The Secret Circle Return Promo: A Dark 2012

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The Secret Circle left viewers with many questions following last week's midseason finale:

Who comprises the counsel? Why is Isaac keeping Jake alive? What coven member is related to Cassie? Will Jane ever be the same?

Will we get answers to these lingering storylines when the show returns on January 5? We better! In the meantime, all we can do is discuss and debate and watch the following promo for clues. It teases a rather dark turn for Cassie in 2012, and makes upcoming episodes look rather intriguing...

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SPOILER DONT READ IF U DNT ALREADY SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HALF SISTER i saw thee last few episodes its not FAYE. its Diana watch season 1 episode 22 (or 1 or 2 before episode 22) it exspains its Diana, even Blackwell admits it


i hope to appear the season2:)


When comes out the 2 Season??????


Me again ;)
And just realised this while rewatching the episodes.
It cant be Jake as when they were leaving the witch hunter guy, boss or whoever he is said theres a sibling INSIDE the circle, which is Jake isnt in really


I think the half sibling is Faye.
1. Her mother had an obssesion with Blackwell
2. They both have strong powers (like in pilot when Faye started the storm only Cassie could stop it. and i think they both have dark magic)
3. The episode where Faye finds her grandpa dead, again only Cassie could see the little girl Faye apart from Faye herself and she said she had a connection with the little girl.


The half-sibling is Faye.
It's obvious. In the last episode it became clear that Dawn, Faye's mother had a girly obsession with Blackwell as Charles- Diana's father revealed. By the look on Dawn's face it became apparent that it was more than just some naive obsession, but rather an emotional attatchment.. similar to that of one person sharing a child with another..


3 Who's that tricky half-sibling? I thought of a few options that would also add drama for the show.... Faye: we've already had hints that Faye is attracted to power so there's a potential light-sister, dark-sister (and an inevitable end-season battle) storyline there Diana: it's jealousy at the crux of this one. This girl has definitely been milking the power trip of being the only one with a Book (until Cassie came along) - having a bit of competition in the group (in magic and for her boyf, s'gotta pinch). I've been wondering for a while about whether she, on finding out daddy's no angel, might decide she'd like to stay on top and throw in with him agsinst the rest of the circle. A touch of dark power from the Balcoin side of the family might be just what she didn’t know she'd been looking for... Adam: We know next to nothing about Adam’s mother; could Blackwell have had an affair with her that drove her husband Ethan to become alcoholic? Ethan does seem obsessed with Adam and Cassie’s connection. Maybe ‘being together’ isn’t about a romantic relationship but more about reuniting a brother and sister to become even more darkly powerful. Maybe... but so far these two characters seem definitely to be played as potential romantic leads which, if they are siblings – even half.... ewwww (squick). Although I guess it’d make good drama. Still, eww. And Jake: at first I dismissed him as just a replacement as DeadNick obviously didn’t work out in the writers’ room or the agent’s office (what happened Louis Hunter?!). But then I got to thinking. There’s some unrevealed back story as to why the witch hunters didn’t kill him immediately on meeting him sometime in the past and why – after his betrayal in saving Cassie – they still haven’t “ganked his ass� (sorry, am also a Supernatural fan). Could it be anything to do with his Ep7 statement that it’s too dangerous to kill dark witches in the same way as normal witches? And he DOES seem to know an awful lot about the implications of Cassie’s dark heritage. But BTW, same rules as Adam apply, Cassie's romantic interest give this major squick factor. Sorry Melissa and DeadNick (seems weird u died so quick, but zombies are in for 2012 so maybe u’ll b back), so far you’ve only been there for other characters to bounce their arcs off. Get back to me when you’ve got a storyline though....


My prediction is that faye is cassie half sister they have given us 3 or 4 clues to lead to this guess Than they can have the good Blackwell witch and the darker side Blackwell witch


Oh, and Cassie is still the strongest witch in the circle. Another member in the circle may be related to Blackwell and have dark magic too, but they don't come from the original line of Witches like Cassie does.


If you think about it, everything has worked for the show. Cassie came into town. They bound the circle. Zachary came back into town and when he saw Cassie living in Chance Harbor, he knew he had to prevent what happened 16 years ago. With his arrival we heard about Heather and that's when Cassie decided to find out more and what her mother did. Heather introduced a demon and filled us in with a teaser of what happened 16 years ago. The demon possessed Melissa, it went into Nick and was the main reason why Nick died. With Nick's death brought in Jake, and Jake brought in the hunters. The storyline isn't abandoning the hunter storyline any time soon and I believe they are the big bad for this season. We're exploring into Cassie's family line and magic, so we get to know more about her, her lineage, and the other characters. With this we also get to explore what happened 16 years ago, what caused Dawn to summon a demon (I think it involved Cassie's dad given she was infatuated with him). So, as the show is progressing, things are falling in place like a puzzle. But for this later half, I think we can expect more history about Cassie's family, the circle, what happened 16 years ago, and then the council of witch hunters. All leading up to Cassie's father. Which Andrew Miller stated that if Blackwell is alive and comes to town, he's going to have a very long arc in the show. He'll basically be The Secret Circle's Klaus. I have faith in what the writers are doing, and Kevin Williamson is a pro with shows like this. That said, January 5th needs to hurry up and get here!

Secret Circle Quotes

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.