New Gossip Girl Clips: The Return of Derena?

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In their weekly preview, Gossip Girl producers Amanda Lasher and Joshua Safran tease the potential sparks that might reignite old flames on tomorrow night's mid-season finale, "Riding in Town Cars With Boys."

We've talked at length about Dan and Blair moving in together, but it looks like B's not the only woman with Dan on her mind. Unlike her best friend, however, Serena's feelings for him are undoubtedly romantic.

Looking back at old Gossip Girl blasts in an attempt to find out where she went off the rails in the dating department, S realizes what Dan has meant to her all these years. How will she act upon this realization?

That we'll have to wait and see. Elsewhere, Blair is still torn over her future with Louis, Trip feels shunned by Nate and the Grandfather, and Chivy makes her UES debutante debut ... but some surprises await.

Check out the two-minute-plus preview and comment below:

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I'm an italian boy and in my opinion the best couple that tthis show have ever see is derena..because dan is a very good guy and is the best person for S..S is so cute pretty and beatifull is the right person for dan..i'm so happy that she is jealous about dan..i hope the return of this beatiful couple!!for me it s the right final for's my first wish!!i like so much derenaaaaaaaaa..she is so beatiful so much better than B..W DERENA!!!!!!


I am a complete Lonely-Boy-Lover. Dan is easily the best male character in this show. Okay, so Nate is the perfectly trimmed, all-the-girls-love-him Golden boy. come on, BORING! chuck is a horrrible person who traded Blair for a hotel, and Blair was horrible to Chuck too. see? they are both bad people, they were meant for each other. I think that people should stop dissing Dan, he is the poetic, sensitive, lover-boy that brings this show together. without him, it's just a bunch of scheming, manipulative, upper east siders! (but chuck cannot die, he is also a valuable member of this show)

Yournobodytillyourtalkedabout xoxo

Im not ship bashing, I am just curious to what people see in 'Dair'?
Dan gives and gives, and Blair uses him SO MUCH. And yet somehow people come to the conclusion that they are soulmates. :/
When Dan has feelings for someone he is prepared to give up everything to help them. Blair has issues; she claims she is in love with a man who once sold her for and Hotel. And has cheated on Louis (her fiance) multiple times with him. And to top it off she didn't know who the father of her baby was.. *Yawn
And judging by the leaked pictures for the shows 100th episode, Blair still intends to marry Louis. But *SHOCKER she most likely will play a runaway bride. For me this season focused to much on Blair. I dont like the Chuck/Blair relationship, its a bit of a cliche. A few episodes ago chuck told nate that he kissed Blair to let her go.. Cause thats true and all.. I want Blair to be by herself for a while, and stop juggling so many guys. If Serena was in Blairs shoes everyone would call Serena a slut!!


I seriously don't get the dan haters on here. dan is a talented writer who CARES ABOUT HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY. HE is THE ONE YOU WANT ON YOUR SIDE because he is AWESOME AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. How can you not love that? DAN IS ALSO LIKE ANY NORMAL TEENAGE BOY - I like that he wears casual clothes like shirts and tshirts and not suits. It makes him different! TEAM DAN. TEAM PENN.


I just don't get how anyone can find Dan interesting. Boring loser he is. Should have been out long time ago. It is just ridiculous to imagine that girls like Serena or Blair would waste a second look at such a guy. Seriously...


Gossip girl is the best show ive ever seen in my whole entire life. it has drama and love... EVERYTHING point made.. bye yalllllllll


I hate to say it...but....Dan and Serena are now RELATED. R-e-l-a-t-e-d. Related. I don't care if it's not by blood. Dan is Serena's step-BROTHER and she is his step-SISTER. The writers sealed their fate when Lily and Rufus said "I do." This show may be kinky, but it's not that kinky.


I don't think there will be a return of Derena. I think Dan is over with that relationship and Serena will struggle with, as usual, what she actually wants out of life. Loved Dan's line though, "he was troubled? No wonder Serena like him" was awesome. I just think Serena doesn't offer Dan anything, besides her body that is.


Screw this show, I L O V E the muppet :). He's to good for Gossip Girl


It's really disappointing how the writers won't even give Dair a chance. And now, they're trying to revive Derena just to soften the blow on us Dair fans. There's obviously something there, otherwise Dair won't have that strong of a following as it does. Chair is just stronger because the writers made it that way. They give Chair the epic scenes and whatnot so of course they will have a strong following. But despite the fact that Dair wasn't even given half the chance that Chair has (all scenes were only of Dan's unrequited love for Blair), their coupling had a strong impact on viewers. I can't imagine how devoted and how much more Dair fans will rise if only the writers give Dair as much of a chance as it did/does Chair. Also, I believe the car Chuck and Blair were riding was meant for Nate. Hence the driver thinking that they were supposed to be headed to the Upper East Side and not the airport. That car Nate was in was obviously for Chuck and Blair and the one that they got into was tampered with and was meant for Nate (Tripp is obviously the culprit). And turning Louis into a complete douche (if future spoilers saying that he'll be rough on Blair is an indication), is a sloppy way to get rid of him. So disappointing, GG writers. As a former fan, I shake my head and say cest la vie.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Just because Carol made a mockery of her own debut does not mean Charlie should be cheated out of the experience.
Rufus: Yeah, she hired Karen Finley to go in her place and when Carol's name was called, Karen walks out wearing nothing but chocolate and a pillbox hat.
Lily: Now I'm a Karen Finley fan, but it was a bit much. We were barred from the Plaza for years.

Apologies have been made and the security breach fixed. But two weeks later, still not one tip. Apparently no on can hold a grudge like an Upper East Sider. And no one can lie like one either.

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