Rebekah to Seek Revenge on the Vampire Diaries

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We never really had any doubt, but all Vampire Diaries fans can breathe an official sigh of relief now: Rebekah is not dead.

The fall finale, of course, concluded with Elena literally stabbing this Original in the back, but producer Julie Plec tell TV Guide viewers have not seen the last of Claire Holt. Not by a long shot. Errr, stab.

Rebekah v. Elena

"The fact that Elena killed Rebekah is going to come back to bite her in the butt," Plec says. "I'm not going to say when she makes her reappearance, but certainly her being undaggered is not in Elena's best interest."

In other recent scoop unearthed by Plec, it doesn't look like the future is very bright for Caroline and Tyler. Indeed, Forwood will be moving backward when the show returns on January 5.

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Are stelena fans desperate enough to beg for Beky and Damon? lol. Unlike that random thought, I actually really loved her! Oh and she had great romantic chemistry with Stefan. I was upset when Elena staked her


Oh God not her again! Is this The Vampire Diaries or The Original Diaries? And no, not everyone finds this woman attractive, so you can stop with the "wow everyone thinks she's so hot, so I'll say that 1000 times/minute". It gets old really fast! Plus, she's an awful actress. Kill her off already! We have enough characters on this damn show!


I hate Rebekka!


I loved Rebekah! I want her to be a regular and get back with Stefan! They were hott


Hook rebekah and Damon up!!!! What an awesome match!


my dreams might come true,
rebekah might bitchslap elena when she wakes up


I love Delena and Elena is starting to get some spunk with Damon BUT whr she did to Bekah was stupid and I was MAD. Rebekah had become my favorite female and I want her to be a regular!!!! So happy she will come back !!! Oh and I want Elijah too


I like Rebekah, I hope she stays and becomes a regular. For Elena I hated the part when she daggered her so I hope Rebekah gets her good.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

If U all remember how Elijah betrayed them it's no wonder why Elena daggered Becca! Elijah who also hatted him betrayed them in a tweenk of a eye!
Yes, but Elijah did not spend last 80 years in coffin because klaus killed him and if he knew truth behind his mother's death he would never have taken klaus side again. And EVEN without that knowledge, what writers made elijah do there was a complete asspull.


Of course, Elena was stupid to stab Becky in the back.

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