The Big Bang Theory Review: Sheldon Gets a Girlfriend!

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All the Amy haters are probably not too happy with "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition." From the previews, I was looking forward to the Sheldon and Penny interaction, but unfortunately it was quite brief.

A New Man for Amy?

Over the last few episodes, it's become clear that Sheldon and Amy were not emotionally or physically maturing at the same pace in their relationship. When they first met, Amy was as relationship-challenged as Sheldon. However, through her friendship with Penny, Amy's becoming more socialized.

Sheldon is... Sheldon. Despite some personal growth, he is fundamentally still the same. He has his quirks, rules, and personal boundaries that may at times be stretched, but aren't going to change. Unless it's about Facebook, it seems. His friending Stuart to get the scoop on his date with Amy was surprising, but brilliant. I loved that he unfriended Raj, Howard and Leonard with each of their comments.

Amy deserves to be happy and in a compatible relationship, so it was perfect for her to go on a date with Stuart. The writers made a good decision to pick a character that we already knew. It made the story work better than if it was some unknown person from work or elsewhere.

Sheldon's reaction was a bit surprising, as he went out of his way to NOT want a girlfriend. Why all of a sudden would he get jealous and ask out Penny? Right, he is maturing. And, who is the only other female he knows? Penny.

Sheldon's realization that he didn't want to lose Amy was odd, but worked in the end. Because Amy didn't annoy me in this episode, it give me hope that their new arrangement will fix the "Amy" problem. This new relationship is bound to have plenty of funny situations ahead of it.

Will the relationship agreementĀ  be the new roommate agreement? I'll hold my thoughts on that for now because it could work and be hilarious or it could just be regurgitating a joke we've already seen. Who would have thought that Sheldon would have a girlfriend but not Leonard? I'd love to see Leonard use the roommate agreement against Sheldon. That would be hilarious!

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@LelaRose Men can't be sluts. Let me put it in another way... Have you ever seen a key that can open any lock in the world? Pretty good key, would you say? Now, have you ever seen a lock that can be opened by any key in the world? Pretty crappy lock, would you say? Point made. :D


Penny has turned from a fun to watch spirited girl to a sad boring drunk! The writers need to fix this before we stop caring about her.


Penny rarely leaves the her apartment these days, unless its accompanied by Amy or Bernadette. She could hardly be classified as a tramp. Maybe she was sexual when the show first started but she's really not now. My advice to people watching this show, it's very much about sex. If you're uncomfortable with that, don't watch a show created by Chuck Lorre. You know, the guy who also created Two and a Half Men? Seriously, the slut award goes to Charlie Harper. No one else comes close.


A cute story, with some funny moments. Still, I have two questions---what is the deal with the writers still hammering on Amy lusting after Penny? It is becoming tedious and grating. Also, what has happened to the science? It is one of the hallmarks of the show, and I am hoping they don't dumb down the script to pander to a broader, less-educated audience.


i don't hate amy or do i like her. i just want her gone. and she better not sing soft kitty that is penny's and sheldon's song. i like the knock sheldon did on penny's door. i wish we saw what happen to the egg. and i can't wait to see where thay go with penn's drinking and if thae guys and just guys please well help her get the help she need's


I really hate what they are doing to Penny, and I really, really hope it stops. Now. Penny is not a lush, she a wonderful character and I miss seeing her outside the apartment. Come on writerguys, get a grip, give us fun Penny back!


I liked the episode too, but I was left wondering why Amy would sign that agreement defining a relationship in which even holding hands is part of the clauses and clearly excludes all romantic implications. I thought that her personal growth in the show has made clear that she is ready for a real relatioship. It became clear to me in the end that Sheldon (in a way, like Howard) sees his "girlfriend" as a surrogate mother. Next step will be Amy singing Soft Kitty to him...


I thought the episode was very funny. Sheldon being Sheldon the only way he could--the relationship aggrement was the only way for him to move on. I'm sure that will grow also. Penny is greeving her relationship with Leonard that is why she is drinking.


To the younger generation, taste in men passes for standards. These female characters are all tramps with no standards.


This episode was a winner. I laughed a lot. It's always a pleasure to see unlikely lovers get together - it's the point of all comedy, really - and it was also a pleasure to see Sheldon do it his way, with the inevitable relationship agreement. It made sense to me he would be jealous of Stuart - he may say he doesn't want romance, but, comedy is full of men who fall in love against their better judgment. To paraphrase the song, he's grown accustomed to Amy's face - esp. on Skype. This would have made a better two-parter, though, with Sheldon and Penny actually going out on a date. Their interactions have always been a highlight of the show, and I think the potential for a funny scene was missed. And just what is the story with Penny's drinking? The subtext here is rather ugly. It seemed to me she was getting drunk because Amy and Bernadette depress and bore her. What's her problem with them - other than that Amy likes to play Twister?

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