Good Things to Come For Dair on Gossip Girl?

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Yesterday, we teased a major Blair-Louis scene coming up on Gossip Girl.

We've also heard that said scene will potentially tell us more about Chuck than Louis, and that there will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes as well.

On that subject of what's to come for Waldorf and Humphrey, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that "good things come to those who wait… two more weeks (trust me, it’ll be worth the wait)."

Sounds like Dair may have a moment in the sun ... or will they?

Dair Moment

What do you think lies ahead for Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair?

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@S lol what? blair has fun with dan and he makes her laugh? what are u talking about? all they do is watch movies together and have u been watching season 5 dair scenes? they havent watched a movie together or hanged out since episode what do u mean blair has fun together with dan?lmfao all the dair scenes have been mostly about chuck and louis. like penn said "all they do is bicker"


Me too, I hope Dair becomes endgame so that I could see how these hardcore shippers will react! Haha.


I'm going to laugh my head off if Dair happen - of course I'm shipping them - but it's going to piss of a lot of chair fans. Some of these comments are utterly hilarious. I wonder if the GG writer's read these. Maybe they'll throw in a spanner and Nate and Blair will get married!!!


the 3 dair's fans are so blind! it's SO clear: "Since falling in love in early season 1, C&B have always remained more closely connected to each other than to anyone else. Despite the many contrived obstacles thrown at them to attempt to keep them apart for drama’s sake, their intense love for one another has been a constant through all 5 seasons of GG...since season 1, they have been “magnetic� and “inevitable� and their pull to each other only gets stronger each season...together or not, they always find a way to stay connected, whether physically, has been proven time and time again, everyone else is just a waste of time". N:"do you still love her?" C:"I can't imagine the day I won't"...B:"I love you, I love EVERY part of’re the ONE I never want to leave�...clear enough? chuck is the only one who can make blair TRULY HAPPY because SHE really LOVES HIM! it's so clear! B:"I'll ALWAYS love you"...DO YOU UNDERSTAND?


@ S Flawless! (P1 - P3) Agree and it's so true!


@ Pink Cameleon I don't think they would have because when Taylor momsen it wasn't sure if she would have actually returned.
What I've wondered is if GG is ever going to be revealed; my bet on who is GG is probably Cece, Lily, or Dan. Cece and Lily because if you notice on the names it's like the author name Cecily put together. Dan because he Is the main insider, his book cover was practically like one of the GG cover, and didn't the whole thing with GG and Serena begin in the 9th grade, same grade Dan fell for her at her party. Also because in the show, when he was in love with Serena, she was the main attraction of GG, and now that he's in love with blair it's Blair who is practically the main one. I might be wrong but I think they are the perfect candadites for GG.


I was just wondering with the jenny humphrey character why they didn't bring in another actress to replace taylor momsen, is it a contract reason they can't ? Does anyone know why they cant replace taylor momsen and also has anyone noticed the state of blair's eyebrow's, they are way too bushy and big.


@ S I agree with everything you said in response to PP! That's exactly how I feel about Chair (as a former Chair fan). I loved their 'dark' love. But when the writers tried to make it light, Chair just didn't have the kind of funny banter that Dair has in spades. When Chair are happy, they fall flat. For me they only work, well actually it's a sign they don't work, when it's dramatic, difficult, and one or both of them are in pain. I'm actually one of the few that loves Dair and is satisfied with what i've gotten so far. Even the friendship I've seen is better than almost all of the Chair stuff. (the train scene in Paris still gets me).


@Primitive Parade P3- With Dan, Blair has found a real friend. Someone she can talk to about anything. Her intellectual interests, her dark secrets and her intimate dilemmas.
She trusts Dan and feels safe with him and she keeps going back to him.
He makes her laugh and makes her think, challenges her schemes and outsmarts her more often than she's prepared for.
With Dan she has fun and can relax and be herself without worry.
If Blair is attracted to Dan as well (she is, she was very eager to arrange that kiss in S4x19) then that is one happy relationship in the making.
Why would anyone not root for that??? I'm not trying to convince you, I know that is not possible but maybe just bear this evidence in mind when someone says that Chuck doesn't make Blair happy...


@Primitive Parade P2-
Blair has something special with Chuck. She has found in him a partner for scheming and they accept and admire the dark side in each other. It is a unique Machiavellian type of union that you could not replace easily.
She believes Chuck is the only one who could love her fully as he sees her being awful and wants her anyway.
To me that isn't romance, its desperation. Blair hangs onto Chuck because he validates her and Chuck hangs onto Blair because she will take any kind of shit from him and never let go.
That is so utterly sad!

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