The Big Bang Theory Review: Get Your Women In Line!

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Tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Isolation Permutation," was bipolar - from hilarious to groan-worthy. I had high hopes when I heard it would be about Bernadette and Howard's wedding, but that's because I didn't expect it to be about Amy and her insecurities.

Amy in Action

Let's start with the groan-worthy. If I have one continuous complaint in my reviews it is about Amy. In small doses, I have grown to appreciate this young woman and her role with both the girls and with Sheldon. Tonight, there was just too much Amy... the annoying Amy. In particular, I didn't laugh at all during the scenes at her lab. I found her to be whiny and irritating. Plus, the brain didn't help the situation at all.

This show is supposed to be a comedy. Make me laugh, Amy, like I did when you were playing the harp and singing, "Everybody Hurts." Or, when you slowly moved over to Sheldon, leaned on him, and then popped your legs up onto the couch. I wish the writers would focus more on the fun and quirky Amy and less on the annoying Amy.

Now to the hilarious: Sheldon. I don't think we have ever seen him get so worked up and angry about anything before. The way he stormed into the lunchroom and verbally assaulted Leonard and Howard was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the show.

Get your women in line!

I'm not sure where the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is headed (except to know it's not in the direction of the bedroom), but he showed that he's protective of her. Well, he is to the extent that he stayed with her even though it interfered with his elaborate evening plans. That means a lot from the stuck-in-his-ways Sheldon.

While Sheldon's relationship advanced this week (whether he realizes it or not), we found out that Leonard is single again. I'd love to see Alice from last week return or for Leonard and Penny to give it another try. However, I'm pretty sure that neither will happen anytime soon.

Was I too harsh on Amy? Are you glad that Leonard and Priya are no more? Check out this week's quotes, which includes Sheldon's hilarious rant to Howard and Leonard!


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This episode followed this season dowdward trend. I agree that Amy is droll and needs to be taken in small pieces. if anyone has watched this show from season 1 i think you would agree that season 4 is hwere it all went wrong. when it was the 4 guys and Penny it was funny. Heck, Sheldon and Penny are all the show really needs. the onyl time Howard was funny was when he was doing riddiculous things to pick up chicks. now that he's getting married his character is pointless. and the "girl time" does only two things: keeps Bernadete and Amy in the show (they aren't needed) and takes Penny away from Sheldon, which is where all comedic genious of the entire show lies. the girls hanging around talking about girl stuff is making the show more about drama. it's no different than any other show now. Sheldon rarely even talks about science stuff now and half the air time is dedicated to the girls hanging out together and it's no funny and never has been. Please writers, dump the girls, make howard single again so he's funny and get sheldon and penny talking again.

Sue ann

@ Jennifer I KNEW someone would ignore everything else that I said, and jump on that. I have a nephew with severe autism. There are widespread speculative articles on the internet about both Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Brennan. They are not limited to fans; some are by scientists in the field. The writers on this show have specifically said that they do not want to limit Sheldon's issues to those of that syndrome, so they are not specific. I could not say about the writers of the other show. There are other members of my family with this problem, although none so severe as my nephew. I sympathize with your son and with you, but please do not try to smother me with political correctness and modern-speak. Sheldon and Bones want to do things which their brains will not let them do. That is a problem, then. In the decade I come from, that was called handicapped, at best. Watching them, I admire the efforts to improve. They would not need to make those efforts unless something was wrong.


I only recently discovered this show and I LOVE it! It is so funny! I adore Sheldon. His rant in the cafeteria had me in stitches. One quibble to Sue Ann: As far as I know it has never been established that Sheldon (or Dr. Brennan, for that matter) actually HAVE Aspergers, although their personality quirks do seem to suggest so. My 13-year-old son does have Aspergers, and I can assure you, he is NOT "Mentally crippled" as you put it. Yes, he is different, but he is very bright. It comes across as offensive when people make these kinds of comments about people with autism. Different does not mean crippled.


I absolutely loved this episode and love the addition of Amy Farrah Fowler to the show, she is hilarious and amazing! And if people think Amy was "annoying", well, just remember she has been suffering rejection and loneliness all her life, and the girls' temporary dismissal made her think it was happening again, I understand her sadness. Now, I liked the fact that it was shown in a simpathetic way, the show was not making fun of her, but understanding her feelings, in an awkward way perhaps, just as Sheldon did when accepted to stay and cuddle with her. And I loved to see Sheldon finally caring for real for someone, in his own way. It adds dimension to his character without changing his essence and personality. They are both my favorite characters in the show, Jim and Mayim are playing them perfectly.

Sue ann

@Patrick J Murphy You posted, "While I won't say this ep was at the level of Gift Basket Hypothesis or Justice League Recombination, it was a very solid ep and did show Sheldon attempting to grow a bit...although he reverted back by the end of the commercial break. Ah, well." I don't agree that Sheldon was quite back at his starting point by the end of this episode. I feel he moved a few centimeters off center of 'asexual reproduction only' territory. He told the guys to get over it, that yes, he cuddled. I kind of doubt that it is possible for anyone with Sheldon's particular mental disability (probably Asperger's Syndrome) to ever become normal, but he can become better at interacting with people. He does try, as is shown by the way he keeps statistics on how often he recognizes sarcasm or various other emotions or situations around him. He wants to be able to do these things. It just seemed to me that a tiny bit of progress was made. A few episodes back, Amy got him to kiss her, which I never thought he would do, unless ambushed as by Leonard's mother. So, he progresses. Baby steps ... It was not in this episode, but my all-time favorite Sheldonism is, "I'm not crazy! My mother had me tested." His reaction to Amy's original proposition was to bargain down from her (to him) untenable offer, to something he could tolerate. In season one, I don't think he would have bargained. I think he would have run screaming from the room at the very idea. Baby steps ... He really is NOT crazy. In a sad way, like Termperance Brennan, he is mentally crippled. They both try to overcome it.


I like that they are dressing Penny every episode better and much more classy but still being her, even though I fell like every episode she has less screen and much more background character or that she is on the plot just because she has to be there just like Raj


For my this was one of the best episodes ans I was glad they put out a little more about Amy so we could know her better, I laugh all the episode whit all of her scenes and for my this is a 5stars episode... I like her character more because we had seen allot from all the other characters but not about Amy, she is the outsider that wants so hard to be an insider. LOVE THE EPISODE!!!


I was suprised with the way they just flippantly said that Leonard was single again...was kinda hoping for more of an aftermath


Definitely agree: Amy and her brains, gross and annoying. And very happy that Leonard and Priya have called it quits. I liked Priya in the beginning, but when she told Leonard she didn't want him to hang out with Penny anymore...yeah that didn't go over very well with me. Sheldon, as always, was hilarious. 'Nuf said...


Highlight for me was the negotiation: proposal, counterproposal, final offer. I've come to enjoy Amy more than I thought I would when she was introduced. She's where Leonard was at the beginning of the series - somewhere under there is a regular person who is dying to break out of the nerd. And speaking of Leonard saying he was single, but it was so offhand it didn't register. The show needs to follow up.

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