Hawaii Five-0 Review: Out of The Pan, Into the Fryer

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"Alaheo Pau'ole:" Gone Forever.

Was this entire Hawaii Five-0 episode pieced together from spare parts of better episodes? There were so many disjointed pieces that I nearly got lost along the way. Given the non-sequitur nature of the hour, I’m just going to break down the main points.

A Hawaiian Wedding

Lori and Danny Handcuffed: Does anyone have any idea what point there was to this storyline? Furthermore, why did Steve feel the need to drop they key off the balcony? It all felt totally out of place.

We have not seen any indication that Lori and Danny would be romantically linked. What the heck is the “Jersey Slip” and why do you need to be handcuffed to another person for it to work? Finally, what type of horrible police officer is Danny that his handcuff key is not on a key ring of any sort... and he only has one in his possession? While I know some might fault Lori for not having her keys, she didn't bring her handcuffs, remember. They were Danny's.

Vincent Fryer, Chief of Detectives: I will take back every bad thing I said about Fryer as the head of Internal Affairs if they will just send him back! Watching Tom Sizemore violate the Miranda Rights of suspects with his “tough as nails abusive cop” overacting caused me physical pain. I now know how many of you anti-Lori fans must feel. It took all my will power not to throw something at the TV when he would spew dialog such as I have a badge that says I can do what ever I want. Makes me want to hurl just remembering it.

Then, just in case we need a reason for Fryer to be in the episode, we learn he 's gotten promoted to Chief of Detectives. Huh? what’s the Frak is “Chief of Detectives?” And regardless of what Fryer said, the head of an entire division of police would not be out busting down doors.

Joe White and Steve at Odds: I really don’t care who Shelburn is anymore. I’m so tired of the ring-around-the-rosy conversations that Steve and Joe are having about it. The story barely moves forward. If Steve really wanted to know what Joe was up to, he would have had Kono or Lori pull his cell phone records to see who he has been talking to and the facts would come flooding out. 

Then, you had Joe's last line of the episode: I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. It made one of my eyes twitch. Joe have you met Steve? He left his partner wearing handcuffs during a formalwear fitting; did you really think he was just going to drop the whole thing? 

Man Shot But Alive: I will commend the twist and turns this case took. As a whole, it was a decent concept for an investigation. However, as mentioned above, it would have been a better story without Sizemore’s Fryer tainting the scenery. It would have also been nice to see the wife walk in on the husband fresh from his coma, as having Kono and Steve telling the woman that her son was really dead as the lead in for Chin-Ho’s wedding was odd to say the least. 

Chin-Ho and Malia Got Married: That does lead us to the wedding. Ho'omaika'i (congratulations) to you both! I wish we had gotten more than four minutes of the episode dedicated to Chin-Ho and Malia. We had about 90 seconds of the guys in the fitting room and about two minutes of wedding montage. 

We're going to have to wait until 2012 to find out more about Shelburn and/or what happen to Hiro Yoshimura as Hawaii Five-O takes a break for the holidays.

Mr. Kurtzman, a great holiday gift for the fans would be to come back with an idea of what story you want to tell in an episode and go with it. You might also consider dialing back the ridiculousness as well. My eyes may hurt for months from all the rolling they did this week. 


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I agree that they should concentrate on the original 4. The second year is usually where they should concentrate on the background of the original characters. They do try to do too many stories in one episode, and the whole story does not get told as it should, it ends up being disjointed. I think what they did with Chin and Malia was fine. Last year we found out why they split up, why Kono was mad at Malia, they gave us a couple of mentions of her in other episodes, then they brought her back this year, they got back to together, and now are married. I don't think that was quick at all as some people have said. We do need recurring characters, Max and Kamekono don't take up that much time. I like Joe, he has a purpose, the background to the McG family.
Although, I do agree they are taking too long with some of this. The majority of the first half of the season was taken up by a fifth character, Lori, who they keep changing why she is there in the first place, or if she is going to stay.


anthony_ian I agree that there are too many characters in season 2. It wouldn't bother me if they got rid of most of them, except Joe, though I'd like to see a bit of forward momentum on his storyline. I'd much rather the writers fleshed out the main 4 rather than giving us so many new charcters.
I'd like to see Chin get more screentime as well. He's also a charactetr that's way underused imo.


