NCIS Extended Promo: A Night to Remember

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It was a night this NCIS agent will always remember and an episode you won't forget.

So CBS promises in its newest promo for next week's NCIS episode, "Housekeeping." Unfortunately for Tony DiNozzo, the memories are anything but good, and the case in question is far from over.

The first NCIS promo for January 3 teased the return of Sarah Jane Morris as E.J. Barrett, and of Scott Wolf as Agent Stratton. Now, a slightly longer version offers some new clips from the episode.

E.J's reappearance forces DiNozzo to confront his past once again, as the investigation into the murder of a Navy Commander leads NCIS to her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Stratton has unfinished business.

How will this play out? Check out the extended teaser below and see what you think ...

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It seems that Director Vance is considering retirement. I think you should bring Major Macenzie back from overseas with Harm. Kill Rabb off and put the Major (what ever her rank would be by now) and make her the new Director. She was always a solid character on JAGG and I think she would add a new dimension to the show (she would be about Gibb's age, wouldn't she?)


Who designed Ziva's top?


Why are they making Tony seem so introspective and looney this year? Hopefully EJ is a goner in this episode. ReaLLY DID NOT like her character.


Well Ziva it might have to do with your guys track record of keeping people safe I mean most of them do end up dead

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