The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Homecoming"

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Homecoming was anything but a celebratory occasion on The Vampire Diaries this week, as a villain fell, a brother was freed and many corpses were stolen.

What did our Round Table panelists think of the 2011 finale? Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella chime in below. Reader feedback, as always, is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: I'll be very specific: when Mikael pulled in that Hybrid to prove he can compel members of Klaus' army. It was just the latest shift in an episode full of twists, turns and tense moments. Mikael and Klaus were akin to offensive and defensive coordinators trying to out-strategize one another. In the end, the former got sacked.

Steve: Klaus and Mikael squaring off in the doorway. Edge-of-your-seat stuff right there. Besides Eric's obligatory "any scene with Caroline" response, is there be any other choice for this question?

Dan: Steve's right. There's no other choice for this question. The climax of that showdown between Klaus and Mikael was magical. Tell me you had any idea how that was going to go down.

Eric: Haha, thanks to Steve I don't even even need to make my obligatory Caroline reference here. And for that, much like Dan, I can rip off his scene choice. Not that we had any other option.

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Was Mikael killed off too soon?

Matt: I don't think so. We were treated to the great exchange everyone referred to above, providing even more layers to Klaus and, let's face it, this show can only juggle so many characters at once. We only see Alaric once every four weeks as is.

Steve: Yes. I like that the show actually provides resolution to story arcs and has the guts to kill off characters rather than dragging things out endlessly for the sake of it, but Sebastian Roche was great and I feel like there was more material there.

Dan: No. I don't think so. At times it seemed like TVD got into a habit of just bringing out a bigger and bigger bad guy as the weeks and seasons went on, so bringing out a new big bad and killing him off so quickly was a bit refreshing. Klaus should remain the main target for a while because he's that awesome.

Eric: I actually think so. I do agree that we have enough bad guy in Klaus, but I can't help but feel like Mikael was a waste of good talent. Maybe we could have saved the Vampire Vampire Hunter for later in the season...

More surprising: when we learned Katherine had been posing as Elena, the abduction of the Originals or the fact that no male high school student asked Rebekah to the dance?

Matt: Rebekah all the way. She's been practicing all these cheerleader moves in front of the football team for weeks, right? Where's the cocky quarterback who has taken notice of this new girl and wants to diagram a play in her end zone... if you know what I mean? Come on.

Steve: Rebekah is new in town, mysterious, intimidating and almost unattainably hot for the general population, so I can kinda see that. Katherine as Elena ... it's hard to be thrown for a loop by something that's been done almost too often at this point. Which leaves us their abduction of the Originals by default. I definitely didn't see that coming and it set up a great arc for the spring. You would think Stef and Kat would refrain from poking the vampirical bear that is Klaus after all they've been through, but revenge is a powerful motive.

Dan: Yeah, we've seen the Katherine thing before and no normal high school student would have the courage to ask out the incredible Rebekah, so I will go with the Original abduction. Way to go, Stef!

Eric: While I admit I definitely was shocked by the classic Katherine swap (I mean, it's been awhile!), I have to give it to Rebekah not finding a date! Look, clearly I was never a jock in high school, but I've watched enough television to know the cheerleaders always go out with the football players. There's no way they didn't see her at cheerleading practice wearing those short shorts and ask her out on the spot. Right? Support me here Mr. Athlete, Matt.

Could you beat Klaus at beer pong?

Matt: Probably not. But Never Have I Ever?!? I'd have him wasted in 30 seconds. Never Have I Ever... lied about yanking my mother's heart through her chest? DRINK!

Steve: Does Eric worship the ground Candice Accola walks on? No offense to your boy, Dan, but I am the man at beer pong. He'd get schooled unless he compelled me to lose, but that would just be pathetic on his part.

Dan: No. Neither can Steve. Nobody can.  ou can't beat Klaus at anything. You can't even get your murder plan correct against him. He is the absolute man!

Eric: God no. Did you see how badly he was stomping that other team? It was like one cup to seven at that point. I'm much more interested in challenging him for a little 2-on-2 guy/girl teams. His ego would probably pick the most useless supernatural on his side, Elena. I got dibs on Bon-Bon. Sorry, Caroline, but I'm taking a witch in case I need her vampire migraines in the clutch.

Name one thing you hope to see happen on The Vampire Diaries in 2012.

Matt: How about one thing I hope NOT to see? Katherine. She really has to go.

Steve: Two words: For. Wood.

