Stephen Amell to Play Paramedic on Private Practice

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Stephen Amell is headed to Private Practice.

The actor - whose busy 2011 includes stints on Hung, 90210, CSI and The Vampire Diaries - will appear on multiple episodes of the ABC drama next year as a paramedic... and also a love interest, source confirm.

Stephen Amell

For whom? One of the Seaside Wellness doctors, TV Guide reports, making it rather easy to narrow down the list of options and state:

Nice catch, Violet!


I thought Amelia, then again, Sheldon might try to "woo" her in the second half of the season.
I don't really see how someone like Violet would move on so quickly from Pete - her husband and father of her child - when it took her almost 3 years to move on from that guy Alan in season one.


Didn't see it coming for Vi especially cause this guy is hot, and she not anymore! Hoped she and Pete come back together don't give up so quick on them! Fight like for Chaooper!


Ummmm violet not the only single lady, Amelia is free again although is she well post rehab?

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