The Good Wife Round Table: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

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The Good Wife viewers entered Bizarro World on Sunday night, as roles were switched around for most of our main characters.

How did our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica react about these changes? So glad you asked. Read on for their latest Q&A discussion of the episode...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'm not even gonna try to choose between Diane speeches here. She put Will in his place in the exact, straightforward way a good, mature partner should; and then, via her Scotch-based interaction with Eli, she made me wish she were around any time I wrote a bad review and got down on myself.

Christine: I loved the opening military court scene where the judge kept calling out Will and he'd get up and tell her exactly what he said, "Yes your Honor.  I told Mrs. Florrik 'You take it.  She hates me.'" It was funny, ballsy and one of the reasons why I like Will so much. A close second was Diane confronting Will about the investigation and Alicia. She was direct, blunt, and right, although I don't think anything will make Peter back off, not even Will and Alicia ending it.

Carissa: When they were sitting before the committee talking about the food "plate" and they told the cheese guy dairy was off to the side because there was no room on the plate. And the cheese guy yelled "What are you talking about? It's a cartoon! It's not a real plate!" Something about that whole process not only disgusted me, but left me chuckling for hours.

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Do you think Will is guilty of judge bribery?
Matt: I don't think he'd be convicted of anything. But is there some semblance of truth to Will's basketball games being aimed at helping his relationship with judges as much as they're used for perfecting his jump shot? It wouldn't surprise me.

Christine: No. I'd be really surprised if he were. The lines may blur a bit between right and wrong for Will but an entire scheme bribing judges just seems out of character.

Carissa: No. I think he's guilty of playing basketball. I think Peter is guilty of taking his personal issues to office with him. 

Stranger to see: Lockhart/Gardner losing a case, Eli losing a client or Kalinda losing her prey to another woman?
Matt: They were all welcome to see, that's for sure. You've gotta shake it up sometimes. But I'll go with the lost case because it was clear all along, to me at least, that this client was simply guilty. The defense's arguments were all circumstantial. Just because a narcotic is commonly used, for example, doesn't make it any less illegal to take on the job. This isn't something we've really witnessed before on the series, but it's true to real life. Sometimes lawyers must argue the best case they can, even when there's little evidence to back them up.

Christine: Eli losing a client. We've only ever seen Eli win but this was a nice change of pace. I loved the way Diane kicked his butt and got him to stop wallowing and get back in the game.

Carissa: It was strange to see Lockhart/Gardner lose a case that it clearly won. Just another reason I don't like the differences between the processes set up for government and military and those for the "rest of the people." As for Kalinda losing her prey? No way. I think Cary is up to something else, as he would not choose another woman over Kalinda at this point in the series.

Rate the appearances by Zach and Grace this week on a scale from 1 (most annoying) to 10 (very useful).
Matt: This wasn't a great week to debut this question. Both kids were actually quite enjoyable. Grace stood by her mom and Zach's reaction to a new car was hilarious. It jumped out of that seat faster than Cary likely did when Dana booty called him.

Christine: I'll give them a 7 this week, which is my highest score ever. I liked how quickly Zach figured out that grandma was snooping on Alicia's computer and how both kids had Mom's back. Yes, Jackie really is a bitch. Even her granddaughter can see it.

Carissa: For once, I enjoyed their presence. Especially when Grace referred to Grandma as a "bitch." It's the most true statement that has ever been said about Jackie. For standing by their mom, I give their appearances an 8.


I hope it's not the end to Alicia and Will they are just so good together they have chemistry and I want to see it sizzle so much more and Poor Peter he had his chance and he blew it with Alicia he should not have taken her for granted he needs to be alone Alicia loved him and he loved on other women and exposed her to STD I say dump him asap We need more sizzle between alicia and will and we need it now that is what makes the good wife so damn good


I'm no historian but I can't remember Lockhardt & Gardner losing too many cases, and so this verdict surprised me the most.
And I don't imagine Kalinda being overly upset by Dana's 'conquest'. She can charm the pants off Dana anyday.
And did somebody request more of brother Owen?? Not me. He might be unabashed, but I find him totally uninteresting.
Nice to hear everybody's comments!


I certainly wouldn call Will/Alicia done, that this is where she must face her true feelings for Peter he is not through by a long shot.
A word about those kids they make this show if it wasn't for them there would have been a quick divorce and a terrible romance with a person she doesn't really know anymore. The kids are a big part of a family where the mother can't put her head on straight. Everyone from the begginning has place all the blame on Peter but the story isn't about him its Alicia and what she is or isn't doing to keep her family intaked. The old college try is a sham of the past and will fade away if not already, this is her way of revenge that is going to backfire shortly.


