Good Things to Come For Dair on Gossip Girl?

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Yesterday, we teased a major Blair-Louis scene coming up on Gossip Girl.

We've also heard that said scene will potentially tell us more about Chuck than Louis, and that there will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes as well.

On that subject of what's to come for Waldorf and Humphrey, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that "good things come to those who wait… two more weeks (trust me, it’ll be worth the wait)."

Sounds like Dair may have a moment in the sun ... or will they?

Dair Moment

What do you think lies ahead for Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair?

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@Primitive Parade P1-
There is plenty of evidence in all GG seasons that Chuck could never truly make Blair happy.
But why give my opinion when Blair has effectively said this herself.
Chuck made Blair cry repeatedly before she got an 'I love you' out of him and then when he finally said it their relationship was full of insecurities. At Dorota's wedding Blair is very upset and all she wants is a simple love, one that will make her happy like Dorota and Vanya's relationship. She doesn't have that.
S4 finale- Blair actually says to Chuck that perhaps being happy is not that important. Chuck realises that he doesn't make Blair happy (!!) he lets her go so she can be happy with someone else (Louis, unfortunately). This is a three parter as were not allowed to exceed 1000 characters all of a sudden...


@ italiagirlslovechuckbass
This is referring to your statement on Blair and Dan's first kiss.
Have you ever heard the word "subtext" or "undertone"? @ chuckbassmammamiacosatifarei
Do not know why I answer both of you when you are clearly one and the same person, but anyway. Most normal people do not want to see Blair and Chuck together again for the 3,4,5,6th time, it's painfully boring to watch them as a couple, it's like watching paint dry. The Chair ship began taking in water after the empire/trade thing, begun to sink after the Jenny thing. It sank to bottom when Chuck was about to propuse to Blair just hours after that. Epic love story my ass, more like criminal love story.


for me it's SAD who likes DAIR because are people who should be with anyone for fear of being alone, who are content of a FRIEND giving up true love...people who prefer a quiet life instead of butterflies in the stomach, who are afraid to take risks....THEY WILL NEVER BE TRULY HAPPY! dair's NOT love! it's NOT credible! after their kiss (dair), the only thing blair saw was chuck! blair has never considered dan, instead even if chuck does anything so bad she always comes back to him...she loves him "so much, it consumes to me"...chair is an epic love story, dair should be together only to prolong GG!


the thought of blair and dan together makes me puke...! I want the Bass...tard back, I want the Queen B back, I want the emotions, passion, chemistry of CHAIR, and not surrogate stories that are NOT credible (like DAIR)...chuck “(still love her?) I can’t imagine the day I wont", blair "you're all I ever wanted, I love you�...THIS is is already usual, full of boring dan humphrey...let us dream at least with chuck and blair ♥


People who writes "will never watch the show again if Dan and Blair or Chuck and Blair blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..." are hilarious. Pfft. Fuckers!


Learn to spell, then you can have an opinion.


@Tate that's true Blair does need to get slapped, her dumb fairy tale ruined the show, because of her Chuck is about to die again, Dan is all in love with her( kind of good but she doesn't notice it), and we should be watching a more interesting story instead of the fairy tale. I swear this season she is so annoying that i would rather have it center Serena again,the only thing that keeps me watching is Dair, Chivy and maybe at least Jenny returning for an episode.


I am not here to be spiteful or bash your rights as a viewer, I just thought it was completely out of line to say that "Chuck doesn't make Blair happy" because that is the exact opposite of how Blair actually feels. I know the hotel/Jenny/"abuse" argument goes nowhere because neither you as a Dair fan nor I as a CB fan will back down from our respective stances, so I purposely didn't address it and picked on a comment that bothered me. I genuinely apologize if you took offense.


I am seeing the product of what the writers put on my screen. All of the reasons that I referenced were Blair's POV. So, this is how things are playing out in her head. I'm simply defending the fact that Blair is very much aware that Chuck can bring her happiness. Can you deny that Blair loves Chuck the most and vice versa? Because I sure can't, and neither can Dan, who is a completely unbiased party in terms of CB preference in this situation. Dan wants Blair, but he knows he'll never be her first choice. He recognized that he'd probably be after "alone," and tried to change his own ending by giving Chuck & Blair the ending they deserved. Dan has never been a particular favorite for me, but I admire how he shows so much devout to a person when he's in love with them.


Actually Blair needs a big slap on her face to snap off her craziness because throughout the whole season choosing Chuck was one of the greatest mistake she ever made. It made her a dumbass fuck who chooses a shitty rug over a million of signs. Don't you remember Blair's character in the first place? What she's capable with? And with Chuck, it sets the world to see how dark, melancholy, contemptuous pity, unpowerful, and idiot she can be. Don't try to fool yourself over tons of I love you's from Chuck, it makes you laughable. Have you seen the the limo crash (which is kinda lame by the way)? That's going to be one way or another if you choose Chuck. 2nd time almost dying, right? And probably the 3rd and last Chuck will die. Hopefully that ends your fairytale.

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