Valentina Cervi to Play Powerful True Blood Villain

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Valentina Cervi is the latest actress to join True Blood as a series regular.

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The Italian actress will come on board season five, according to Michael Ausiello, as Salome, a character described in earlier HBO casting notices as an intelligent seductress... with serious powers, and an unstable personality.

In the bible, of course, Salome is the daughter of Herodias and is mentioned at various points throughout the New Testament.

Other recent True Blood casting news include: Dale Dickey as Marcus' mother; and Lucy Griffths as a progeny of Godric's.


e muito bom


well season five was very good i thought and bill and eric teaming up was good becouse thay love the same woman i can't waght to season five come out


In the books Salome is a sheriff and the maker of Mickey who is Tara's abusive vampire (not)boyfriend. Franklin Mott "passed" Tara onto Mickey because they had some sort of business together. But since Franklin is dead and Tara COULD be dead, I don't know how Salome is going to fit into the show. If the keep Tara alive, why would she date a vampire with her well known hate of fang? I suppose she could just be an important sheriff... but I don't know, hope Alan Ball doesn't fuck this storyline into the ground like he did with Amnesia Eric.


Wow, can't believe Valentina Cervi is joining the cast! Salome looks to be a very interesting character, hopefully she can pull it off. This next season is shaping up to be awesome. In the meantime I've been learning more in-depth about other True Blood characters. Thanks for posting this!

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