New Girl Review: To Bed or Not to Bed

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I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard at "Bad in Bed," this week's new episode of New Girl. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is one of the funniest episode I've seen from any comedy all year. High praise, huh?

Asking for Advice

The Good. The comedy was at its best tonight. I saw stronger shadings in characterizations than in the past, and a well-balanced Jess in terms of quirky versus adorable. All these lead me to believe they're finally finding their footing in handling these personalities, figuring out how they want these characters to behave.

The funny was non-stop. I watched this twice, and it holds up on second-viewing. I think it bodes well that this is the first episode I've wanted to re-watch. Jess finding the porn, her convo with the guys, the bizarre turn of her second attempt at sexy time with Paul. Schmidt's behavior at his VP's party. They were all pitch-perfect and the jokes landed as they were meant to. What's even better was that I liked ALL the characters, not just one or two (or just Schmidt, as is usually the case).

The personas are definitely taking shape, and there's more of an emphasis on certain traits than in the past. Nick's do-it-yourself personality had a chance to emerge again. Gone is his straight-man status. He has quirks of his own now, like his aversion to intimacy. Schmidt is just as outrageous as ever, unwavering in his belief in himself. It's always balanced with a sweet sensibility, which makes it difficult to dislike him, except by his office nemesis (played by Eva Amurri). And now Winston gets to play the straight-man freely. It finally works against the backdrop of everyone's craziness.

The Bad. Nothing. Loved all of it!

Stray Observations:

  • Holy smokes, Ms. Deschanel has a hot body!
  • Did you all know Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter? The resemblance is pretty uncanny.
  • I need more Cece please. Her scenes tonight were too short.
  • I think I'll stop smoking my shipping pipe, and forget about Nick and Jess for now. The writers don't seem to be going there yet. Although you can take Nick's "Okay" to Paul's hello to be from his grouchy tendencies OR jealous disdain. Your choice. 

I'd like more episodes like this please. I can't get enough. If you're like me, you'll want to re-live the funny through our quotes page!


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Since you did The Wonder Years, paelse tell me you’ll do a post on Boy Meets World.


Since you did The Wonder Years, paelse tell me you’ll do a post on Boy Meets World.


i didnt like that episode that much. I like to talk about sex, and its funny in shows ;) but not this time... except for the 3 guys fighting about who is the best in bed.
And then sex in the elivator. wow havent seen that before. I knew it as soon as she said i walk you down.
Well but there where cute. Justin has an awesome body - i always thought he is just skinny ;)
i love how nick smiles. so cute =)
schmidt was funny aswell ;)
it was ok


This show is a crime against art! Who is this mentally challenged girl-child who can only over-act, related to? It must be someone very high up in nepotist hollywood! ...and a golden globe nomination for it? Really? Wow...releasing this rubbish onto the world should be considered a terrorist act! You actually feel dumber after watching this tripe! What's with this trend of the main actor/actress being the worst thing in the show!?! Nepotism does not really work in the arts...boy does it NOT work!


This episode was good, but not laugh out loud funny as past episodes were. Funniest scenes were Jess choking Paul and Schmidt pushing the pregnant lady into the pool. I'm glad they are putting Nick and Jess on the back burner, slow build best.


Jess' bunny hop in the netting, oh man, I totally lost it on that one.


Oh! And I loved Jess' outfits on this episode too.


I really like this episode and plan to see it twice like you, Kris. My favourite moment?
Well, there were quite a few. But my gold goes to the POST-KISS CHOKE. Zooey's face was just to hilarius! Loved it. Jess finding porn was runner up.


Unfortunately I really just didnt love this episode at all. Im starting to get annoyed by Jess which is a shame cus she is cute. Immature episode too. Aww man. This might push me over the edge and stop watching it.


Fantastic, I'm liking this show more and more with each episode!

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