Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Burnt and Purged Away"

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Shots were fired to conclude this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, and viewers are still debating what the fallout will be.

You can most definitely count our Round Table panelists among these excited, anxious fans, as Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando share their thoughts on "Burnt and Purged Away" in the latest edition of the Sons of Anarchy Round Table. Pull up a virtual chair and join in on the Q&A now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Forgive my cop out here, but gonna go with every Ryan Hurst scene. SOA uses this actor in the ideal way, keeping him mostly quiet and internal until events make it impossible for him to remain silent any longer. He's been a revelation over the last two weeks, standing tall - literally and figuratively - every time he's on screen, oozing heartfelt emotion.

Dan: I understand that there was a whole lot of serious goings on in this episode, but my favorite part had to be Tig telling Clay where everyone was while receiving his massage. So and so is here. So and so is there. And Miles and Kozik are dead. So matter of fact.

Christine: I loved the scene at the Irish baby broker operation. It's okay to sell babies, but selling them to Protestant families is the real problem. It represented all of the reasons why I hate people. The second was the moment where the Sheriff's talking and notices that Potter is staring through his office window. Potter looked like something between a stalker and a cartoon character. God, that guy is creepy.

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More shocking: Opie shooting Clay, Bobby going to prison or Tig only getting a massage from those three women?
Matt: We don't know that Tig merely got a message from these women. It could have been foreplay. And Otto seemed serious about reaching the end of his loyal rope last week, so I expected Bobby to pay. But Opie actually shooting Clay? With two episodes still remaining this season? Wow.

Dan: Because Clay getting shot has been built up to for so long, I will go with Bobby going to prison. I never thought that Otto would ever really rat on the club. Who's gonna take over the gavel? I guess Jax will have to do it, and inevitably stay put in Charming. Oh well.

Christine: Opie shooting Clay. I really didn't think it would happen. I figured Clay would have a gun under the table and shoot Opie or Jax would stop him. I was shocked when he fired but I loved the look he gave Jax when he did it. Not only had Clay taken his wife and his father but now Opie's best friend was going to side with the son of a bitch? That was just too much to take.

What is Gemma's end game? Why did she want Unser to lie about how Piney died?
Matt: She needs Jax to kill Clay. I don't know exactly how she plans to manipulate this result, but she needs to be in control at all times and, in her misguided head, she believes she can arrange the situation so that Jax takes the final shot and ends the season at the head of the SAMCRO table.

Dan: At this point, I am convinced that Gemma is just out of her mind. She continues to go back and forth on what she wants. Figure out if a dude that murders multiple people for his own self-interest is the right guy for you, G, and if not let him get his. Stop waffling back and forth. I seriously doubt she has any end game in mind.

Christine: I wish I knew. I'm sure Gemma has a plan but I can't figure this one out.

So... is Clay dead?
Matt: As the leader of the club? I think so. But as a human being? It's unlikely. I see a hospital stay being used as a means to take him away from the action for a bit. I'm fine with Clay living, but I won't be fine unless the dynamics of SAMCRO are forever altered after this season. Too much has happened. There's no going back.

Dan: I doubt it, which upsets me. If he lives, I think it is not only a pretty big cop out, but extremely detrimental to the series. This story has run its course. There is no forgiving Clay from this point forward, so what kind of relationships could he have with the other characters? None.

Christine: No. My guess is that Jax calls an ambulance and Clay is saved, but Kurt Sutter keeps surprising me so who the heck knows. Can't wait to find out.


Clay is dead or will die tomorrow, he didnt have a vest on , you saw the blood, and I also think that Otto HAS NOT turned on his brothers, as well as Juice, there is a bigger plan that we just dont know yet, I agree that Abel's birth mother will aslo die, Jax wont have her hurting Tara anymore. This is without a doubt THE best show on tv EVER. The sheriff will play a major roll in helping the sons against the AUSDA, who is such a dick. The Niners will aslo play a major roll in helpin the sons against the cartel


Potter had a final comment for Otto - what does he mean? Is Potter gay?


Talk about odd requests what about wanting to see ane eye specialist and wanting your execution date bought forward as much as possible!


Clay is seriously wounded (obviously) but is killed by the hospital administrator played by McNulty Sagal in a later episode.


I agree with Justan, He's wearing a vest.


I think Gemma is going to tell Jax that Clay is his father. Clay survives and Jax was blaming someone else for the shooting. Whether Clay remembers what happens I don't know, but think not. Amnesia is a standard soap opera plot to redeem characters that are un redeemable.
Any one know why Juice is still helping the Feds?


I thinkJax is going to use Wendy to fake Tara's death why else bring her back to the show and what better way to get rid of her.. The only way out for Tara to live is if someone dies in her place... How they switch the 2 i have no idea but thats my theory... Clay lives and there will be some kind of loop hole for Otto to go back on his deal ... Who knows but the show is getting better and better... Much love from England


Thanks Greg. You're right; that's old footage. There seems to be a few old shots mixed in throughout the promo. I was grasping for any glimpse into next week's episode.


They showed blood. No vest


I think Gemma is worse than Clay. She was not happy that Tara told Jax about their conversation and i think Tara is going to pay dearly for actually does look like Tara being thrown through that window in next weeks previews...only because there appears to be something hanging from one arm which could be her sling. Getting back to Gemma, she is always saying she is protecting her, by setting her son up to kill her husband? He could get life. What kind of Mother would do that? Why won't she do it herself then? Because like she said once before, she couldn't handle jail.
To me it looked like Clay was shot in the shoulder and on his side...he has to be alive...which is really horrible because he gets out of going to the meet with the Irish and Cartel and therefore wouldn't be arrested! Tara can't help him because of her hand and I can't see her helping him now anyway. Jax knows someone has flipped. The Irish don't want to work with Jax and with Clay gone, it's the MC's way out of the drug business! Wait till Opie finds out that Juice killed his friend Miles, he will really hit bottom...Donna, Piney, Jax and Miles...too much. He's already gone to prison for 5 years for the club. I think Chibs will be the one to get Juice but I still don't think Otto really turned, it's that request about Lenny that seems a bit odd.

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