And on a last note, I certainly wouldn't call Will/Alicia done. The love triangle has been the main subplot of the show since the beginning and I don't think there done. MELISSA- Agree with you on this noteand have a feeling that this is where she must face her true feelings for Will.Hoping that the more Will gets into trouble Kalinda/Alicia will rekindle their friendship in the proceed of aiding him. A quick word about those kids.Boring,spoilt and bloody pathetic, should have been kicked off to boarding school or thrown under a bus ages ago.More screen time to Owen and Jackie as they add to the show. Kids nothing but a waste of space. Carol.


Favorite scene: Both Diane scenes were awesome but I loved her talk with Eli. He can be such a drama queen. I loved how she both indulged him and made him see how he can turn around and make himself better. She is awesome and on a side note, get her a good love interest! Is Will guilty: No, I doubt it. In fact I think this episode pretty much confirmed that the SA's office has nothing on him. They may hope they find something but I think they will come up empty. Biggest surprise: Probably Kalinda. Lockhard/Gardner loses cases pretty regularly. Kids: I agree that they were much less annoying this week. I still don't think they are ever going to be anyone's favorite character but I'll take them being tolerable. I am slightly worried over the preview of the next episode-it looks very cop procedural-esque. I'm hoping the writers pull through. And on a last note, I certainly wouldn't call Will/Alicia done. The love triangle has been the main subplot of the show since the beginning and I don't think that's going away anytime soon. Love them!


I don't know that it's fair to consider Cary Kalinda's "prey". She hasn't really been trying to ensnare him; in fact, she was hurt when he thought she was using him. And I doubt that Cary is the one "up to something else" here. I think they're both underestimating Dana. She's working to pit them against one another. I'm glad that so many reviews pointed out Grace calling Jackie a bitch. I missed the line on my first viewing. Diane/Christine Baranski rocked this episode! I wouldn't be able to choose between her speeches either. Bonus points for her "I love guilty people" declaration to WSC.


Everybody from the start has put Peter in the ruttin seat, well if I had a choice I would pick Peter over Will anyday. He might have made mistakes in the past but since he has been up front with her, nodoubt the Kalinda thing was to touchy and left unsaid for the good of friendship. But then again I don't trust Kalinda either she has too manny times tried to get Alicia hook-up with Will for what purpose.
I don't blame Peter for going after Will and the firm he knows that they are dirty from past practices, plus when a person who is your boss and crosses the line with a married woman he works with there is only one way to handle it.
The best out for Alicia is to get out of Lockhart&Gardiner now and break all ties with Will before she throws it all away and loses the one thing that means the most to her the family (all of them).


1. Fave Scene- More like fave person. Diane. She's been so underused a great deal this season but she kicked ass this episode. I think her confrontation with Will was probably my favorite. She's his partner, she's his friend, she's the voice of reason. I loved it and he looked rightfully scolded which speaks to how much he respects her. 2.I agree with Matt for the most part. I think the basketball games have their advantages with forging bonds and relationships with's inevitable with team games, but I don't think he consciously bribed judges. 3.Kalinda losing her prey. Lockhart&Gardner have lost before and the case never stood a chance and their defense was weak. Eli has had a personality shift and seems to be spiraling so that isn't so shocking anymore. Kalinda is an interesting turn of events.I dont think she actually lost her prey but she's not really used to not getting what she goes after, nor is she used to being played or out-Kalinda-ed by anyone. It's humbling for her and interesting to watch. 4.the Florrick kids-2 just because I don't care for them at all even when they are tolerable. That being said...they stood up for their mom which was great. Grace called grammy a bitch which was kinda awesome, and Zach will most likely be the one to figure out that somebody is screwing with the computers at Lockhardt&Gardner causing the infamous blue screens that are referenced to but never actually explained or dealt with.


Like April, I have watched episodes of season 1 and 2 many many times over. Season 3 does not hold the same appeal. I am a little bored watching it the first time.
The villians: Jackie, Peter, Wendy Scott Carr etc. are obviously motivated by negative emotions, ie vengenace, jealously and competitiveness and make strong evil moves. The good characters need to wake up and take a stand for good human qualities instead of quivering. Alicia and Will need to stand up to Diane. Alicia needs to see that Peter is a nasty man and stand up to him and get divorced.


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