Who is Returning to Desperate Housewives?

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Desperate Housewives will stage a mini reunion at some point before it says goodbye this spring. According to TV Line, the following stars will return and reprise the following characters:

  • Dana Delany (pictured) as Katherine
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Orson
  • Andrea Bowen as Julie
Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair

ABC has not released a statement regarding these returns, and it's unknown at this time how long each character will stick around for, or what brings each back to Wisteria Lane.

Still... exciting news! Who are you most looking forward to seeing again?

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Its orson writing the letters and he killed chuck,julie gets pregnant to one of the twins and mike gets murdered.


For sure Katherine and Robin! I'd also want to see Kayla. It would be funny to see how Tom's new girl would react to that!


didnt orson die?? and i wonder who is writing the notes to bree and who is following her. at first i thought it was paul young since she went to talk to him about it in prison. i hate the show is ending.


KATHERINE! ahhhhhhh she is definitely a favourite of mine, she made me laugh in every single episode she was in, can't wait !




I'd like to see Katherine, Orson, and Andrew return. Maybe the mobster family could return under witness protection and take blame for the murder and get excused for their testimony on another case.


I'd like to see Zack, Kayla, Grace, Katherine, Julie, Andrew and the stripper whose name I forgot. Also, I'd like to see Gina and her family. I just dig their accents, but I doubt they'll be coming back though.


@unknown: hahah! @Jdoc it wouldn't make sense because she's dead :/ I'm really looking forward to seeing katherine and julie!! maybe julie can teach her mom not be so annoying and stupid!




I agree kayla n grace should come back. maybe kayla could be part of what rings tom n lyneete together again to right her wrong.

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I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


We all take the gift of life for granted, if only we could slow things down because before you knew it, the gift is gone.

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