American Horror Story Season Finale Scoop: They Will Come Together...

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Alex Breckenridge could only tell me so much about next week's season finale of American Horror Story. I poked and I prodded, but the actress behind the young version of Moira has been sworn to secrecy.

This is all she could reveal about the 90-minute episode, titled "Afterbirth."

  • Her character will make an appearance.
  • The family "finally comes together" by season's end. "They stop taking each other for granted."

Breckenridge, of course, portrayed one half of the only ghost on the series who actually ages ("I don't think Moira herself even knows why that is," the actress said), disappearing two weeks ago after Ben Harmon, to quote the elder half of Moira, finally started to see things "as they are."

What was it like to share a role with Frances Conroy?

"It was amazing. I adore her so much," Breckenridge said. "I would get intimidated on set because she's just so good."

Incredibly, the pair didn't plan out their dueling scenes. They didn't work on similar mannerisms or really do anything as a tandem.

"We found our own way through extreme versions of the character," Breckenridge said when asked how she tackled this unique apparition, who helped Ben realize his "perception of reality was skewed," as the star put it.

How will that impact what is sure to be a bizarre, creepy, suspenseful finale? Again, Breckenridge could not say. But tune in ton December 21 for the answer - FX, 10 p.m. - and return to TV Fanatic afterward for my detailed review.

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All those are really easy to process if you think about it. 1) Violet is dead, she can't leave just like all the other ghosts of the house. 2)No, Constance is not a ghost. Nothing she has ever done has ever lead us to believe she is. 3)"Young Moira" isn't a real representation of moira, if you paid attention to the dialogue of the show you'd know that with Moira when men look at her they see what they want to see. Which is a "skank" as you put it. 4)everyone isn't desperate for a baby, only chad and patrick - who wanted to adopt when they were alive, Hayden, who couldn't have her baby because she was murdered, and Nora who's baby was kidnapped and dismembered. 5)The Medium can't cleanse the house because according to chad thats all BS, 6) Constance's stake in the murder house is her kids who she does love in her own weird way, as well as the corpse of moira in the yard.


I so love this show, but im confused about alot. Why cant violet leave and everyone else can? Is constance a ghost2? Why does young moira have 2 b such a skank...why is evryone in the house so desperate for a baby? Why cant the medium "cleanse" the house. Whats stake does constance really have in murder house, we kno she doesnt really love her kids...just too much 2 process


i cant see the video :(
someone help? :P


He's never left the house, except for the Halloween episode in the beginning of which, Constance's boy toy says 'halloween comes from an irish pagan celebration on which the dead can roam freely.'

Avatar was on halloween and they said that its the only day/night that they are "able to walk freely"


he can go out from the house cause was in halloween deads can walk with humans on the street. but the others times I don´t why he can do it.


That was the Halloween episode. All the ghosts could go freely on Halloween


I don't really understand....if Tate is a ghost, then how is he able to leave the house as he pleases (i.e., episode when he was in a public place with Dr. Harmon, or when he hung out by the beach with Violet, etc) but Violet can't seem to all?

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