Rebekah to Seek Revenge on the Vampire Diaries

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We never really had any doubt, but all Vampire Diaries fans can breathe an official sigh of relief now: Rebekah is not dead.

The fall finale, of course, concluded with Elena literally stabbing this Original in the back, but producer Julie Plec tell TV Guide viewers have not seen the last of Claire Holt. Not by a long shot. Errr, stab.

Rebekah v. Elena

"The fact that Elena killed Rebekah is going to come back to bite her in the butt," Plec says. "I'm not going to say when she makes her reappearance, but certainly her being undaggered is not in Elena's best interest."

In other recent scoop unearthed by Plec, it doesn't look like the future is very bright for Caroline and Tyler. Indeed, Forwood will be moving backward when the show returns on January 5.

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I'd have to agree with most of you, Stebekah's chemistry was freaking amazing and I can totally see a future for these two. I even liked them more than Statherine and Staroline. Fingers crossed we see more of them soon. Bring on DELENA too and maybe if I'm lucky - Klaroline!!! :D


Rebekah is awesome. Glad she will be back. Loved another girl vampire in the show.


I loved her and Stefans chemistry....blew the hell outta stelenas! Glad shell be back, Stefan needs a strong vamp


I do not know why everyone likes Rebecca because I hate her. I mean first she seems to only want men that are taken, can you say home wrecker? I mean first she wants Stefan when it is clear he is in love with someone else, then she wants Tyler even though he is with Caroline. I mean who is she going try and take next Jeremy but wait he is single again, therefore she wouldn't be interested in him. I mean there are plenty of hot single men in mystic falls, first there is Alaric, then Matt, and most importantly there is Damon, I mean he is hot single and he has no qualms about being with a woman that was already with Stefan either. I mean what is her problem? I hate women that only want unavailable men, that have no interest in them. I mean why chase after someone when they do not want you? I mean didn't all those years teach her any self-respect?


it's. a good show and it's kicks but I love it


I'm looking forward to Rebeckah's return! I liked her. Hope it's worth it, though.


I REALLY loved Rebekah and Stefan! I'm a StefanFF and he deserves better then Elena, who belongs with Damon. I've realized that he goes better with strong vampires anyways and Becky n him r hawt!


Totally agree with you, John & delena! I don't like Rebekah either. She annoyes me almost as much as Bonnie, though I have to admit that "Bad-ass-Stefan" and Rebekah had a great chemistry in the 20s ;)


I love this show...however I noticed that the characters rarely have the opportunity to be truely happy. If they aren't close to death every other episode they are trying to figure out how to get rid of someone in an attempt to live with out fear. In regards to Becky I would like to see her happy but you know she is going to seek out revenge because she let Elena in to be betrayed. Maybe Tyler will hang with Becks for a little while.


i really love rebekah and i would love if she and stefan ended up together.stefan deserve much better because i am finding elena an ass,elena and damon belon together!moreove, i hope klaus can stake them through their heart.i can dream.

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