The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Homecoming"

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Homecoming was anything but a celebratory occasion on The Vampire Diaries this week, as a villain fell, a brother was freed and many corpses were stolen.

What did our Round Table panelists think of the 2011 finale? Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella chime in below. Reader feedback, as always, is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: I'll be very specific: when Mikael pulled in that Hybrid to prove he can compel members of Klaus' army. It was just the latest shift in an episode full of twists, turns and tense moments. Mikael and Klaus were akin to offensive and defensive coordinators trying to out-strategize one another. In the end, the former got sacked.

Steve: Klaus and Mikael squaring off in the doorway. Edge-of-your-seat stuff right there. Besides Eric's obligatory "any scene with Caroline" response, is there be any other choice for this question?

Dan: Steve's right. There's no other choice for this question. The climax of that showdown between Klaus and Mikael was magical. Tell me you had any idea how that was going to go down.

Eric: Haha, thanks to Steve I don't even even need to make my obligatory Caroline reference here. And for that, much like Dan, I can rip off his scene choice. Not that we had any other option.

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Was Mikael killed off too soon?

Matt: I don't think so. We were treated to the great exchange everyone referred to above, providing even more layers to Klaus and, let's face it, this show can only juggle so many characters at once. We only see Alaric once every four weeks as is.

Steve: Yes. I like that the show actually provides resolution to story arcs and has the guts to kill off characters rather than dragging things out endlessly for the sake of it, but Sebastian Roche was great and I feel like there was more material there.

Dan: No. I don't think so. At times it seemed like TVD got into a habit of just bringing out a bigger and bigger bad guy as the weeks and seasons went on, so bringing out a new big bad and killing him off so quickly was a bit refreshing. Klaus should remain the main target for a while because he's that awesome.

Eric: I actually think so. I do agree that we have enough bad guy in Klaus, but I can't help but feel like Mikael was a waste of good talent. Maybe we could have saved the Vampire Vampire Hunter for later in the season...

More surprising: when we learned Katherine had been posing as Elena, the abduction of the Originals or the fact that no male high school student asked Rebekah to the dance?

Matt: Rebekah all the way. She's been practicing all these cheerleader moves in front of the football team for weeks, right? Where's the cocky quarterback who has taken notice of this new girl and wants to diagram a play in her end zone... if you know what I mean? Come on.

Steve: Rebekah is new in town, mysterious, intimidating and almost unattainably hot for the general population, so I can kinda see that. Katherine as Elena ... it's hard to be thrown for a loop by something that's been done almost too often at this point. Which leaves us their abduction of the Originals by default. I definitely didn't see that coming and it set up a great arc for the spring. You would think Stef and Kat would refrain from poking the vampirical bear that is Klaus after all they've been through, but revenge is a powerful motive.

Dan: Yeah, we've seen the Katherine thing before and no normal high school student would have the courage to ask out the incredible Rebekah, so I will go with the Original abduction. Way to go, Stef!

Eric: While I admit I definitely was shocked by the classic Katherine swap (I mean, it's been awhile!), I have to give it to Rebekah not finding a date! Look, clearly I was never a jock in high school, but I've watched enough television to know the cheerleaders always go out with the football players. There's no way they didn't see her at cheerleading practice wearing those short shorts and ask her out on the spot. Right? Support me here Mr. Athlete, Matt.

Could you beat Klaus at beer pong?

Matt: Probably not. But Never Have I Ever?!? I'd have him wasted in 30 seconds. Never Have I Ever... lied about yanking my mother's heart through her chest? DRINK!

Steve: Does Eric worship the ground Candice Accola walks on? No offense to your boy, Dan, but I am the man at beer pong. He'd get schooled unless he compelled me to lose, but that would just be pathetic on his part.

Dan: No. Neither can Steve. Nobody can.  ou can't beat Klaus at anything. You can't even get your murder plan correct against him. He is the absolute man!

Eric: God no. Did you see how badly he was stomping that other team? It was like one cup to seven at that point. I'm much more interested in challenging him for a little 2-on-2 guy/girl teams. His ego would probably pick the most useless supernatural on his side, Elena. I got dibs on Bon-Bon. Sorry, Caroline, but I'm taking a witch in case I need her vampire migraines in the clutch.

Name one thing you hope to see happen on The Vampire Diaries in 2012.

Matt: How about one thing I hope NOT to see? Katherine. She really has to go.

Steve: Two words: For. Wood.

Dan: I hope to see no dead people return to Mystic Falls.

Eric: Steve! Stop stealing my Caroline answers! You make me come up with real answers here. As much as I love Klaus and Rebekah bonding with the gang, I want to see some serious Good V. Bad in 2012. Let the real evil come out. And more Forwood.


Just more Klaus, really...though I am looking forward to the Original family reunion at the end of the cat and mouse with Stefan. I just wonder what they will want once that happens. Just to take back their hometown after so much time on the run, now that Dad's gone? I am sure it's an unpopular opinion, but I want more Bonnie development. Flashbacks showed witches have the power to trump vampires, there's got to be more to her place...


One things I hope to happen on TVD in 2012:
Elena slipping out. Within about a year she lost her parents, found herself in the middle of a supernatutral mess, discovered she was adopted and was uncle John's daughter, met her biological bitchy vampire mum then lost both her biological parents and aunt Jenna, was sacrificed and resurrected then was dumped by her boyfriend and SHE'S JUST FINE!!! No nervous breakdown, no depression, no alcoholism, no anger. Everyone in the show have been dealing with some inner issues or challenges, except Elena (and Bonnie?). She's so reasonable and so not funny, sometimes I wonder why Damon and Stefan are so in love with her. I want to see the girl struggle and become more complex as a character just like the bros or Caroline did.


What was your favourite scene? It had to be the climax scene: the confrontation between Mickey Maus and Santa Klaus, which got the latter bawling, and then the fight, fast as the action in a spanish bull ring. I was gripped. Did Mikael go too soon? He was growing on me, fabulous diction wot? But i think there was an obvious story arc there. reckon the original witch is gonna appear, somewhat grumpy after this. Most surprising thing? The plot twist where we find out Stefan helped Klaus to save his bro, not because he had buckled under Klausrule. Also, Taylor being completely OK, no man, even great, with the fact that he is sired to Klaus. NO human being should be OK with that. What a dick. Candice time for you to find a new match, how about Cardekah? Hopes for 2012 Elijah revived. Rebekah stay on. For without Wood. Elena and Damon do it.


Something I hope to see in the new year: Rebekah's return, Elena's impromptu transition to vampire, perhaps the 2 things could go hand in hand. Bekah wants to get back at Elena and (literally) rips her a new one, but little does B(or Elena) know that Elena has been ingesting vampire blood in her coffee/tea/etc for the past half-season.


I know it's super dorky, but what I kind of hope to see happen on TVD in 2012 is an episode where like, Elena, Jeremy, Alaric, Damon, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler all get together for like a happy family dinner. I want one episode where they all get together and be friends and realize that if it weren't for each other they'd all be dead. It would be so touching and realistic, because I mean really how can ALL of their days be filled with this action-packed supernatural shit? They must have a dull day once in awhile, while people are actually plotting these elaborate schemes before they carry them out. That's what I want to see happen.


Katherine is my absolute favourite!
just because Vampire diaries traditionally kills off and moves on - doesnt mean that its right for every situatuion.
shes honestly amazing.


1. Klaus/Mikael standoff. Coffin stealin'. Forwood "If I'm sired to anyone, it's you" "Evil blood slut" "Tell me the plan?" I don't know about any plan, but even if I did, I wouldn't tell you"
2. YES.
3. Coffin stealin'
5. Forwood: happy, sad, angry, funny, adorable, bad ass Forwood, Elijah, Becky, Klaus, other Originals, Bill


Stefan is a BAMF!I want him to forget about elena and embrace this new found freedom....he deserves this much.I want Elijah and Rebekah not be killed off.Recuring guest star.Mikel was killed off way too fast I was expecting him to be like viktor from Underworld now that is an original vampire.Better SL for some charcters bonnie,jeremy and alaric.I guess the writers screwed up w bon and jer,last season they were in love and bonnie brought him back to life and jeremy would catch a bullet for her then suddenly he found out he was in love with his dead vamp exgf?WTF?really?Sad I love these two.lastly cut it w the triangles just wrong one is enough but almost all of the chracters?.make it better.

Allison berry barbieri

*Threw me, not "through" me

Allison berry barbieri

What was your favorite scene from the episode? I just can't help it, I'm a romantic and I am so stuck in the love triangle of Stelena and Delena and, sometimes, Stamon (brotherly love only of course). The scene with Damon flipping out and Elena comforting him was my favorite. Though, I see major repercussions for his failure to inform Elena that Stefan is free from compulsion and allude that Stefan is never going to be "free" (lost forever).
A close second was the emotional confrontation between Klaus and Mikael, followed by Stefan stopping Damon (though,I only appreciated that moment in retrospect when we learned why he did it). Was Mikael killed off too soon? Not really. The story was told, his arc was over. It was either Klaus or Mikael and I choose Mikael if it means more Joseph Morgan and Klausian antics. Though, Sebastian Roche is so great and could have been used more! More surprising: when we learned Katherine had been posing as Elena, the abduction of the Originals or the fact that no male high school student asked Rebekah to the dance? Katherine posing as Elena actually through me. I am a bit disappointed in myself for not seeing it sooner (I did notice the curly hair and wonder a bit,though)... Could you beat Klaus at beer pong? Nah, but I'd be all over him with flip cup. Name one thing you hope to see happen on The Vampire Diaries in 2012. Elena giving into her feelings for Damon just as Stefan realizes how much he wants her love and forgiveness... Though, I see that as more of a season ending cliffhanger (i.e. Stefan walks in on a Delena kiss),

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