Pretty Little Liars Clip Teases "Something Bad" Between Aria and Ezra

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When Pretty Little Liars kicks off its winter run of episodes next month, Aria and Ezra won't exactly be in a state of coupled-up bliss. That much is evident in the following clip.

Courtesy of the January 2 return episode ("Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares."), it features Aria awkwardly running into her older ex on the street and saying she's been avoiding him because "I can't let anything bad happen to you."

His awww-worthy response? "Something bad has happened, you won't let me see you."

For two more sneak peeks at the 2012 premiere, visit TV Guide now. For a photo gallery of scenes from the episode, click here.


I too like Jason & Aria together... Ezra is a teacher, and Aria is not the first student he's been involved with. Last nights episode, Ezra states he was fired, I believe he is making plans to escape while he can. I Cannot wait for the season finale.


Ezra is not what appear to be, in the first season Aria meet him at a bar.
His friend reminded him about another incident regarding another young girl. The second season, the cop went to his apartment and saw Aria leaving...Ezra has something to do with the murder of Allison. Aria will find out, I'm sure, she is being used.


It was okay. First, you graduated from ocllege? Your spelling suggests you're an eleven year old girl. Goes to attention? You mean detention? And Spencer emits she was the shadow? I think you meant admits.Also, the order you wrote this makes it very confusing and hard to follow. Like, you didn't mention why Spencer went to the bead lady's house, or who she was. Also, you should have mentioned Aria's date before you wrote about Hanna almost spoiling it, so you understand what exactly she's sabotaging.Anyway, I'm just commenting so you can improve! Keep trying.


I LOVE Ezra and Aria together! They are the whole reason I like the show. While I like Jason, I don't want Aria to choose him over Ezra!


i actually liked her and Jason together.... am i the only one thinking this?


i so want to get this slut busted, eventhough I love her clothes
ever since I am doing a PLL marathon since saturday and started watchin g this show, lol anyway me loves jason dilaurentis thank god they replaced the actor, he's sooooo hoooot and aria meh


Sorry,'s not aww worthy. These two as a couple is CREEPY! I'm sorry but the whole forbidden romance thing doesn't fly with me on this one. And please don't anyone spout out the whole age of consent in PA's still an adult having a relationship with a minor. Period.
If he loves her so much....wait until she is 18! It can't be that far off!


@DamonandElijah Toby doesn't know about --A, he knows the girls are looking for Ali's real killer and that they want the truth but they had never tell him about --A


I just watched all 3 videos and it made me think that arias mom finds out its not spencer but aria in the first episode and mike also finds out in the first episode.i felt bad for toby because he loves spencer and doesn't want to lose her.i think that Hannah forgot that Lucas was there because she was so excited to see Caleb.


I just watch the other two clips on tvguide and how dare Spencer treat Toby like that. They both know about A so she should just tell him why she broke up with him. Haleb was so cute and it seems that they forgot that Lucas was there.

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