The Secret Circle Return Promo: A Dark 2012

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The Secret Circle left viewers with many questions following last week's midseason finale:

Who comprises the counsel? Why is Isaac keeping Jake alive? What coven member is related to Cassie? Will Jane ever be the same?

Will we get answers to these lingering storylines when the show returns on January 5? We better! In the meantime, all we can do is discuss and debate and watch the following promo for clues. It teases a rather dark turn for Cassie in 2012, and makes upcoming episodes look rather intriguing...

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The first half was amazing and I can't wait to see the second half it looks really good.january 5th is close but I can't wait a month for it it's still to long for me.


Nick or/and Jake are the obvious choices for Cassie's half-sibling. They're blonde and blue-eyed. Plus, Cassie claimed the have a 'connection' with Jake from the moment she first saw him, and Jake has romantically rejected her repeatedly even though he also feels a 'connection' with her. Also, Diana knows her own father, as do Adam and Melissa - which leaves Faye, who is obvious to the point of being a red-herring. Besides, we've met her paternal grandfather. Being an elder and knowing her mother, he might have noticed if his granddaughter bore no resemblance through either appearance or behavior to his deceased son. Thus, Jake/Nick are the only remaining choices and Jake, like Cassie, can do magic outside the bounds of the circle.


I agree, the discovery of Cassie's family history is way too early on. It only happens in the end of the book series. Honestly, I don't know what they're going to work with when this story is over! I hate that Cassie's getting a sibling who's a person in the circle. Isn't the whole point is that she's stronger than the others? Now there's another? It has to be Faye who's her sibling, face it. They will have a storyline of the two girls fighting for Daddy's Love. I can predict it now... :L


I agree spindae thay they are introducing too many things so quickly... They just left the demon story moved on to hunters and now black magic. They need to chill n give every storyline a chance.


I really think it is too soon to introduce Cassie's "dark side". she should first learn to control her circle powers! Britt is doing a great job being confused and everything but I would wait a little bit! but so it's more honest that in season 2 they come and say WOW she has black magic from this moment and not from the start! so i hope the circle including Jake casts a spell to control her magic or something in the finish of the season! But for now I can't wait for the season to continue!


it def is very intriguing... wow... jan 5th cannot come any sooner...

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