NCIS Sneak Peek: "Newborn King"

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NCIS returns from a three-week hiatus to air what looks like an emotional Christmas episode tomorrow.

After a Navy Captain is murdered in his hotel room, the team has to find his companion and protect her from unknown assailants ... Russian mercenaries who want to take pregnant Marine's unborn child.

It's Christmas Eve, of course, and before the night is over, will our fearless leader deliver the biggest miracle of all? It certainly appears, based on CBS' teaser below, that he'll do all he can under extreme duress.

Meanwhile, Jimmy brings his future father-in-law (guest star Larry Miller) to work. Should be fun.

Check out the promo for the aptly-titled "Newborn King" below and share your comments:

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Who is Leyla that Gibbs was going to see?


LOVED the episode! Some are complaining on other boards about Ziva getting all the gun action, but I think it was much more compelling having Gibbs deliver the baby (and, let's face it...if Leroy Jethro Gibbs tells you to're gonna PUSH!) lol He actually looked a little nervous which I loved. He also smiled quite a bit (for Gibbs). I think I would have preferred to have Tony with Gibbs during the delivery and Ziva taking the guy back to HQ, but what the heck...
I really liked the basement scene with Gibbs and Tony, and I like it when Tony shows a more serious side, BUT, while Gibbs' angst is a given and he wouldn't be Gibbs without it, if Tony starts being a total Debbie Downer, I'll scream! I know I'll probably get yelled at, but Tony needs to hook up with the Chaplain...she's totally cool, would understand the demands of his job, and can see right through the goofiness to the great guy underneath.
The Jimmy thread was okay and I loved Jimmy's moxie in telling off Ed. The Ed character, though, just fell flat. He was just a jerk, and I didn't see any comedic elements to Larry Miller at all. I dunno...I just didn't care about that character although I'm so glad Jimmy got more story time.
The whole episode seemed somewhat disjointed, and I was really disappointed in the editing. I think they tried to stuff too many story lines into the time allotted. Overall, I loved it, though, and will watch it again to pick up stuff I missed the first time through.


What Happen To Ziva I Love her I hope she is ok,Please if anyone knows tell me. I wish I could Be On The Show But I have know Legs and in a wheelchair, I just wanna Fall in Love with Ziva and her with me......


Does anyone know who sang "Silent Night" on this episode?


Nothing was said about Ziva after the altercation with the killers in the garage and they didn't show her at headquarters afterwards; yet, everything seemed to wrap up okay. Anyone know anything there?


Gibs rocks!!!1!!11one


Gibbs delivers! Could it possibly get any more cornball than that? Oh, well; its Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone.