The Walking Dead Teaser: Secrets, Secrets, Are They Fun?

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Daryl took a major spill on The Walking Dead this week, while Glenn stumbled upon a rather major secret: Why the heck are there zombies in the barn?!?

Will we find out on next Sunday's new episode, which is simply titled "Secrets?" Perhaps. AMC teases that Andrea will develop a new skill at one point during the episode, and be forced to rely on it during a life-or-death situation.

Rick, meanwhile, will also be involved with a secret, discovering a certain something about a certain someone close to him. View the official teaser now:


This show was pretty good but it is moving a little slow. You can feel the drama building between Herschel and Rick, it seems like it's only a matter of time before they have a confrontation. The zombies in the barn are a good twist because I can't figure out why they'd be there.


The TV series follows the books rather nicely... Not too close and not too far... Just right along side the original story line in the comics...The only thing I don't like is that they seem to be dragging the story out a little too long. Seem like they're gonna spend a majority of the season looking for the little girl. I hope that when Michonne makes her entrance, Its as mysterious as it was in the comics... I'd also hope they include Abraham and Tyreese in the upcoming seasons...

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