The Vampire Diaries Homecoming Dance: You're Invited!

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Consider this your invitation, Vampire Diaries fans. You will be a guest at next Thursday's Mystic Falls Homecoming dance.

But you might wanna stay away from the punch, along with anything - or anyone - else that could get spiked.

Based on the official preview, Klaus will return on this midseason finale, but will he fall prey to Mikael? Or will he enact yet another dastardly plan? And how will Rebekah react to seeing her brother, knowing now what she knows about the past 1,000 years of lying? We cannot wait to find out.

Until then, click around the following photos from the upcoming episode to view a few scenes, and ogle some fancy fashion, from the episode...

Klaus as King?!?
Caroline at Homecoming
Dastardly Duo
Twice the Gulp!
Stefan at the Dance

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David and sabrina 2014

this episode will go like the previous dance episodes such as season 1 episodes 4 and 12. It may have more shocking events in this one, but it will be one major insane episode. I can't wait for more new events coming up on the show. XD =) =O =P


OMG I cant wait to see this episode I already want to know what happens!!!


I can't wait for the episode!! Is Klaus really Homecoming King?? Hahaha.


Klaus and Stefan for Homecoming King and Queen! Teehe


Klaus as homecoming King.... i could get behind that :P


Do say that Klaus compels everyone and ends up being crowned homecoming king.... LOL

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