Homeland Season Finale Preview: Will He or Won't He?

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Will he or won't he? That's the question Homeland fans are asking each other heading into next Sunday's 90-minute season finale.

Okay, whether or not Brody will blow himself and the Vice President up is actually one of a number of questions, along with: what action will Walker take? Will Carrie ever work at the CIA again? Might Brody's vest be intended for someone else? Will Dana continue to snoop around her father's belongings? Will Saul crack a smile?

Indeed, following another stellar episode of this Showtime thriller, it's impossible to guess how this season will end. But at least we can enjoy a taste of what's to come via the following preview for "Marine One."

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If Boardwalk Empire can kill off Jimmy Darmody then Homeland can kill off Brody.


If no Damian Lewis in season 2, there will be no Homeland season 3. Guaranteed


Homeland may be the best TV show I have ever seen! I can hardly wait till next week and the final episode! How will this ever be matched again is beyond me.


This is one of the finest shows on T.V. today. The acting is great. I smell an Emmy for both actors and show.


saul will never smile and IIRC mandy never smiled on criminal minds. between this and the burn notice season finale we got a couple good ones coming up.

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