Which Pretty Little Liars Alum is Coming to Mystic Falls?

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Paul Wesley's wife is headed to Mystic Falls!

In a fun bit of casting news, The Vampire Diaries has signed Torrey DeVitto for a recurring role. The actress appears on Pretty Little Liars as Melissa... and in the Wesley household as the new wife of this series star. They got married in April.

Torrey DeVitto as Melissa

DeVitto will appear on at least two episodes this season - the 10th and 11th - as a doctor who takes an interest in Alaric, specifically his ability to heal quickly. 

The actress has also guest-starred on Castle, One Tree Hill and CSI: Miami.

Lord of winter

I think It be cool If she came on to the show.


It's funny how Paul's wife his coming! :) I wonder how she'll do.


Is there such a thing as a hott stelena scene? Lol. She's hott but shell be dead in two episodes so who cares.


No offense to Torrey, but I hope she dies. It would be fun to watch Paul to kill his own wife. AND, I want there to be a hot Stelena scene to piss her off ya know. OK OK, I hate her for marrying him, BUT WHATEVER. I hope she contributes well on her part, because she's not that good of an actress.... I think it was kinda bad for them to bring her in. JUST CAUSE SHE'S MARRIED TO PAUL WESLEY, DOESN'T MEAN SHE GETS TO BE ON THE SHOW AND RUIN IT.




All jokes aside, I hope she contributes something valuable to the show. Not just some random ho for Alaric that will get killed within the next episode. And if she isn't useful, then I'm rooting on getting killed within the next episode. Ahh the Vampire Diaries. Where murder doesn't seem so bad.


Haha. I SOOO hope there's a Stelena makeout scene right in front of her (even though I'm Delena) JUST so she can watch her husband get it on with someone else. Devitto: It means nothing, it's all for the cameras... ohmygod he got a boner.


I'm happy, she's hawt. Dark hair, full lips...dayum

Claire mac

i agree, there is no need for her in the show! she's everywhere!!


Meh, I hope she does better in this, her acting was horrific in OTH and PLL!!!

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