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The Office can't seem to get into any kind of rhythm during its eighth season. It takes one step forward, and then it falls two steps back. Last week's "Pam's Replacement" was one of the better episodes in a while, but "Gettysburg" was far from that distinction.

Andy Bernard was back in the spotlight of the "A" story, and it all became a bit boring. Forcing the historical analogy to the office didn't work, and jumping around with the Dunder Mifflin flag created neither laugh out loud nor awkward moments.

James Spader on The Office

Near the end, Jim stated to Andy that the group likes him as manager of the branch... and that might be the problem. There's not nearly enough hatred between the boss and employees, a dynamic that creates a ton of hilarious moments.

Back at the home front, the "B" story worked much better. Robert California proved again that he is much more normal than the guy we met at the end of last season, but thankfully Kevin is weird enough for everybody.

I loved his original idea of attempting to pair a marker with every other office supply in order to find the "game-changer." His backup, to optimize the organization of the vending machine, was also good.

I didn't like the payoff, though. His Big Mac idea could have just as easily been taken for an intelligent metaphor as the cookie idea... maybe even more so. The whole just ended pretty abruptly after that as Robert figured out Kevin was just talking about cookies the whole time.

There were a few other highlights here and there, but overall, this was not one of the better The Office episodes this season.

Other Highlights

  • "Three reasons you're wrong about True Blood."
  • Dwight's preaching about the Battle of Schrute Farms.
  • And the fact that Schrute Farms ended up being a place for dandies and the fabulous during the war.
  • Erin believing the next thing she hears is the absolute truth.
  • Origami; the sushi of paper.

Let us know what you thought of "Gettysburg" in the comments, and don't forget to check out our The Office quotes page for all the best one-liners.


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for once i actually agree with the review. usually i just think the review is being harsh on the show just because michael is gone. but yeh this episode didn't quite do it for me. really it's andy's fault. i was never a fan of him being the one to take the reins in the first place. but the oscar/dwight thing was hilarious, and just like fortyseven said, i don't even like Gabe and i thought the abe lincoln thing was hilarious. the awkward humor it brought reminded me of michael-esque awkwardness. (except that the people actually liked his performance lol) and i don't know if it's just me, but i find pam and ryan's relationship hilarious. it's really really subtle in the show, i feel it is really underplayed, but when it shows, i find those small bits hilarious. i dunno why.


Spot on review this time; 2.5 is exactly what I gave this episode as well. Possibly the worst of the season. It's getting harder and harder to find funny moments amidst all the crap in this show. In this episode, I pin the problem on yet again making Andy the A-story, when it is clear that he (in his current form) SUCKS at being at all funny when he is the boss. Early Andy was funny, not sure what happened to him. Only thing that will save this show now would be to bring in someone else to oust Andy and take a commanding (yet incredibly eccentric) role as manager, to restore the chemistry of the show. I'm liking the rumor that Nellie will come back, and I hope it's to take over the manager position.


I think this review was a bit ungenerous. While I agree the main plot was not as strong as we might have hoped for, I think that two of the sidebars, Dwight and Oscar's argument over the "battle" of Schrute Farms and Gabe's impromptu Lincoln bit, redeemed the episode.


I still find the show hilarious -- maybe not as great as it was in its heyday, but I don't think the loss of Steve Carell is to blame. People are giving it undue scrutiny because of the casting change, but I still think it's one of the best comedies on network television. We need to stop hating on the show because Michael is gone and appreciate it for what it is NOW, which is still a hilarious show.


This show is horrible! How does a show work so hard to create all these hysterical characters only to turn their back on them? Or make them not funny (c) Andy, Gab, Darryl....heck was Creed even in this episode? Where's Kelly, where's Ryan, hell i even miss Jan at this point. Can't believe I'm saying this but they shoulda ended the show with Michael... and even his last season was uncomfortably not funny either.


Jeff, Didn't so much cave, but rather, the show has just proved to be a shell of itself without Steve Carell (someone you probably didn't even like). It has still had a couple of eps this season better than many other comedies on tv (your favorite Parks included), but the majority of the year so far has been dull.


In the words of Phoebe Buffay "I can't believe you caved." :)


I agree with the review. Robert figuring out that Kevin was talking about cookies the whole time was the climax of the bit. The Battle of Scrute Farms, Dwight and Oscar, was funny but needed a response from Dwight about what really happened. Gabe had pretending to be Lincoln was funny and I don't even like Gabe.

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