The Vampire Diaries Casts Two More Originals

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Life is about to get far less lonely for Klaus... and potentially a lot more dangerous.

As first reported by TV Guide, The Vampire Diaries has cast two of this Original's brothers, both of whom are expected to appear in multiple episodes: Caspar Zafar will come on board as Finn, while Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic will takes on the role of Kol.

Both will debut via flashback on episode 13, but the report cites each sibling's "bone to pick" with their brother for being "locked in those coffins for so long." Looks like Stefan might be opening up those boxes at some point in the future.

Vampire Diaries fans have already met Elijah, of course, along with Klaus' mother, father and incredibly gorgeous sister.

The show returns with new episodes on January 5 and you can give its first half a grade now via our TV Fanatic Report card.

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oh cool an aussie actor.. i've never heard of him tho. yes bring back rebekah please!!! elijah's back!!! can't wait for more Klaroline .. omg the photos for 3x14 look AMAZINGGGGG Klaroline dancing! ARGH I can't wait!


Even though I'm excited about meeting more originals I love Elijah not just his looks but his personality and I want him to come back


i want them to un dagger all the originals in the coffins... then they can all go against Klaus... it would be Epic the family he dragged around for years just gives him back his own medicine


Elijah and Rebekah, please? I'm all for eye candies, but we've invested time and emotion on those two. It would be a waste to not have them return.


I just want Elijah AND Rebekah back. I fell for them HARD


I hope they bring back Rebekah, I like her character.


@manty In s2e08 Katherine gave to Damon a particular dagger that had to be dipped in the ashes from the the white oak tree to kill an original, and it couldn´t be used by a vampire or the vampire would also die. We know that if they have the dagger in them they remain dead. The dagger that Mikael had was totally different. Also Damon didn't stake Elijah. The first time was Alaric and the second time was Elena.


Hey - if we get to see them, that means the coffins might be opened. Which means ELIJAH. E.LI.JAH.
They can do whatever they want as long as we get Elijah back. Really.


@manty In S2Ep8 Damon didn't killed Elijah, he tried, cause only the weapon Michael had could kill an Original! The degar can put them to sleep! That was the whole idea of turning them into Vampires.
For michael getting killed by fire, he wasn't put on fire! The body burst into flame after he got staked with the special degar wood!
And for the Petrova doppelganger she was probably a love of Klaus or an powerfull witch as the Original witch! Or a being specially created by the Or witch! Cause why she would be panished with the course!? But that seems like a story for season 4!


I just finished rewatching episode 8 of season 2,didn't elijah said that a normal vampire can't kill an original without dying?But damon did kill elijah in that same episode,how comes that nothing happens to damon.And elijah mentioned that a fire can't kill an original but technically it killed mikeal when klaus staked him.

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