Dexter Review: Brotherly Love

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Dear producers of Dexter: I think you misunderstood the memo. Yes, fans of this Showtime hit have been waiting for awhile for Deb to come to a realization about her brother. But not this one.

Yech. Seriously. NOT this one.

Deb and Dex

While "Talk to the Hand" featured an attempt on both Dexter and Batisa's life, as well as a professional manipulation by LaGuerta and the teasing of Lucas as Dexter's next nemesis, it's impossible to review this episode without first focusing on the show choosing to take Deb's feelings for her step-sibling to a whole new direction, one I can't imagine any viewer is excited about.

Why are we going there? The bond between Deb and Dexter has been one of the most consistent, refreshing aspects of the series throughout its run. It's really unlike any relationship on TV. Where else do we see this sort of non-romantic connection between a male and female lead? And what would be the impetus for destroying that? Just so Deb can have an even more visceral reaction to Dexter's Dark Passenger when it's finally revealed?

Aside from creeping me out, the storyline just comes across like another desperate attempt by the writers at shock value. Shock value that's grosser than any blood-covered crime scene at that.

Elsewhere, Travis acted like every other idiotic, cliche-filled villain in history. I expect a lot more form Dexter than to have its bad guy focus a gun on his prey; agree to that prey's last-second request; and then hold that gun up just long enough so he can distracted from pulling the trigger... and yet somehow have time to start a fire?!?

As if the first instance of Travis teasing a kill wasn't enough, he then chose to make Dexter's death into some kind of fancy escapade, as opposed to simply putting a bullet in his enemy's skull. Seriously, theses were the sort of antagonistic moves mocked by Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. I'm just surprised Travis didn't use sharks with lasers on their heads to take Dexter out.

At least the episode didn't conclude with that explosion, however. At least it didn't try to pretend that Dexter was actually dead. Heading into next Sunday's season finale, though, it did leave us with a cliffhanger that doesn't feel very... cliffhanger-y. As I've asked all season long, where's the suspense here? What are the stakes? Yes, Travis is still out there and it would be nice if he were caught - but his plot to gas the police station has been foiled, he doesn't have any other acolytes or plans that we know of. What, right now, is making you anxious as a viewer to tune in next week?

Sadly, the writers almost seem to be writing this season off before it's over. They appear to be setting storylines up for next year, whether it's Deb's strange new feelings for her brother, LaGuerta serving as Deputy Chief or Louis being lined up as a taunting new serial killer. Those might have potential, but it would be nice if they focused on making this season remotely interesting first, wouldn't it?

Do you want to see Deb and Dexter hook up?


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I still think this show is better then 95% of what's on television today...I just can't enjoy it as much as i should because S1, S2, and S4 were so amazing...They were my absolute favorite seasons from any television show, I really really hope S7 is better then S6. As for the incest, i always thought their was a possibility that deb's character had some non-platonic feelings for dex but NEVER expected it to happen and i never wanted it to.I hate the way they handled it...


Firstly, for the people in this forum that keep calling this season five I would just like to point out that this is season six.
Secondly, Deb and Dexter are not blood related.
Thirdly, there has been no hints or suggestions that Dexter is going to essentially hook up with Deb. These are Deb's feelings not Dexter's.
I personally don't want to see Deb and Dexter together because it just wouldn't fit the story. Deb always gets emotionally invested really quickly with every relation ship she has had in the past seasons. Anyone remember the super great mechanic? The writer? Rudey? Anton? Lundy? Quin was the only one that she didn't "fall in love with". And just because she is discovering her feelings for a man that has been in her entire life, doesn't mean Dexter will play it out. Aside from killing people Dexter has always had higher morals then Deb and is more understanding to what is acceptable.
Everyone here seems to be jumping the gun a little early on the Deb/Dexter situation.
As for this particular season, it was not the best one. But it wasn't down right horrible some people just need to lighten up and realize that its a show that has been going on for a few years now. And all this season is doing is setting up for the Finale.


Guys, c'mon, this season ain't that bad. In fact, with the introduction of Lumen, season 5 seemed to be pretty interesting too. I heard in an interview with the writers and producers that they're trying in the later seasons to explore deep into Dexter's character and persona and to get the most out of him. I mean, if you tried to relate to Dexter, you could really sense how his character has developed since Season 1 when you first heard him say "Tonight's the night." Start season 5 he started questioning his principles, goes against that rational "Harry" voice in his head and starts making his own rules, leading the kind of life he desires to, trying to step out of his father's shadow... And the Deb/Dexter thing just makes you wanna find out more about how Dexter's going to handle that, doesn't it? How a seemingly unfeeling, emotionless person is going to turn his sister's romantic interest in him down and find a way to work around things.




@Rachel, The show isn't as good as before. I agree that Mr. Editor in Chief here is way too hateful of today's season, even giving one episode a *-review, but he's just upset that the show isn't at the level it used to be when Clyde Phillips was in charge. No one here hates Dexter. We're all watching the season, we're just hoping for some intelligent writing.


I'm sorry, but I can't really read all of this review. You messed up in the first paragraph. It's "Louis" not Lucas, and Deb and Dexter are adopted siblings, not step. But oh well. This forum seems to be mostly anti-Dexter. Wrong forum for me I suppose, because I love this show!


Remember what Deb is saying when she's waking up from this creepy dream. F.... At my own opinion it is humor, anyway this is how i took it and i did laugh a lot. I think it is more the shrink trying to help her to become herself (the scene of the lieutenant brief to Angel and Quinn is the start). Maybe i m mistaken.


Showtime missed the boat, both of HBO's best shows have already disgusted us with incest twists. And after watching Jimmy and Gillian go at it on Boardwalk Empire and the Lanisters doing doggy-style on Game of Thrones, there is no way this show is going to disgust me at all. Yeah, and it's obvious that with Clyde Phillips gone, the last two seasons haven't been as good. They should just end the show already. I'm sure Michael C. Hall's talents could be utilized better elsewhere.


Yeah I couldn't agree more with this review. I never post on stuff like this but the writers of this show make me feel like a moron and I just keep watching it hoping that they'll make some ballsy move and kill off some characters, Deb has her realization, a monumental twist, god just SOMETHING instead of this droll, string-you-along garbage they keep pulling... The fans deserve more than this. I could care less about the season finale as this show has farted in my mouth this season too many times to count.


What happened to this show? It was so good for so many years. I was excited to hear Commander Adama was going to be the guest bad guy too! Instead, the episodes have become terribly predicable, with a stumbling storyline. It takes effort for me to get through an episode without getting bored. Something has changed behind the scenes in regards to the production of the show. Even the cut scenes seem sloppy, and Dexter's narrating seems excessive this year, providing too much hand holding. Also, don't even get me started on the painting of Dexter as the devil. Cheese! Pity too. This season has so much potential, and instead, I’m left feeling like I just watched eleven episodes of the Littlest Hobo.

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