The Good Wife Review: Welcome to Bizarro World

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The Good Wife entered Bizarro World on "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," as Eli was not the smartest lobbyist around; Kalinda was not the sexy, smooth operator getting close to Cary; and Alicia was not the one standing atop the moral high ground when the hour concluded.

It was fun to watch an episode that placed various characters outside their comfort zones, and especially fun to watch Diane simply own the installment with a pair of speeches.

Diane vs. Will

First, she laid it out as clearly as possible to Will: stop sleeping with Alicia. Why? Hmmm, let me think: her husband is the State's Attorney. You are her boss. It's wrong and, perhaps even more cutting to her partner, it's simply not smart.

Game, set, match, Diane. Will was left with no counter to this demand - because there is no counter to this demand. It's obviously a terrible idea for Will and Alicia to be carrying on. At the very least, she has to divorce Peter and, even then, all the hot hallway sex in the world won't make up for the awkward, unprofessional fact of the matter at work: Will is Alicia's boss.

Meanwhile, how certain are we that Will is innocent? The show does an unparalleled job at setting up morally grey individuals and it would be naive to simply dismiss the notion that there could some truth to the bribery allegation. Will does love his basketball, his gambling and his relationship with judges.

Diane then set her straightforward sights on Eli. If only we all had someone this level-headed to talk us down (okay, tell us off, really) every time we felt an urge to wallow. Take a few hours, get drunk, get over it and then get even. Diane managed to simultaneously mock, praise and inspire Eli, all while setting the stage for an upcoming showdown with Stacie Hall (played by Amy Sedaris, awesome as always) that already has me smiling in anticipation.

We've never seen a defeated Eli before. It was enjoyable for a week. But it will be even more enjoyable to see a vengeful Eli.

Elsewhere, has Kalinda finally met her playful match? Dana might be a bit taken with Kalinda (she did purchase a matching jacket, after all), but not to the extent as most of those who Kalinda can manipulate. Our favorite leather-wearing bisexual investigator is at a loss for once, unable to seduce her way to the information she needs and failing Will in her mission to either prevent an investigation or, at least, keep him one step ahead of it.

Just like Eli, this is new territory for Kalinda, and props must be given to The Good Wife for aligning its characters in settings that force them to scramble and react. Lockhart/Gardner can't win or be in control all the time, which was also proven in the Case of the Week.

It was an odd one. Alicia and Will defended a client who really was just... guilty. The officer in question may not have been a bad person and mistakes do happen, but the verdict simply had to come back against her. Based on the evidence, she committed a crime. It was a bit far-fetched to have Alicia wait for the judge, as if the show really needed to hit us over the head with a message about scape-goating.

Whether or not her client was singled out for her gender, that doesn't change the facts of what happened. I was with the judge all the way in dressing down an unusually unprofessional and immature Alicia. Was this speech meant to reflect something more than the case at hand? Is Alicia now worried that she's treating Jackie as a scape goat, for instance? I don't see how. That nosy grandmother really was snooping around her computer and deserved to be locked out.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into the scene. It's just uncommon - albeit welcome - for the firm to lose a case and, like everyone else on The Good Wife this week, I'm not sure how to handle the result. We all have two weeks to let it sink in, however. The show returns on December 4 with a new, extra personal episode. Enjoy your holiday weekend and ponder the following question:



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Peter came clean to Zach but not voluntarily. He had no choice, that's a big difference.


You got it!--A new name John,but the same old lines again. If I were in his shoes it would be a different game, He's using his office, by using it to bring the man his wife has chosen to the forefront of his corrupution through the firm and Diane is also involved in it to.
Some people think she is waiting with a divorce for the best settlement agreement, right now he holds all the cards and she knows it plus there is that deep part of her that keeps the torch alive.
As for telling the kids there is someone in the picture it wouldn't fly, she has already told them a lie way back about Will in college plus the fact he is her boss now. Peter came clean to Zach about why he left why can't she do the same about what she has been doing for the past 2 yrs that led to this deceit.


WATCHIN IN LA: He is using his new position to go after her instead of just letting her have some joy in her life. Exactly. He's abusing his office yet AGAIN, by using it to harass the man his wife has chosen over him. If he can't do his job properly, he should resign. He needs to accept that, after all his lies and betrayal, she's just had enough of him. His minions should be able to see what he's doing, and refuse to do his dirtywork for him.


Alicia having an affair with Will Gardner is not the same thing as what her husband did to her - for one she is separated from him and has been. For two, he lied to her about there only being the one prostitute and never came clean. At some level I think she should make a decision and let Peter know she has done that and I think that she is waiting as long as possible in order to exact the best settlement agreement. He is using his new position to go after her instead of just letting her have some joy in her life. Not telling her kids about her relationship with her boss is a smart thing to a point because they aren't ready for that. They suspect something, though, and she should tell them there is someone in the picture. They are going to find out anyway. At this point, it's hard to say what will happen given the new stakes but for sure there should be an extended episode in order for the issues to be out in the open. Season two was unbearable with the phone message never discussed - let's hope they have learned something from that.


Hello??--hookers, get it right hooker, its the same as one dirtbag boss. Now do we want to play tit for tat? If Alicia was my wife that would make me Peter while you were still married to her. That would mean that you would be in position to judge until the end of time or papers are signed. Will is losing Alicia because he was a dirtbag -- not because Peter loves her. She also is seeing the big picture again and it aint pretty with the secret affair going on. She can also see losing the one thing she loves the most her family.


@over and out - Who's John? You still don't get it, I see. "If that was my wife he would not have to worry the rest of his life it would be short." If Alicia was YOUR wife, that would make you Peter, who was a lying cheating scumbag who boinked hookers and others all the time, while you were still married to her. That would mean that you would be in no position whatever to judge, much less condemn or punish, the man she chooses to be with INSTEAD of the rat she had married. Peter lost Alicia because he was a dirtbag -- not because Will loves her. Don't you get it yet?


@martinelli--what she is doing is not happiness its lust and she hasn't gone through alot for some time. She is not lying to them, what are you watching when a mother plays the hide game for her lustfullness that is lying. I know I pulled it once and it cost me big time. Her kids will find out and they will not be so forgiving and very resentville to her. The mother-law is not the problem she is the resolve.


Hi John, who the hell is putting her health at risk now ? You're just not paying attention all you see is one side of the street as usual.
And turn your back on the kind and gentle guy who saved your life when your rat of a husband went to jail", She didn't turn her back Peter was out of jail and scumbag knew it and still tried crossing the line. If that was my wife he would not have to worry the rest of his life it would be short.


@over and out: "She will go back to Peter but not for the kids sake it will be for what her heart says." You can't be serious. If that's what her HEART says, I hope she listens to her BRAIN instead! If her heart says "Go back to the lying cheating scumbag who put your health at risk while he cheated on you over and over, and turn your back on the kind and gentle guy who saved your life when your rat of a husband went to jail", she'd have to be a complete idiot to listen to it. You're just not paying attention.

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