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The Good Wife Teaser: Diane Knows!

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Even The Good Wife can produce an uneven, subpar episode. Such was the case with this week's "Death Row Trip."

But I'm already excited over net week's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," partly because that is one awesome episode title. But also because the installment will feature Diane confronting Will over his affair with Alicia. Look for one partner to issue an ultimatum to the other in order to protect the firm.

Elsewhere, as previewed below, Eli's confidence will get shaken and Alicia and Will will try a case in front of a military judge.

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can anybody tell me the name of the song being played in the background of the Whiskey Foxtrot promo???


When are the writers going to start putting scenes together that pertain to the show format, all we get is the same old stuff every week. How about a script where the kids show up early and catch mom in bed with you know who, they explode and slam the door on the way out heading back to dads place.
What will she do now that she has been caught in a big lie to her children the ones she adores the most.


Will is every married man's nightmare. He preys on the vulnerable employee that he oversees. If he was so enamored with Alicia, he would not have had gratuitous sex under her nose. I'm waiting anxiously for the revealing of the true Will based upon the season 1 and 2 comments, "Has he stabbed you in the back yet?"
I adore Alan Cummings and Archie. They soooooo make the show fun. By the way, the courtroom dramas are great. I love the eccentric judges. I know it is just a tv show, but sometimes these characters stay in my head. They are amazing actors and actresses. One last thing....thanks for keeping so much of the sex within the realm of the imagination through eye contact, touching a hand during court proceedings and implied comments. It is so much more titillating than the 'in your face' sexuality of the movies. Also...I love Carrie Preston's performances. Where do we hire her and Alicia when we need great lawyers? Keep up the guest appearances. Awesome show that I have just discovered...and yes went and rented all of season one and two to catch up.


I don't care about Will, but I really don't like the new blonde role, I prefer more another Martha (?). If the writers prepared to allow us sick use this blode, and I'll choose done TGW. The audience will like really good roles (red-haired lawyer), but will not accept a annoying role (blonde chick), the audience aren't necessary for her to waste time and exhaust
the interest of TGW, and ruined the reputation of writers' wisdom. TGW few opportunities, don't waste all the opportunities. Get rid of the silly female roles, more attractive male characters, the effect will be better. Believe me!


The man who likes lying bitches and their asshole bosses, still on the same page John some day you will get it when the asshole drops the FU bomb on her. And all HE got was lied to, betrayed, degraded, and humiliated by that cheating BITCH HE married, Alicia. People do try to blame Will for the failure of the Florrick marriage, he was the one who crossed the line and started his BS and she was dumb enough to get reeled in now is lying to everyone and being deceitful to her family which will come out shortly and bring her down. You keep blaming Peter for his past but that doesn't give Alicia the right to go behind the family backs after she told them she was working on it which she wasn,t. If I had to write a script it would be very easy, Diane knows now and has the bull in her corner just call Alicia in and fire her then put Will in his place till he gets convicted for all his dark past. Then he can be the bitch to his cell mate.


How can it be that, even after two and a half years, there are people like Marcy who still don't get it? Alicia WAS "the good wife" for fifteen years, and all she got was lied to, betrayed, degraded, and humiliated by that cheating bastard she married, Peter. People who actually try to blame Will for the failure of the Florrick marriage have not been paying attention. It was 100-percent Peter's lies and infidelity that killed it. And why is everyone so obsessed with HER being a "good wife"? Was Peter ever a "good husband? Not even close!


If this was real life I could really write a hot storyline, instead we have to put up with this soap opera dialoge every week. A good story line to this show right now would be a video recorder bug planeted in Wills apartment and also Alicia bedroom them start a firestorm that would rock the turf.
Have a copy delivered to Alicia at work with a note telling her what she better do or else. 1..March in and tell Will its over amen. 2..Quit the firm immediately. 3..Follow 1&2 or else a complete set of CDs will be sent to her kids and the firm,youtube,SA Office. We need to get this high school college BS shut down and get back to why she should be a GOOD WIFE.


The song is 'Sail' by Awolnation


Will,fight like a man!


I really love Alicia and Will together...its just annoying that now that they are together they have like no screen time together. I really like the song in this promo. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks