American Horror Story Season Finale Scoop: They Will Come Together...

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Alex Breckenridge could only tell me so much about next week's season finale of American Horror Story. I poked and I prodded, but the actress behind the young version of Moira has been sworn to secrecy.

This is all she could reveal about the 90-minute episode, titled "Afterbirth."

  • Her character will make an appearance.
  • The family "finally comes together" by season's end. "They stop taking each other for granted."

Breckenridge, of course, portrayed one half of the only ghost on the series who actually ages ("I don't think Moira herself even knows why that is," the actress said), disappearing two weeks ago after Ben Harmon, to quote the elder half of Moira, finally started to see things "as they are."

What was it like to share a role with Frances Conroy?

"It was amazing. I adore her so much," Breckenridge said. "I would get intimidated on set because she's just so good."

Incredibly, the pair didn't plan out their dueling scenes. They didn't work on similar mannerisms or really do anything as a tandem.

"We found our own way through extreme versions of the character," Breckenridge said when asked how she tackled this unique apparition, who helped Ben realize his "perception of reality was skewed," as the star put it.

How will that impact what is sure to be a bizarre, creepy, suspenseful finale? Again, Breckenridge could not say. But tune in ton December 21 for the answer - FX, 10 p.m. - and return to TV Fanatic afterward for my detailed review.

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@E The reason she appears old and young isn't because she is aging; she often states that men see things how they want to see things but women see things for what they truly are deep down. Thats why around women she is seen as her elderly self because that is truly her but around men she is seen as a very provocative young woman wanting to serve men however they wish because she believes all men think of women as an object or property that they own.


@Caz the reason she wants her corpse found is because she wants Constance to be found guilty for her death and to rot in prison for it; later on in the series when Travis (I think that his name) is murdered by Hayden the detectives go through the many deaths surrounding Constance. It is revealed that the detectives that investigated on the case of her husband and Moria's deaths were considering her but they needed the bodies to concrete it.


First of all, this show is incredible and I can't wait for the season finale!!! I have one question though: I was under the impression that none of the ghosts are able to age. However, Moira was killed when she was young, but she's aged...Anyone have any ideas as to what that's about?


I understand the dead can't leave the the house unless its halloween, but Why does moira want her corpse to be found? she says so she can be free, but most of the other ghosts bodies have been found e.g Tate, Travis etc. and they are still living in torment in the house..... well anyone know??? xx


Excuse me, I mean "can't*" cleanse the house: not 'can'


I assume that Violet can cleanse the house, (since she is the one who actually tried) because she, in fact, is dead. Croatoan worked when live people were doing it to the dead...


I loovveee this show!!
But whatever happened to the dog?
And what about when Tate what sitting on the brink wall or whatever with Violet? When Dr. Harmen came up. I dont think that was Halloween.
And that demon thing that attacks Tate as a boy.. Thats Nora's mutilated kid right? Why the hell is it so big? It was only a baby when it died. && ghost's dont grow.


Ok, so I just realized that the bar scene with Hayden and Ben was a flashback...but didn't she actually leave the house with the cop? Or am I wrong about that too? Think I need to re-watch that episode...


Has anyone noticed that Hayden's ghost has left the house TWICE? First, with the security cop when she was being arrested...and then next, when she went to the bar with Ben after he had Vivien locked away.
Why is she allowed to leave but the others can't?
Is it because she was killed by a living person or what?
Lots of strange rules with that house huh?!


None of the ghosts can leave the house, the only reason you saw tate at the beach and in public was because it was halloween, which is why all the other ghosts left the house as well. You must have missed some episodes. Constance is NOT a ghost she is the neighbor that used to live in the house where her kids tate and buea died so to answer your question about what she has at stake in the house, well technically her whole family because she killed her husband and the maid in the house as well and as you know if you watched the first episode, Tate thinks his dad ran away, he doesnt know that his dad is dead....and his dad has also yet to make an apperance as a ghost exept for the flashback Hayden had of having sex with him and stabbing him. Young moira is a Skank because that is part of the evil of the house, the house uses your weaknesses against you for its own gain which is why the young maid tries to capitalize on the lust of men. All she wants is for somebody to find her bones and lay her to rest off of the property and bury her properly so she can be free and shell do anything to get that. The "Medium" Is only part legit, she is also a fraud and i personally think she has more at stake with the house too than we know yet, after her little comment to
Tate, my first reaction was that maybe one of the mediums kids was killed by tate in the massacre, but she is still a developing character too that we dont know much about yet, its part of the beauty of the show, its not normal, its confusing, it makes you think and it gets you hooked. There is something that is unclear about the babys too, we'll find out more next week but i think the face value of the baby and why everyone want one comes down to everyone in the house thats dead being so sad and lonely that a baby would bring happiness to anyone who has the baby except tate, tate has mommy issues (Constance is absolutly the most scary character in the show and shes alive!!! Love Jessica Lange in this show shes unbelievable) All In all i think there will be a lot of closure in next weeks 90 minute episode and a good set up for next season. I would recommend to you that you go back and re watch the entire season and you will catch a lot of things you missed and see that everything was already there to find, you just need to know what your looking for. Love this show, keep it going like sons of anarchy please.