The Big Bang Theory Review: Get Your Women In Line!

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Tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Isolation Permutation," was bipolar - from hilarious to groan-worthy. I had high hopes when I heard it would be about Bernadette and Howard's wedding, but that's because I didn't expect it to be about Amy and her insecurities.

Amy in Action

Let's start with the groan-worthy. If I have one continuous complaint in my reviews it is about Amy. In small doses, I have grown to appreciate this young woman and her role with both the girls and with Sheldon. Tonight, there was just too much Amy... the annoying Amy. In particular, I didn't laugh at all during the scenes at her lab. I found her to be whiny and irritating. Plus, the brain didn't help the situation at all.

This show is supposed to be a comedy. Make me laugh, Amy, like I did when you were playing the harp and singing, "Everybody Hurts." Or, when you slowly moved over to Sheldon, leaned on him, and then popped your legs up onto the couch. I wish the writers would focus more on the fun and quirky Amy and less on the annoying Amy.

Now to the hilarious: Sheldon. I don't think we have ever seen him get so worked up and angry about anything before. The way he stormed into the lunchroom and verbally assaulted Leonard and Howard was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show.

Get your women in line!

I'm not sure where the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is headed (except to know it's not in the direction of the bedroom), but he showed that he's protective of her. Well, he is to the extent that he stayed with her even though it interfered with his elaborate evening plans. That means a lot from the stuck-in-his-ways Sheldon.

While Sheldon's relationship advanced this week (whether he realizes it or not), we found out that Leonard is single again. I'd love to see Alice from last week return or for Leonard and Penny to give it another try. However, I'm pretty sure that neither will happen anytime soon.

Was I too harsh on Amy? Are you glad that Leonard and Priya are no more? Check out this week's quotes, which includes Sheldon's hilarious rant to Howard and Leonard!


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what's the deal w/rajesh new girlfriend - couldn't they give him someone alittle better looking w/quirks? - totally unfair - best looking guy on the show & they pair him off w/someone like that? - also let's get penny back - i like bernadette & amy but i think just toooo many people on show - i like it when it is just the 5 original


Season 1-3 FTW!


The reason why people express their dissapointment in the Big Bang Theory is because it's SUCH a shame that this show sucks now. I LOVED season 1,2 &3. And I'm SO sad about Amy and Bernadette entering and taking over Penny's part of the show. The relationship between Sheldon and Amy is totally redicialous!! Everything about it is wrong. Amy should leave the show immidiately. Sheldon shouldn't get a girlfriend untill the end of the show, so we won't have to watch it develop. Bernadette and Howard are ok, but they shouldn't get such a big storyline. I think adding cast members is ok (just not annoying characters like Amy) but keep the main story about the interaction between the boys and the interaction between the boys & Penny!


this was funny but having sheldon hug amy was so ooc for him got say his rant in the lunch room was funny. but we less amy no My well be better and just one show of how it use to be just the guys and penny and more sheldon and penny my i loved it everytime howard hit on penny and she trun him down


I have never missed an episode of this show since Season 1 episode 1. I just want to say that I do not think that adding Amy and Bernadette into the show ruin it at all. In fact, I personally believe that the show gets better and better as the season progresses. I don't know why some said that if you have watched it from the first ever episode you would hate it because I'm one of those people and I don't! I guess it's only normal to have people who would like and dislike at the same time. I bet there are other who have watched from the first episode till now and still finds the show fascinating like me. I love Amy and Bernadette and frankly speaking, I do agree that if the show is all about the boys and Penny, it would be boring. All series have changes as they go along, that's how life is. What's so wrong about seeing the emotional side of the characters, especially Sheldon? The show is not just about nerds and science. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady did say that they don't view the characters as nerds but as normal people. Normal people do handle many issues in life such as love and all that. So I love this show still. I love this episode. I think all of them are great actors. Just because this episode was a bit Amy-centric, doesn't mean it's a bad thing since it won't be a weekly occurrence anyway.


You know what people...get over it. You actually want this show to be Penny and the boys...forever? You think it could sustain itself on that alone for more than 4 seasons? Here's a thought...if you think it's gone downhill and isn't funny anymore...STOP WATCHING. And stop coming on this board only to complain about it.
Move on.


I've been watching this show since Season 1 Episode 1! How many of you commenting can say that? Not many! How do I know this? Because some of you actually like Amy and Bernadette. Download Seasons 1-3 (AKA the 3 reasons it became TVs best show!) and watch them. I guarantee you won't watch Season 5 ever again. Sheldon is completely out-of-character (hugging and touching peaple??? WTF???), Penny isn't even in the show and the rest is garbage! Long live Seasons 1-3. That's how true Big Bang fans will remember the show!


Does anyone watch this show anymore? When season 4 added in 3 extra girls is basically lost everything that made the show a hit in the first place. The 4 guys hanging out doing hillarious nerd stuff was perfectly counter balanced by Penny. This season Penny doesn't even talk and if she does it when she's hanging out with the girls. The element of "funny" in this show is Penny hanging out with the boys. Them without her and her without them is jsut plain boring and Amy's character just adds a level stuffiness and redundancy. We already have 1 Sheldon, we don't need his unfunny girl version that does nothing but rant about how she can't get laid. This show sucks now!


I agree with most of you. the show is a shadow of its former great self. it is becoming more like "friends." it more about romance, relationships and drama than about the nerdy, science stuff. the nerdy stuff is what made this show unique and original, but now its like every other show. its lost identity and originality. i would like to see an episode of just the 4 guys and Penny - like it used to be! And let's hope they never bring back Priya. that was almost as bad as Amy basically replacing Penny this season - seriously WTF!?!?!?!?


This show used to be my favorite but this season is nothing like what it used to be. a few episodes ago Sheldon hugged Will Weaton, breaking just about every rule for his character and destroying the significance of the hug he gave Penny at Christmas. As for this episode, i might as well be watching friends. Amy is now a bigger star than Penny and Penny doesn't seem to have any liens with Sheldon anymore. this entire show is built on Sheldon and Penny's relationship and the comedic gold that resutls from it. can we please see less Amy, she's cutting into Sheldon/Penny time and wrecking the show!!!

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