Dan: I hope to see no dead people return to Mystic Falls.

Eric: Steve! Stop stealing my Caroline answers! You make me come up with real answers here. As much as I love Klaus and Rebekah bonding with the gang, I want to see some serious Good V. Bad in 2012. Let the real evil come out. And more Forwood.


I was on my toes the whole time, and STEFAN speechless again saves the day and then the delena moment and Kathrine and Mikeal Klaus killing his father by the help of the Salvatore heehee! he should be thankful for Damon and Stefan and side along with Kathrine Elena finally confessing to let go Stefan Tyler and Caroline where;s Jeremie and Alaric in this important event

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - there were many great scenes. Elena bonding with Rebekah and then stabbing her in the back, Delena scene at the end (I always love to see Damon pissed off), Klaus warning Elena/Katherine that he's always one step ahead... but I agree with the panel. Nothing can be compared to the showdown between Klaus and Mikael. I mean we all knew that Klaus can't die so soon, but would anyone think that we will ever see him actually cry? Maybe they killed Mikael too soon, but I'm kind of glad he's dead. How many bad guys can we handle at once? I'm good with just Klaus. He can take his badness to the next level now. Katherine posing as Elena wasn't that suprising on its own when you think about how dangerous it would be for Elena to go to the party and how badly Damon wanted to keep her out of this. More suprising was the fact that Katherine agreed to that. She cares after all, who knew? I can hardly believe that nobody asked Rebekah to the dance. It's really hard to dislike the Originals when they are all so lonely. But still, the shoker of the day has to be Stefan kidnapping the coffins. I did not see that coming. Is he suicidal of something? He really thinks revenge is a good idea now? As for beer pong - I loved Matt's answer! :D:D:D One thing I want to see happen next year? Elijah getting out of the coffin!


Stefan and Katherine in the car...Katherine pretending to be Elena and glaring at Klaus and Damon looking lost without his brother and barely paying attention to Elena holding his face, you could tell he was more focused on his baby brother and what had happened...and the end with Klaus and Stefan


These people really need to put their comments in order... referencing a response that I haven't read yet is really confusing.
Really poor editing there!


1. Fave scene
Damon and Elena interaction in the end. Damon's frustration was heart-gripping. But one has to wonder if he told Elena that Stefan is free of compulsion? If he didn't, then there probably would be serious repercussions in the future. 2. Mikael
... was killed off at the right time. Bigger and badder has officially ended... kinda. He was great and menacing, but he served his purpose, which was to make Klaus a 3D, but still VERY unforgivably evil character.
I do wish that he and Rebekah could have a longer dad/daughter moment. Maybe even an acceptance like Caroline and her dad. 3. Biggest surprise
The fact that Katherine had now helped save Damon's life TWICE! Is there a heart under there somewhere? Does this mean she won't be a plot device anymore? I've always liked Katherine and I think she has SO much potential that's currently being wasted. 4. Klaus. Beer Pong.
Game, set, match! For Klaus that is. I have the hand-to-eye coordination of a ditzy girl. 5. TVD in 2012
Not together, pervs. I want the originals back so badly. I want Stefan to continue being a BAMF and partnering with Kat (and Rebekah and Elijah) to take down Klaus. I want Elena AND Damon to NOT give up on Stefan. It's been what? A couple of months? If the two of them truly loved Stefan like they implied, then they would not give up so soon.
Bonnie being useful.
Kat being even more useful.
Jeremy actually dying. Then he and Anna can smooch all they want on the other side.


I didn't know you could love a TV-show. But I do. I love TVD and I love Delena. Can't wait to see the rest of the season!


What we need for 2012? ELIJAH!!! And not flashback Elijah, I want real, present day, awesome Original Elijah. Now that Mikael is (really) dead and Rebekah is (sort of) dead I need someone as awesome as Elijah to compensate for the annoying (but sometimes great) Klaus.


5)2012 ? Someone NEEDS to yank the dagger out of Elijah.




I am like so tired of all the Delena stories and comments... I'm more a Stefan/Elena fan... And guys, what happened with Caroline and Tyler (Forwood are like the cutest and most real couple, well minus the hybrid and vampire bits) was heartbreaking... He looks so lost without her... He needs her and she needs him... OMG, I am so sad... Tyler is my fav character (and Stefan and Caroline) because he has real depth and I feel like they're going to kill him at the end of this season... Oh, I hope not!!!

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