Glee to Celebrate an "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

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Who won Sectionals? How did Santana greet Sam? How did Kurt stand up for his relationship with Blaine? All those questions and more are answered in our review of "Hold on to Sixteen."

Looking ahead, what can Gleeks expect on the final episode of 2011, one excitedly titled "Extraordinary Merry Christmas?" Look for New Directions to be split into two groups, and for Sue to prove once and for all: she isn't a Grinch.

Check out the official Fox promo now:

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The Christmas episode was not too bad a watch,thankfully there was an amazing song by 'Klaine' which made the episode all worth while. What I and I'm assuming many people would like to know is why there was not as much 'Klaine' interaction and the scene where Blaine gives a present to Kurt was cut out?? Why show that clip on a teaser when it is not showed in the final broadcast?
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'Hold on to sixteen' was a great episode, I cried at 'We are young' along with most gleeks I reckon. The only faults I found were A. Of course Rachel not being there, personally I think that they should have made a bigger reaction to it. It all happened so quickly, I love Rachel so much. An episode with little of her in is an episode which isn't one of the best in my opinion. B. I think they rushed everything I little too much, which I'm not sure how to explain. Anywho I am looking forward to 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' more than anything right now, it will be the highlight of the Christmas holiday. 'River' will be the highlight for me because well it is Rachel and also 'Christmas Wrapping' because I just love that song, I do hope that Brittany will add an amazing dance to go with it.. I mean hello it is Brittany S. Pierce we are talking about, a performance of her's isn't the same without an incredible dance number. Right, so with that off of my chest, let us get on with 'Glee' Christmas. :)

Gabi nagel

Yeah! Finally! They picked me up again.
Made me remember why I love Glee
There is no need to look for logic behind the story how Sam came back. Fans wanted him, and I´m glad they did. I did not know how much I missed that smile until I saw it again. I love Trouty Mouth, I know that now. And he fits in. Thats that. If he and Mercedes get back together, we´ll see - don´t put too much into that smile Mercedes had on her face. I guess the audience did not like to see her with that big football player who wants to give her beautiful chocolate babies. Well, sometimes screen writers listen, we´ll see.
Mike and Tina, get married, you belong to each other. What Tina did for Mike, that is true love.
Finally his Father saw what we see every week, Mike ´s happy, Father ´s happy, end of story.
I love Kurt and the sequence between him and Sebastian, words can do more damage than fists. And Chris Colfer´s facial expression can tell stories I was more than happy that they let Chris Colfer sing a Jackson song - and not belt out another Broadway Hit. Thanks for the break. I mean, the guy is outstanding! Use his talent.
Nice to let "the band of unknown boys-that-are-so-uninteresting-they-don´t-even-have-a-name" had a tiny chance to step out from the backround. They deserved it.
Shelby, you were there you´re gone, fine with me.
Puck, cut your hair, you look like you carry a racoons tale on your head. Finally they let Artie sing again. I missed him. We need more Kevin, that´s what I keep tweeting, somebody must have heard me. Red Solo Cup, I saw Toby on stage a couple of weeks ago, he´s great and the song is stupid but still great, yes that is possible. It´s a feel good song and Sam and the guys had fun singing it.
Santana´s warm welcome speech to Sam - awsome. Could not stop laughing As you see, the fun is back
The songs great
The feeling is back And I learned that less Rachel does not hurt.

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