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i didn't read it all the way through. apparently Blair grabs Dan away from Serena in the dream sequence. And Louis IS in the sequence too. :::my bad:::

so subconsciously Blair wants Dan over Chuck and Louis. :::::EEEEEE:::: super giddy. means good things for Dair!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I forget, did we totally rule out Diana as Chuck's mom?


Courtney and Steve's predictions sound spot-on, both made me laugh out loud :)


@ S: yes in fact it does earn me a diploma, if anyone has a problem deal with it. And in my post I don't think I said much about Dair, I complained about the whole abuse argument. I may not understand the Dair apeal but I do know I can't change people's minds about, that's nothing new. And I certainly don't have anything agains Dan in case somebody here is wondering, or Penn for that matter, in fact I just say Easy A and he was wonderful in it.

@ Jazzhillz: you get a life. At least I can say I have learned a great deal out of it, and I don't regret it.

I support Chuck and Blair because of the intensity of their emotions towards each others, the rarity of their dynamic which has not been explored much before, the devotion they share despite everything that has happened, their similar background that creates a bond between them, not for the nicest reason (difficult childhoods), but a bond nonetheless, the deep understanding they have of one another, not all the time of course but is there. Nobody can deny that a lot of bad things have happened between and I do think their reunion should not be rushed, even though with all these teasing that line of thought goes astray more times than I would like, but I blame the bad writing for the nonsense that we have seen. At the end I support what I support and others will support what they want, and we all have to deal with the fact that we don't agree. What grates on my nerves is the constant atack, so I found myself that I have to complaint from time to time. What I may supposed to do, see how people atack them and not say anything? I didn't knew this was the modern concept of "freedom of speach".


Oh yeah, and I'm happy to finally see a Serena dream! We always see Blair's "Hepburn dreams" but it was neat to see Serena dreams of old movies too and that her idol is Marilyn Monroe (go fig.) lol


Nah, I don't think that this is really a "spoiler" per se as the dream sequence could have easily been worked into last weeks episode. It's not furthering the plot any, just restating Serena's insecurities with Blair and Dan.
It was well done :) I can't wait to see it in the episode!


I agree with it all :)


The musical is wonderful. But, im pretty sure this is the big Dair spoiler we are supposed to get in Jan. Anyway love the whole thing.


It made no sense for Chivy to out herself after working so hard and making up all these elaborate lies!! I'm confused!!

Serena kills me!! Again she has realized Dan is for her!? I'm done, she does this mess EVERY season and for the first time Dan was so involved with someone else he missed his opportunity to be the victim in her games again! YES!

I love Lily and Rufus, especially together as a team! I also love Lily and Chuck, she's stuck it out with him through everything and still loves him unconditionally! That's a mother for you!

My predictions are the wedding will happen but at the last minute Georgina will come drop a bomb before vows are exchanged, Chuck will wake up and him and Vlair will try to make this work. Blair will lose the baby : (. Dan will continuing being the driving force for Blair's happiness, no matter how much it's killing him. He will try to distract himself with Serena due to her relentless advances. But in the season finale Chuck AND Blair will officially let each other go and Blair will FINALLY realize what its like to be loved and how Dan has been the one showing to het since day one! She will then chase after Dan before he goes on his summer book tour!


I love that footage of the dance sequence coming up after the hiatus - HILARIOUS - and love Chace's comments. I feel like out of all the cast members, Chace is probably the most down-to-earth.

I can see why people think Chuck and Blair are overplayed but I am one of the fans that just can't let the last 4 seasons of Chuck and Blair go. After having being tortured for the last 4 seasons, I need a happy ending!!
There have been times when CB have been awful to each other but they have also been great together. I think they made some mistakes but they are growing from them. The fact is, despite all that has occurred between them, they are still truly in love with each other. Now that they are growing up, they need to be given a chance. I want to see them play out Chuck's wish of building their futures together. Also, it would be a great story line to see how a once dysfunctional couple actually become functional.

Lastly, I wouldn't mind seeing more sexy scenes between them too. They are just ridiculously hot together.

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