shoot clay. Maybe not to hurt him but to injure him till the cops get there.


tonight it all starts to unravel for Clay. Opie will let the cat out of the bag to Jax, Gemma will get Clay arrested in the hospital and Bobby finds out from Otto how deep the club is in over their heads with Potter, and they conspire to have Clay take the fall with the Irish. Jucie-Boy will seek out Roosevelt. That's my theory.


i agree clay needs to leave but i hope jemma ends up with tiggy.and i believe clay will be arrested for what ever he does or tries to do to tara next time.


hope clay gets what is cumming to him.death to hell boy let jax tara an jemma live there happy little lives.this man is pure evil.i hope jemma ends up with bobby hes a nice man