Mark Pellegrino to Guest Star on Castle

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Mark Pellegrino has landed another major guest-starring role.

The Lost/Being Human/The Closer/Supernatural actor will appear on an upcoming episode of Castle, TV Line reports.

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Pellegrino will portray a club owner named Tom Dempsey in a February Sweeps episode that takes us back to 1947. It will feature a unique, fantasy-type flashback by Castle, along with a present day murder investigation.

Castle is on hiatus until January. It recently hired Justin Hartley and Hilarie Burton to guest star in another unique episode, one based around a talentless reality star.


After just seeing the results on the ratings of the two most famous couples on TV and seeing that the winners were from BONES (and they are married), why is it that having Castle and Beckett get together so difficult for the writers to grasp?


Ok, Castle, I need to ask what you are doing. Cause back in October, you had an episode where the actor that played Azazel on Supernatural was the bad guy. Now we're going to have Mark Pellegrino. And I feel like his character is going to be a bad guy. I really do. But this does please me and I really need this episode like right now. *is not going to survive winter hiatus*

Sue ann

Another notable role of Pellegrino's was as the previous husband of Dexter's wife Rita, on Dexter. He was repellantly evil in the role; he seems to do that well.

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