Nikita Review: A Surprise for Alex

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Nikita's mid-season finale, "Guardians," was more of a filler and transitional episode than I expected, given the long hiatus before we get another episode. While there wasn't a mission-of-the-week, all the players were moved around to set up the rest of the season.

Owen vs. Nikita

Most intriguing were the behind-the-scenes actions of Percy. Even from his glass cocoon in the basement, he was able to get out his order to move the guardians and their black boxes. Clearly, he initally thought they were safer being guarded in one place, so what changed to make him move them all to one location?

Now that Nikita knows about the meeting, which Percy had to assume was possible, how will it play out? Perhaps it is an elaborate ploy to finally get Nikita. While it is confusing, I'm intrigued to see how this will play out, especially now that Amanda has put Percy back under strict restrictions.

Poor Nikita. The make-up people did an amazing job making the usually gorgeous Maggie Q into a stressed-out and tired version of herself. Her rough times are only starting with no sign that Michael is going to return permanently. With Owen and Birkhoff looking out for her, at least she isn't alone. The reunion of Nikita and Michael was a relief to see, even if it was not an enthusiastic meeting. Ultimately, when she needed him, he was there for her; that says something.

With the exception of the guardians, all roads are leading to Russia and Semak. The reveal that Alex's mother is still alive was surprising, but not all that shocking. Is she there of her own free will or has she been forced to stay with Semak? For Alex's sake, I hope she was not aware of Semak's plan with Division. From Percy's comments, it appeared he knew she was alive, which leads me to believe that Semak didn't just want Udinov's business empire, but his wife as well.

Nikita doesn't return until January, so we will have to wait until then to find out what is coming next.

Odds and Ends

  • I missed Birkhoff and his comic relief.
  • I was surprised by how much I missed Sean and his interactions with Alex.
  • It's been speculated before that Amanda was helping Alex in order to help her oust Semak and take control of her father's conglomerate and legacy. This was confirmed when she discussed how it was important she not act too soon.
  • I love seeing the younger Alex with her father.


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I love Owen and Nikita just saying :p


Briljant episode! Just started follewing in Europe. One of the best of the two seasons!


I could tell that Semak was in love with Alex's mom because of his conversation with her father in the flashback. Something tells me he was having an affair with her and she might have been in on Semak's plans.


Hey, does anyone know the name of the violin music that was playing in the end of this episode, and ended just after she said “mama". Thanks in Advance.


I like how the show that not many had hopes for has grown wonderfully. This episode wasn't the typical sugar rush of action. Instead a schooling on being a action human hero and cunning enemies. It shows how the show has grown into a complex and elegant tale. My favourite part is the twist at the end (spoiler). It makes so much sense, why would Sergei want to live in the old Udinov mansion, it wasn't his idea.


Good but mostly a set-up episode.


hey, Marissa (aka Litany and Rant), do you know such a thing as COMMA?


Best episode I've seen, its even better than season 1 finale.


That was a crazy episode. I knew all along that Alex mom would play an important part this season. But for some reason I thought Amanda would be "Alex's mom" they way she cares for here especially in this episode made me think of it. I loved seeing Nikita broken down and it made me like her even better since she has a sympathetic side and thank god they showed it because it seemed like Alex was the only one with the emotion. When she would talk about Berkoff you could tell that she felt guilty and and I told feel tears comin. Im guessing Roan is really working for Division but his loyalty is to Percy??? I like Owen and Nikita too, they seem more compatible and adventurous then Micheal and Nikita. Im hoping they bring Ryan back because he was a good character that could help bring down division. I cant wait to till January 6 to see what they will do with Alex and her mom plot, like WTF is she doing with Semak???


loved this episode when we found out that alex's mom was still alive i wasn't that shocked and it's been making me wonder if she's semaks prisoner there or if semak was in love with her so when he hired division he made it so that she would be the only one to live and that way he would get the empire and her or the othere thing i think it might be is that she and semak loved each other but she didn't just want to leave her family so she was in on the whole division killing the entire family thing so that they could ne together but i really don't think it's the last one i said i pretty sure it's one of the first 2.i think that percy knew that her mom was still alive because of what he was saying to amanda but i don't think amanda knows that alex's mom was still alive.i can't wait till nikita comes back on it looks like it will be really amazing.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You will find and destroy the remaining Black Boxes. I expect proof of real progress soon. Until that time, you may consider our business up for review.


Michael: You realize every law-enforcement agency in the region is on high alert, and you're chasing Ari Tasarov into the heart of Gogol territory? You don't even know where he's headed.
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