Hart of Dixie Midseason Report Card: B-

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Hart of Dixie viewers must wait another few weeks for another new episode of this CW series, but they needn't wait another moment to read through our midseason report card for the Rachel Bilson-based dramedy.

Following evaluations of its network brethren The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is now here to assess life in Bluebell halfway through its opening season...

Best Character: Let's start with a surprise, as I hand this award to Brick Breeland. He's one of the few multi-dimensional characters on the show and also one of the few sources of true tension in town. Yes, he's Zoe's nemesis, but we've seen various sides to Brick, from conflicted father; to defensive doctor; to loyal resident; to humorous frenemy. He's actually a believable human being, as opposed to...

Worst Character: Lemon Breeland. She's every southern stereotype come to life. The series has attempted to depict Lemon in a sympathetic light recently, via her runaway mother's storyline, but I'm not sold. She's simply close-minded and mean. I have no idea what either Levon or George sees in her.

Best Episode: "The Crush and the Crossbow." We saw a new, open side to Zoe, as she bonded with George and considered her love life. We also witnessed a turtle race involving one competitor hilariously named Shelly Long.

Worst Episode: "The Dead and the Unsaid." A really weird, lame attempt to honor Halloween, via a supposed ghost and a storyline that didn't come together at all in the end.

Hottest Male Without a Shirt On. Lavon or Wade. 'll let our female readers decide this one.

Hopes for 2012: I adore this cast, but I need more from the characters each member plays. Lemon is too much of a stereotype; George is too nice; almost everyone is one-dimensional and simply fulfilling a predetermined role (Lemon as Zoe's enemy, George as the nice guy she can't have, Wade as the bad boy she sort of wants, etc.). I'm fine with the series focusing less on action and cliffhangers and more on a zany town and its inhabitants, but I'd like to be more invested in those inhabitants as real people and not cliched versions of their archetype.

Overall Grade: B-

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in now with your Hart of Dixie grade for the first half of season one!

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you may say that the storylines are a little boring, but that's kind of the reason why I love the show. I'm originally a big Gossip Girl fan, but I love that this show is so different, so peaceful, no big deals, not that overdone scheming-thing... And I LOVE Rachel Bilsons character, I didn't like her in the O.C. at all, she was pretty annoying...


I'd say B+, I love Bilson's outfits on the show and I don't think the characters are as one dimensional as you claim. George isn't THAT nice considering he is flirting with Zoe while engaged to Lemon. Also Wade is nicer than he appears but he's become a bit immature ever since he realized he likes Zoe. I agree with best ep as The Crush and the Crossbow but the worst has to be by far Faith and Fidelity. I wonder what they intend to do next season after Zoe's year is up.


I think you've missed the boat on the Best & Worst Character. To me, Lemon is the ONE character (besides Wade) who has shown many sides to her personality. I realize the "dumbed down" audience tends to see things in black and white, but if you really hone in on Lemon's actions and reactions, she's one of TV's hidden gems right now. The only other reason to watch is WADE. The guy can just flat-out ACT, and he's hotter than fire. I had hoped that Hart of Dixie would evolve into Gilmore Girls II, but we're just not getting enough depth of character and meeting enough quirkly townspeople. Whereas, with Gilmore Girls, I was immediately captivated with every single character from Day 1. The Lorelai/Emily relationship was EVERYTHING. I see nothing remotely similar in weight on HOD. I *want* it to get better, just to keep Wade and his incredible acting/emotions on my screen every week. CW should realize what a "find" they have in Wilson Bethel.


Best episode "The Crush and the Crossbow" , really?? Actually when I watched I thought was one of the worst episodes. I didn't like it at all, to much pink and romance...
For me the worst ep was the one about Homecoming, It had no sense at all... And about what it's said here as the worst episode, I don't consider it was so bad, I even enjoyed it!
For me the very worst ep was the one about Homecoming, It had no sense at all...


Best part of the show is Zade...oh and Bilsons Zoe


i agree with this grade.i love hart of Dixie a lot


@USS BIDDLE I agree except one thing. ABC's Revenge deserves an A also


I love Hart of Dixie but I understand what you are saying too. I see one of the problems might be the pace of the show. They cram so much into one hour. The story moves at a fast pace which isn't bad for a show with comedy but just a tad slower in places might give the characters time to percolate a bit and break through more. Lemon does need to be toned down. Stereotype or not, there are real people with her attitude but her retro southern bell personality is a little hard to take for too long. I like the character and she is necessary to the overall arc but tone down the retro southern charm a little please. George is on the verge of being made to be a wimp. When he shows a little fire and that he's not prepared to go along with everything Big Daddy and Lemon wants is when he is at his best.


Corporate attorney for George. Sorry.


I love this show, but I haven't been able to put my finger on why yet. It might just be I love Wade, but I'm not that superficial normally. As for George being nice... sort of. He's been crushing on someone he's not engaged to and lying about it. He also talks down to Wade while pretending to be his friend. We need more information! What happened to George in New York that made him scurry home? He talked about being a corporate accountant and how he never wanted to be one again, but why? "They're a dime a dozen" doesn't cut it as motivation unless the person saying it has an ego as big as the Gulf and can't stand to be the little fish. Why is Wade a bartender? He's smarter than he lets people understand. Don't let the accent fool you. Have you ever really talked to a honest to goodness rocket scientist? They have accents harder to understand than Lemon's. Wade became a bartender because he wanted to and I want to know why! You mentioned that Brick was the best character, but how would you know? He's never in the office. Mr. "I'm not gonnna share this office for one minute" is rarely present. He's at football games or hunting or fishing or dressed up as a pirate. I love love love Tim Matheson (starting with the original Yours, Mine, and Ours to Animal House to West Wing and beyond). How come he doesn't know his wife is thirty miles away? Did he ever divorce her? More information or stop pretending he's actually a threat to Zoe's livelihood. I don't understand why he doesn't want the help Zoe's offering. He obviously would rather be cheering on the Tide than treating the twins' poison oak. Maybe he has a crush on Zoe and can't be in the same room with her for fear of seeming a dirty old man? Nah, but still. Give him something to do besides bluster! Everybody hates Lemon, but I understand her and her motivations the most. She wants the southern belle Barbie Dreamhouse existence. She clings to the past because that's where all the romance novels she read growing up were set and she can't understand that they're fiction and not a pattern for a happy life. I get that. I lived that myself. We all want the handsome lawyer to sweep us off our feet and deposit us in a nice house where we happily build a perfect June Cleaver home - when we're sixteen. Her mother left about that time so Lemon never had a mother figure to tell her to snap out of it. She holds her feelings inside because they don't fit the pattern. She overdresses in outdated fashions because that's the way she's set up the happily ever after in her head. Granted the threatening of the NASCAR driver was psychotic, but most of the neurosis present in Lemon Breelan are normal for someone who had their emotional growth stunted in their teens. For me Zoe is just a catalyst or maybe even a narrator for the drama around her. Zoe's a fish out of water New Yorker. She's a transplant. Got it. What she's been transplanted into is more interesting than her on her own. Make this more ensemble and not so focused on Zoe and we've got multiple seasons ahead of us.

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