Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: A to be Revealed!

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An arrest; a death; and, oh, right... the identity of A revealed. All of these developments will take place on the season two finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Creator Marlene King spilled this ridiculously exciting bean to Entertainment Weekly, saying of the March 19 episode:

"This finale is virgin territory in the sense that we are answering some ultra huge questions. We’re giving the audience a lot to digest and talk about between seasons two and three."

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That is quite the understatement.

Aside from A's identity, look for a central character to be killed off and for someone to be booked for Alison's murder.

Before all that goes down, of course, Pretty Little Liars will return on January 2, as the series jumps ahead a few weeks and finds the girls on community service; Emily ostracized from the group; and Aria staying away from Ezra.

But that pales in comparison to this major news: Are you excited for the A reveal? Sound off in our Comments below and/or our Pretty Little Liars forum!

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hahah im so impatient that i had read all the books,now i know who A really is, and actuelly i am not very surprised about the ending because i think that compared with the whole program , the ending is very stupid, just saying


Although I would love for this to be true I sincerely doubt we'll know who the real "a" is considering how marlene king always said that we wouldn't know that until the final season of the show


I'm so glad they are going to finally tell who A is. It has been driving me crazy. I love this show so I hope this is not going to be the end of it. Does anyone have an ideal of who it is.


about time!


Such big events in one episode. I'm excited.


Can't waaaaait!! :D


A needs to be exposed! Then we can move to "B", "C" and so on! :D


Its funny how in other pages the fans say its a little premature to tell ho is ¨A¨ and that when they reveal ho is Ali´s killer and ho is ¨A¨ the show well be gone and that they don't see a season 4 material, and on this page the fans are always say n that its time to know ho the killer and ¨A¨ are, In my opinion its about time and if the producers are going to give all the answers is because they have a big storyline, I really cant see a season 5, but i didn't see a season 2 comming and they are doing it great. And I hope they do a ¨A¨special were they reveal how did He/she/it did all what happened and why


Finally !!! I was waiting for this !! it was being ridiculous by now ! they needed to do that !


Wow! I cannot wait to see who it is.

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