I love Lori. Keep in the show.


To put an end to this "dark circles" debate yes, I too noticed that a couple of times but that may have been just lighting. Sorry ladies, but makeup or not Grace Park is smokin' hot. Back to the point, I'd much rather see the writers flesh out the four main characters than introduce four more and have the story lines all over the place. Which is where we are now. Think about it--this season we now have: -Joe
-Sizemore's character They just upped the cast by 100%! Why? And let's not forget that they've introduced characters that showed up and then went nowhere, such as Danny's ex-wife, Danny's love interest (the museum curator or whatever she is) and others whom I've since forgotten. Oh yeah, and Chin's now wife. Assuming she's going to be regular player, that's FIVE new characters. It might also help if they had episodes trade off the focus--it doesn't always have to be Steve & Danny-centered with Chin and Kono playing second fiddle and then the intolerable Max (who is the Jar-Jar Binks of this show) popping up to provide the "cute" moments. Take a cue from "Lost"--which has two alumni on this show: with a cast that strong you can alternate having episodes revolve around each of them individually. Not forgetting, though: this is a cop show. In an era where we've grown up on The Shield, 24, Jason Bourne, etc., the action and story lines should be the real star of this show (and the unbelievable scenery).


Since H50 is on a break, and between holiday and family commitments, I decided to watch Alex on the Shield, season 6 via Netflix. I had stopped watching this show because it was a little too dark for me, with no sense of humor, although great acting and writing, I missed season 6 with Alex. He did a very good job, and although they made his character a pig at the end, I do believe this is what got him a contract with CBS......The reason I'm bringing this up is because his career actually benefited from being released from a show that was still on going. Although season 7 was the Shield's last season, by choice not by ratings. He is where he is today. So for those fans of Lauren German's character Lori, I ask you if they were to release her after episode 2.17, which is not a sure thing, and you feel she is such a good actress, then do you not feel that she would not land something else that would be more suited to her, then the character of Lori, where there will not be so many people wanting the character taken off the show? Just would like your perception.


I support the idea of a teasing romance. Like NCIS LA and NCIS, with Tony&Ziva and Kensi&Deeks. You think one episode that theres something there, the next you think its just bromance. Not a full blown romance, but one that teases a potential romance certainly wouldnt hurt the show.


I agree with the review. It was very bad.


@Kim...I need some help, I went through the 7 eps I have downloaded from this season looking for dark circles under Konos eyes and can't seem to find any so if you would be so kind as to tell me witch eps you saw this I would be most appreciative. I don't have my dvd from year so I won't be able check them till I get home on Mon., so it maybe in one of those. I'm not doubting you I'd just like to see for myself.


Kono & McGarrett have chemistry. Too bad they don't do something with it.


I really don't mind suspending my disbelief most of the time but some of the things that are unrealistic could easily be avoided. The writers don't need to make Steve into superman. I prefer they show him as human with weaknesses. For me it makes the character more relatable. I guess they think it makes him appear weak if we see him injured. The characterization is all over the place this season. I thought the writers would be feeling more comfortable with the characters but it seems they're not sure a lot of the time how to portray them.
I think the writers have messed with the dynamic this year. They don't seem to have faith in their main cast which is a shame really, because they are why I tune in each week. We don't need all the new characters they've added this season. I'm not really a fan of Max either. He's all over the place and the episode where he kept ignoring Steve and Danny was cringeworthy imo. I like Joe but again I think the writers need to be a bit more consistant with his character and stop dragging out the Shelburn thing. I'd prefer they got back to basics with the main 4. I also agree that Kono is way underused. For me there is no comparison between her and Lori. Kono is charismatic, energetic and is totally believable in her role, Lori on the other hand is totally unconvincing in practically everything she does.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Danny: Good, let bye-gones be bye-gones, maybe you want to hug it out or fist bump:
Fryer: No, let's just work the case.

Tong: Those are dummy grenades
Danny: Ok, hang on to this. [hands grenade, pulls pin] If it's a dummy you will be fine, we'll be outside.
Tong: Wait! Fine, it's live
Chin Ho: You've been hanging around Steve too long.